Linzess & Parasites


To whomever was asking about Linzess and parasites I am having the same experience. And it hurts. Check out Worm Queen Kim or mrsrogershood on TikTok. Doesn’t talk about this but a ton of information on parasites. It’s a nightmare. I had a parasitic infection in 2019 and no one would help me. I had to start a cleanse myself and that was brutal. I won’t even say what I used because I would be terrified for anyone to try it and do it wrong. But finally I saw a Haitian doctor and she treated me and then I changed GI docs to an Indian GI doc. Not because he was Indian but because he had treated my pastor for a parasitic infection. But he completely understood because in India it would be odd to never have one. And he treated me. I don’t know. I feel like maybe it never went away. It’s scary. I happen to see my colon rectal surgeon tomorrow because I had surgery and I’m going to bring it up and ask if he can order an ova and parasites lab.

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