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Schedule X Drugs List In India molecule wise needed for the purpose of marketing in state bihar. ## Schedule X includes Narcotic and Psychotropic drugs: They usually cause delusion, hallucination, psychosis, sedation, hypnosis etc. The chance of drug abuse and addiction are higher with this drug category, so the dispensing and recording of it could be more stringent (less available to the public). The specific list of psychotropic substances (that would be found on the Schedule X List) can be found at this link: It is a list of about 110 drugs with their international non-proprietary names, other non-proprietary names & chemical names. ## list of schedule x drugs in india ## I require the latest list of schedule X drugs in india ## is "MELOSET" Schedule X Drug? ## Satisfied ...

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Hi All, I'm 34 year old male suffering for hair loss & thinning. Want to start treatment with I've planned to start some non "DHT Inhibitor" treatment for my Norwood 4/5 & thinning hairs with Minoxidil 5% (topical solution) & Ketoconazole-2 % based shampoo but got too confused on vitamins and supplements. My Doctor has prescribed me Follihair. But I've found a cheaper pill Oxivim which constitutes all the composition which Follihair has got + essential vitamins & minerals. Please see the composition below and advice. I can't ask my doctor for obvious reasons :-) Thankyou Follihair Tablet: L- Lysine- 20 mg Niacinamide-50 mg Calcium Pantothenate- 50mg Selenium-50 mcg Manganese- 5mg Zinc- 25 mg Copper- 2 mg Iron- 8 mg Biotin- 10 mg Di- Methionine- 40...

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where can i buy localy ## For gynecomastia use I purchase andractim online this was very costly.. want to buy localy.. ## I'm sorry, but I cannot provide you with an answer, since I don't know where you are located. The active ingredient in this is Dihydrotestoerone, a type of male hormone and in most countries, it requires a doctor's prescription. Has your doctor advised you to use this? ## Pls how can I get any of your pill or drugs that is good for penis enlargement and bigger am stayin in ibadan,nigeria. I also need to know the price. ## I have a very small penis, and I want it bigger. ## My penis is very small and I want to make it bigger and longer. Where can I get the pill or gel I stayed in ibadan nigeria. How must whould it cost me.

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