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First month started with 5 mg. Just started the next month with 7.5 mg. Lost 14 pounds. Used to take 3 meds total. Now just once/week Mounjaro injection and Jardiance 25 mg daily. Morning sugars 120.

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That's awesome! So very glad that it's working so well for you.

Have you experienced any of the side effects the FDA warns about, such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or stomach pain?

Ref: Mounjaro Information

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Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I just started on Monday and so far I have had no negatives happen. Wondering if I'm in the right spot? I'm looking for an active forum dedicated to Mounjaro?

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Hi, I’ve been on a 2.5mg dose of Mounjaro for 3 weeks. This is for weight loss, not diabetes. Down 16 lbs but 10 were in the first week. Seeking info on what y’all are eating, caloric intake, etc. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track everything and it’s very hard to get my calories above 700/day without feeling sick. I’ve always hoped for this problem (decreased appetite, easy portion control) but I have MS and any extra weakness is not a good thing. If y’all know a good online resource for dietary/nutritional info while taking this, I would be grateful. Thanks and good luck everyone!!

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I am using Mounjaro for weight loss. Also pre-diabetic and very high blood pressure. Started st 2.5, then 5 and then 7.5. Went back to 5 and am now considering g going back to 2.5. Have lost 35 lbs. Blood pressure is down so much I am only taking 1/2 of medication every other day. I try to follow a veery healthy diet, healthy protein and good carbs only. So easy to do because and cravings for sweets and junk food are gone. Thought of some foods make me feel nauseous. On 2.5 I had a really nice sense of wellbeing. Don't know any other way to explain it. Wish this was approved for weightloss and pre-diabetes because it is life changing. They would rather you wait until you are actually diabetic to have access. My insurance would cover if approved but not for what I am using it for. Very frustrating. Don't know how much longer I can afford it. This is one medication that has changed myife. Have had no real negative side effects. Curious to hear of other's experiences.

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Hi! I am on 2.5 now and have been since mid March. I have pretty bad stomach pain, gas/bloating, sometimes dizziness and zero appetite.
I did stop taking it for 2 weeks because of the side effects but gained back 2 lbs so I am back on it.

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There is no guidance from Lilly on how to figure out a maintenance dose on Mounjaro after you reach your goal weight. Go down to 2.5? Dose every other week or once a month? People may have to work this out individually but we have NO guidance from Lilly about how to work through the options. They want us full throttle or cold turkey. If we want to keep the weight off long term, surely we need a maintenance dose option.

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So, how do we figure out when we've reached our goal weight? If we've been obese for 50 years, how would we know what's an ideal weight? One friend says it's the lowest weight he had for at least a year post puberty, but who remembers that? It's when your A1C is not even pre-diabetic. It's based on pre-Mounjaro measurements and photos? There is no guidance from Lilly on how to determine your ideal weight. None. This is irresponsible of Lilly.

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I have been researching and trying to find any information on what happens on June 30th when my Mounjaro coupon expires. The cost of my monthly Rx will be over $1000, which I can not afford. I have been so happy with my weight loss and am terrified of gaining the weight back. Has anyone heard or read anything about a new coupon?

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I’ve been on Mounjaro for almost 6 months now. I initially lost 5 lbs., but it stopped. Current dosage is 12.5. Has anyone else reached a plateau with their weight loss on Mounjaro?

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Update: I have been on 10 mg and take no other medicines and have lost 30 pounds

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I’ve been on for 4 months. Started at 2.5 and increased to 7.5. Currently at 7.5 and my 2nd dose has knocked me all the way down. Threw up all night and day. Extreme fatigue and Weakness and dizziness for the last 3 weeks. I’ve lost about 40 lbs. I’m not taking this for diabetes just weight loss. I went to the ER because I thought I had a kidney infection but that came back negative. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms? Any kidney issues at all?

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How does everyone afford this drug??

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I just plateaued at 6 months with a gradual increase I’ve been on 10 mg this month and no loss

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I have only lost 11 pounds in 2 months on Mounjaro 5mg. Is that a normal amount? I see people losing a lot more.

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I'm interested in weaning off of Mounjaro and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has taken this step and could share their experiences, specifically if they experienced any weight gain.

