Megestrol Ac 40mg And Weight Gain.


Is Megestrol usually used for someone who can not gain weight? My husband has very little appetite and is very thin so he was prescribed Megestrol AC 40 mg. He does not have cancer or aids or anything like that. Thank you!

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Megestrol is a progesterone derivative and, when given in high doses, it can substantially increase appetite.

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Yes. My doc prescribed it to me because I told her I hardly ever had an appetite. I am 5' 11" and weighed 127. I was tired of being skinny and it being apart of others conversations. Just as your husband, I dont have cancer, AIDS, or any other sickness. Just a poor appetite. It works though. I gained 15 lbs in a little over a month.

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Mother had no appetite and was loosing weight; broke hip and would not eat in hospital or nursing home. Now she is home and I opted to keep her on the appetite stimulant, but something is causing her sugar to elevate and I'm wondering if it's this med. She is 90, diebetic with high blood pressure and high chlorestrol and has Alzheimer's/Dimentia. So many meds that could cause the elevation but I'm checking the ones that she was not taking before she broke her hip because I had her sugar stablilzed at that point. Sugar seems OK in the morning before I give her her morning meds.

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It's so hard to get Doctors, to prescribe a prescription for you to gain weight, any referrals for a Dr. that will
Give you a prescription for megestrol 40 mg liguid

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At age 66, I am 5'7", and weigh 94 lbs. I have no cancer, aids, or any auto immune disease, but I do have chronic debilitating spinal disc disease and No appetite. I was given liquid Megace years ago and it worked great till I started having blood in my urine and stool. I had gained almost 20lbs. He took me off the Megace, and I immediately lost my weight gain, and he refused to give me the drug again. Now some 8 or 9 yrs. later, I am prescribed Megace again for weight gain and I am wondering if I may have better results. Before, Inwas on morphine and oxycodone all for pain. Now I am Only taking Lyrics, and Lisinopril for blood pressure. Might my reaction be different this time? I really want to stay on Megace. Tired of people thinking the worst of me because of how I look and how my clothes hang on me. Thank you. Jan

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I am now on Megace again and so far have had no negative effects. I am gaining slowly, and could gain weight faster if I did indeed eat more. Thanks

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Was there any side effects to taking this medication

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I took it to and it helped me a lot cause i don't always have an appetite.

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Hi. I have been on megace for 14 years. Due to low cortisol and a meningioma turmour I need to stop my megace. I see people have had their megace stopped. What procedure was used to stop your megace?

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I just got it prescribed to me also for the same reason hope it works just took the first dose .

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I.was suppose to come.on my.period on the 7th of this month and it's been a couple days and.nothing has happened does it take an affect like that on you. But I was taking it for weight gain

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How much did you take a day to gain the weight?? I was prescribed it and am only taking 80 mg a day and it isn't doing anything.

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My husband taking megaase to increase appetite he see so fatigue could this be reaction to this medication ?

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Yes, I just got some, and I have no aids or cancer. Just dealing with being unemployed, fighting for my 35 year's benefits of work service. Anyway I have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, two ruptured discs and on top of that hep-c. So I've lost my appetite a long time ago, I'd say since 2011. At LSU health care. Tell your doctor nothing works, they may think you want periactin but my doctor told me she couldn't give it out cause people are using it recreationally.

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I'm also taking megace 40 mg.daily.i don't have cancer .just taking megace to gain really does give you a great appite. I feel so much better.hope you try the megace and find it really works.i have more energy of luck

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How long before you gain any weight on megestrol?

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i'm 100% positive this stuff is working. Funny thing is, I took it 8 hours ago. 4 hours post consumption of megace, I immediately developed a strong craving for food. To sum up a long story, I probably consumed 1500 calories in a 30-45 minute time span. . . AND I WAS STILL HUNGRY? I'm not sure if the nerve that controls whether your full or not is working, so I am weary to follow the craving.

I have testicular cancer, and am on my 3rd cycle of BEP. I was perscribed this, because I have totally lost my appetite. I could go days without eating, without feeling hunger pains. This medication totally reverses all this.

I have been skinny all of my life. As a man, there is nothing good about being skinny. I am seen as weak amongst my peers, and easy to take advantage of. I am hoping to bulk up and gain a proper weight on this medication. So post cancer, I think I'm going to convince the doctor that I can't properly maintain an appetite w/o this medication. Just hopefully I don't screw up my endocrine process by doing this.

Life's a gamble!

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Hi. How many did you take a day? And was it 40mg. Thanks!

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I take Megace and Suboxone. They cut my Suboxone dosage back because I lost down to 86 pounds. Now I'm up to, in THREE months, 123 lbs, and my Dr says before he can take my Suboxone back up (because frankly carrying all this extra weight I'm literally miserable, can't breathe, my feet and legs are swollen from my hips down) ... But he says I've got to gain up to 130 pounds! I think its a crock!!!!!!

What is the normal dosage for 5'4" small frame never weighed more than 119 and was pregnant then!!!!!!! I just need to know the dosage and weight scale!!!!!

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Re: BrittBratt (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

Hey I know this is an old post but how many mg were you on ?

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Re: Paula (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I just got the medicine prescribed to me today I took my first dose and I never want to eat have no desire I'm 5"1 and 100 pounds I'm so tired of being skinny I hate the way I feel in my skin I had a lot of trouble talking my doc into putting me on them I grateful he did I pray it works

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My mom, in her 80s, was losing weight .She also had Alzheimer's.Dr gave her the megestrol up to 80 mg daily and she kept weight stable , once again enjoying eating food and she even gained a few pounds.When taken off she started to loose again so she remained on it until she went to heaven at 92 wonderful years.

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Usually one of the biggest side effects of Megace is appetite increase. But if you can eat he as lthy and control that. You may be able to manage how much u gain. Just keep a closed eye on it. Exercising will also help with heavy periods

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Re: slim (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I gained like 17 lbs in 5 weeks. This medications works amazing weight gain
But I do have hot flashes at night real bad and quite a bit of fat has distributed over my abdomen as well as more desirable places lol

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I was given megace about two years ago for failure to thrive as far as weight. I was 93 lb for an entire year. It definitely helps you put on weight and increase your appetite. It’s like your stomach is bottomless

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I've been on it for 6 MONTHS now and gained 40 pounds; although I have definitely gained it everywhere, it has seemed to MOSTLY accumulate in my stomach and I've been doing crunches and whatever I can think of to lose it JUST in my stomach but i also have A LOT of scar tissue built up in my stomach. ANYONE with ideas on how to lose it PLEASE let me know I LITERALLY LOOK LIKE I'M FIXIN TO GIVE BIRTH!!! HELP.

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Re: Gary (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

I just wanted to say, after about three weeks of taking Megestrol, I have noticed a definitive increase in appetite and have gained about a pound and a half. I am encouraged about my weight gain prospects. Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: Gary (# 21) Expand Referenced Message

I was 86 pounds at 5’1” before I started taking this medication, I’ve been on it for a month and 5 days now and I’ve gained 10 pounds so far. It took roughly 2 weeks of me taking it for me to notice an increase in appetite but it’s working like a charm!

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Hi Nancy,

My appetite has just stopped since a dental procedure in March. I've lost about 30+ pounds. I am having dentures put in (top $ bottom in early November. I just was prescribed *Megestrol 20mg. How long, ball park, does or did it take before you saw an increase in appetite or results. I've only been on it two days and really didn't expect to see any results for a little while. Just curious as to about when I should see an improvement.

Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject.

*{I believe Megestrol also goes by the same name as Megace?)

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