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2 years ago I was taking linsinopril, developed a dry cough. Doc. Said was allergy to ace inhibitors. Switched me to losartan. I have now developed a dry cough again. I was checked for allergies, took prilosec to see if it was acid reflux, no for each. Losartan has a side effect of dry cough also. The last dose of losartan I took was 48 hours ago, still have the cough. Is the losartan still in my system?

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I have been off the losartan for over a week but the cough continues. I guess my next idea is to see an ENT, maybe there is something there?

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It might take a little longer for the cough to go away, when I experienced it from Lisinopril, a few years ago, it took about 3 weeks for it to go away. According to FDA reports, it is not an allergy, just a side effect that some people experience.

Are you on any other medications?

The main concern is that if you were taking this to treat high blood pressure, or a cardiac condition, it is very dangerous to let it remain untreated. There are other medications you can try. It took me about a year, after having congestive heart failure, to find medications that worked for me, without making me miserable.

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