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Hi all. I am a 49 year old male. I weigh about 340 pounds. I started Mounjaro 2.5mg 4 weeks ago (I took my last 2.5mg dose on Saturday Feb. 3rd). The first two weeks were crazy. I literally did not have any appetite and really didn't think about food. I had to stop to make myself go eat. However, the 3rd and now the 4th week have been very different. I am very conscious of being hungry. I do start 5mg this coming Saturday. Is this normal?

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Because so many people are using Mounjaro for weight loss, it is not available for people with diabetes. It was approved for diabetes.

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I have a Mounjaro pen which I need to add needles to. How do you get the one with the integrated needle?

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Re: PA girl (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

This reply is late, but may help someone else. Ask your doctor about adding on Wellbutrin which is often prescribed off label for weight loss. It may compound the appetite suppression and give you back some or full benefit.

Ironically Wellbutrin is not FDA approved for weight lost but there is a drug called Contrave that is a combination of Wellbutrin and Naltrexone that is FDA approved for weight loss. But not sure if it has a generic or not.

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Re: LC (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Technically Mounjaro is not approved for weight loss. But Zepbound is. Which is just Mounjaro with a different name for weight loss purposes.

Problem is lazy doctors just default to prescribing Mounjaro since it is not covered by insurance anyway. Looking on GoodRx, Zepbound is actually a little cheaper than Mounjaro.

What that means is, it makes it hard to manufacture and prioritize diabetes control vs weight loss due to not sticking with the separate prescriptions.

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My experience, crossed in to diabetic territory in 2019 but doctor missed it on a blood test. Uncontrolled till diagnosed in spring 2021 with a1c at 7.6 and fasting glucose I think 147. Metformin knocked a1c down to 6.5 but side effects were really bad for me. Juanuvia had really bad side effects. Jardiance 25mg daily had my a1c at 6.7 with know side effects and decent morning glucose levels I think maybe in the 105 to 120 range but not sure. Problem was after meal glucose spikes up to the upper 200s (260 to 280s at times).

Added Mounjaro to Jardiance up to 5mg dose. Result was a1c at 5.3, technically below even the pre-diabetes level. Fasting glucose on actual labcorp tests in the mid 70s. They warn about low blood sugar risk at that level. But not eating for 15+ hours had no problem where as my pre-medicated diabetes it sometimes happened in the morning.

Other benefits, lost 35 lbs that I gained from Adderall. Lowest triglycerides in my life. Bad cholesterol probably lowest since high school. Good cholesterol increased slightly into the bottom of normal range (genetics in my family often have it low). Combination of Metformin and Adderall gave me heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Tried several blood pressure meds all with bad to terrible side effects. 2 months on Mounjaro 2.5mg, blood pressure was 107/75 at doctors office while off BP meds for a while and on 100mg of Adderall (I know it was a high dose, Adderall can help or hinder psychoactive meds and blocked my Adderall from working which is a whole 'nother post.).

After meals my glucose level stayed under 140, 2 hours later. Even tested it with a large bowl of ravioli, can of regular Pepsi, and sugary desert. Stayed under 140.

My results may be better than others as not being diabetic as long as many others.

My father's a1c was over 8 even on metformin 3 times a day and trying adjunct diabetes medications. Glucose spikes seen over 300 after meals and he goes for walks daily and doesn't watch what he eats as much as he should, but does watch what he eats. Was put on Ozempic as insurance wouldn't cover Mounjaro. With Metformin and still a relatively low dose of Ozempic, a1c dropped below 7. Morning glucose was good but I forget numbers. After meal spikes peaked over 200 but in 2 hours was below 140 without going for a walk yet. He actually gets best results after eating some sugary food as it prompts insulin release and Ozempic tells the body to listen to it which attenuates the insulin resistance and uses glucose resulting in a lower morning glucose levels than not eating something sugary in the evening.

Difference between Ozempic is that Ozempic is a GLP-1 analog molecule and Mounjaro has a GLP-1 and GIP analogs. The GIP analog is more effective at increasing cAMP with tells the body to use glucose when insulin tells it to. But the GLP-1 analog is better at not causing down-regulation of something I can't recall off the top of my head. Overall, Mounjaro has been found to be a little better than Ozempic but both work well. They are of course working on other related drugs to maximize profits especially when patents run out and generics are allowed.

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