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I have been on this drug for almost 4 weeks now. I have had diahrea really bad. It is always like water. Everything I eat goes straight through. I have been taking anti diarhea pills with no help. I have lost ten pounds. Is this normal and what can i do for it?

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I stopped taking metformin about 2 years ago because of diarhrea and also the fact that I wanted to completely control my diabetes with diet only. Diet did work somewhat but did not put my blood sugar numbers into the "normal zone". I began taking metformin again recently to further reduce my blood sugar and to lose weight. As long as I eat NO SUGAR, NO BREAD, NO RICE, NO POTATOES, NO PASTA AND NO RICE - I never have diarhea now. LOW CARB IS THE WAY TO GO IF YOU HAVE DIABETES.

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Yes, the diarrhea can be a normal side effect of the medication Metformin, however, it should taper off in severity after your body gets used to the medication, which can take as long as 6 weeks.

Learn more Metformin details here.

Similarly to what Gale said, you may need to make some dietary adjustments to prevent the problem and you should consult your doctor, as they may have other ideas for what you can do to alleviate the issue.

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You know sweetheart, sometimes we need to take charge of our own health by researching, losing weight, eating right, and especially adding greens into your diet. Type 2 diabetes CAN be reversed!

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I am taking METFORMIN HCL ER 500 mg tablet Sando 00185-4416-01 ... Take 3 tablets by mouth every morning with breakfast. Result: I am having watery diahreaha ... I go about 5 times before it quits.

I thought this was a new kind, not to cause diahreaha

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I weigh 115 # @ 5'l" and have had diabetes for about 24 years. I recently lost 35 pounds and no longer need insulin!!! I feel great, have lots of energy and sleep well and have NO pain!! I hate having diaharea!! Why is this metformin causing this. I thought this was a new slow release kind?

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Try eating only bacon and eggs for breakfast when you take your medication.. No sugar, no cereal, no bread or other carbs. Do this for a few days and see what happens.
Metformin speeds sugar and carbs through your system so that they are not absorbed by the intestines. If you eat sugar and carbs you will have the runs.

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I had been taking regular Metformin, 500mg twice a day and had significant loose bowl. I did a simple google and found that Metformin XL had less frequent loose bowl. I have been on the XL form for several years and upon starting the XL the loose bowl stopped. The XL does what it describes while the regular Metformin dumps the drug quite quickly into your system and hence the runs.

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It still gives me diarrhea, but not like it did when I first started taking was terrible, at first, I'd go so much, my bum hole burned and on occasion bled. Thank god that is all over, BUT, taking it with food helps.

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I'm using apo metafotmin for 9 day now and sugar when from 23 to 7.9 now and was watching not to eat sugar, should I continue dose pills

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I am new to metformin because i have type 2 diabetes. I didnt take it yet because even tho people react differently to side effects i decided to look at reviews first or at least do my own research.

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How to reverse?You mean the number will be range 4 to 6.if you eat wrongly,diabetic again?

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I had gotten off metformin because my stomach stayed tore up. But I couldn't keep my sugar numbers down. I was put back on 500 mg. twice daily and here comes the pain. Insides hurting, diarrhea, a knot like thing hurting my breast bone, nights sweats, etc. I cut back my night meds to 250 mg and after about a month I was able to take the full dosage and get my numbers in line with a low carb/sugar diet. Gassy still, inside aches, but no more diarrhea.

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I've taken metformin 500mg for almost a month and my stomach's always aching, my whole body has pain and I get headaches. My creatinine is high at 1.27 to 1.66. Please advise.

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I went through much the same. I cut my dose in half for a month then was able to take the regular prescribed dosage without any problems.

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I get very bad constipation from metformin. Does anybody else have that side effect? From what I read most people have the opposite

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