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I have been taking invega 3mg for about a year, and have started feeling like my heart is fluttering. I also got to the point where I felt like doing absolutely nothing, and gained 16 lbs. So I stopped taking it. I am feeling more like myself, but am having some anxiety. I also take 1mg xanax er twice a day, and that does help. I'm also on wellbutrin and lamictal. I don't know why my pdoc put me on it. I hate that it is going to take so long to get this drug out of my system. But I believe that it will be worth it in the long run.

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Hello, Monica! How are you feeling? Have things gotten any better, yet?

Invega is most commonly used to treat schizophrenia, but it may also be useful for other mental health issues, as well, since it is an antipsychotic.

The issues you've listed as possible side effects of such a medication, as listed by the FDA. It could also cause fainting, anxiety, drooling and headache.

How long ago did you stop taking it?

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Hi, and thanks for responding. I am feeling better, but I feel like laying down a lot. The heart fluttering is gone, although I feel like my anxiety is a little worse. I'm hoping to get my energy back, but that may take a while. I don't feel like such a zombie anymore. I've been completely off of it for 5 daysl

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You may experience some more rebound effects, so please be aware of that and seek medical attention, if needed. You could start to feel very depressed, anxious and possibly suicidal.

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I stopped it about a week ago, but had to take 1.5 mg yesterday. My pdoc prescribed neurontin to help the anxiety, and I have read that it is very helpful with mood swings. I still am in bed way too much, but don't have any depression. Just fatigue. I guess that I have to be patient for a while bc this med remains in your body for a long time. I am longing to be my old self again, bc this is truly a b****!

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i got back from the hospital today. i am suffering so much from the invega withdrawals that i turned to the last chance i had at making it through this, the medical community can do nothing for me. i will literally have to do nothing for the next 2-5 months and totally rely on everyone and anyone to do the things i usually do for myself and for others if there is a chance of me not having permanent side effects or worse. i have learned so much information and talked to so many people who have taken this drug and the medical community. i have learned so much and it is final, even doctors nurses and psychologist are agreeing. there is too many people whos lives are being ruined from this. i dont ask this for myself, i ask because i have listened and heard what you all have said and experienced it for myself. tell everyone you know. write your message on every website and piece of paper you can. tell anyone and everyone. enough is enough. flood this world with the information and message that no one else will take this drug. we have had enough. do it for the next generation, do it for yourself, do it for all of us...most importantly, just do it. spread the word to everyone you know. we will be heard. we will be taken seriously. and this ends now.

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Hello. Are u feeling better?

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