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I am trying to find Marezine in Boca Raton FL area. Please let me know about its availability. ## I am trying to find Marezine in Denver CO. Please let me know where I can find it. ## From what I can find, it seems Marezine is only available via prescription from your doctor. Learn more Marezine details here. It's most commonly used to prevent motion sickness. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am trying to find Marezine in West Palm Beach. If you find it or find a way to procure it please let me know! ## Marezine has been discontinued. I found it to be superior to any other motion sickness product and it didn't make me sleepy. I've searched the internet and came up short. If you find the product anywhere please let me know. Marezine changed my quality of life for ...

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Is it true that Marezine has been discontinued? If not, where can I find it? ## From what I could gather, this medication is reportedly available over-the-counter or via prescription in many countries. I believe you can purchase it OTC though in the U.S. as it is said to be a well-tolerated medication. Have you already tried checking your local pharmacies for Marezine or it's generic name, Cyclizine? I hope this helps! ## Atttempts to purchase marezine at drug stores and on line failed. All respond by advising no longer available and manufacturer no longer produces product. ## Fred, did you find any Marezine? I am searching, as well! ## I too was looking for Marezine. On the package I have left, it says it's distributed by Himmel Pharmaceuticals so I emailed them. Here is the re...

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