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What is this medicine given for? ## Econorm contains Saccharomyces Boulardil, it is used to treat IBS. Do you have any other questions? ## Econorm is used for what indications ## Abinaya, As I stated in my post, it is used to treat IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is also, sometimes, used to treat other intestinal issues of a similar nature. ## 1. what is the relation between H Pylori and IBS 2. will tab econorm teart completly the patient with IBS 3. what is the side effects of tab econorm 4. for how long tab econorm should be used ## dear sir/mam, yesterday i have purchase econorm sachet 10nos from medical shop for my 6 months baby have loose motion so doctor told to start the treatment today. morning one dose over but evening i am open the sachet and mix with water its very foul sme...

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I have stomach pain, like feeling hungry and panic attacks. Sometimes it's also hard to breath. My doctor said it's a result of high acidity and prescribed Sompraz 40 twice along with somafresh twice and Motinorm 3 times a day. I feel a little better but not OK. I have finished taking these tablets 2 months ago and my doctor advised me to continue. Please advise if there is any side effect? Do you think I will become better? ## I've been experiencing black stool for 10 days with no sign of pain. I am 71 years of age. I feel hungry and am diabetic with high blood pressure too. For 4 years I have been using prostate medicine and would like to know what the use of sompraz 40 is? ## Hi I have a stomach infection (H. Pylori positive). So my doctor prescribed Sompraz HP for 14 day...

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