Multivitamin Mineral Supplement For Hairloss : India


Hi All,
I'm 34 year old male suffering for hair loss & thinning.
Want to start treatment with I've planned to start some non "DHT Inhibitor" treatment for my Norwood
4/5 & thinning hairs with Minoxidil 5% (topical solution) & Ketoconazole-2 %
based shampoo but got too confused on vitamins and supplements.

My Doctor has prescribed me Follihair.

But I've found a cheaper pill Oxivim which constitutes all the composition which Follihair has got + essential vitamins & minerals.

Please see the composition below and advice.

I can't ask my doctor for obvious reasons :-)


Follihair Tablet:
L- Lysine- 20 mg
Niacinamide-50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate- 50mg
Selenium-50 mcg
Manganese- 5mg
Zinc- 25 mg
Copper- 2 mg
Iron- 8 mg
Biotin- 10 mg
Di- Methionine- 40mg
L- Cysteine- 5 mg

Oxivim Capsule:
Folic Acid- 1 mg
Calcium- 150 mcg
Vit D3 -200 iu
Zinc Sulphate-41 .4 mg
Niacinamide-50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate- 12.5 mg
Vit A-5000 iu
Vit C-100 mg
Vit E- 25 mg
Cyanocobalamin-10 mcg
Pyridoxine-3 mg
Riboflavin-10 mg
Thiamine-10 mg
Ferrous Sulphate-40 mg
Manganese-2 .5 mg
Sodium Selenate- 100 mcg
Elemental Copper-3 mg
Biotin-30 mg

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follihair veg contain soya isoflavones which has shbg which produces a sheath around the testosterone and inhibits from getting it converted in to dht

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Hi krishna.Almost all of us are deficient in one or more vitamins minerals or essential oils and are bound to have hairfall, lack lusture skin or fragile nails.But not every supplement is beneficial. It is better to use follihair as it is targeted nutrition for our hair or you can go for another supplement by the name Liferoots hair skin nails.Its one of the best and most beneficial supplement and has unbelievable effect on hairloss stunted hair growth and fragile nails and has really helped me:).. I have to order it online as I dont find it in Aurangabad.I hape my post helped you.

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Can anyone please tell me where I can find the Liferoots hair, skin & nails supplements in Pune, Maharashtra (india)?

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From Which Site? I could not find it online

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Koregaon name- natures bounty store

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HiIsir/madam my problem is more hair fall please solution me
My age 18yers old this problem is 5month started

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I had gone through smoothening treatment in may.but now my hair are falling and become so thin.please help me soon to get thick hair.

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