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Can it be dangerous to take Invega Sustenna? Are the risks worth the benefits of this medication? ## as far as I know, 4.5% in comparison to 2.6 % on placebo died, but not sure if those were only elderly patients or not. when I asked about weight gain, lots of medicines said taht weight gain is 10 %, unfortunately I have always been in those 10%. So now the risk is 5%, according to my experience the risk to die would be 50/50 then, that is in fact a high risk and I would prefer 5% 5/100, but I have a hard time believing in the statistics given my experiences. I would in any case check all the safety measures before: take risperdal max. dosage and invega max. dosage (not together, one after the other or just the one that you yet didn't have) and see how you react to this before you t...

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Hi, my 20 year old son had a psychotic episode and the doctors aren't sure if it was from years of smoking marijuana or him insufflating what he thought was coke a few days before he got really paranoid. He was hospitalized for two weeks and given the first of two Invega shots three days before his release and the second Invega shot on the day of his release. Two days after his released we had to take him to the ER for a high heart rate and chest pain. He has been out one month and is very terrible. His doctor said he will not get another Invega shot. After reading all the stories about how bad Invega makes you feel, I'm sure it is having the same effect on him. He is in hell, can anyone tell me how long he will feel this way? He only took the first dose of two shots. ## Be care...

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Will my brain return to normal.. It effects my spirit negativly and im very lethargic ## The lethargy is really normal, when you're on any type of antipsychotic, that's part of how they work. And yes, you should eventually return to normal, but I can't give you a better idea of when, since I don't know how long you were on it, or what your dosage was. Learn more Paliperidone details here. Can you post back with more details?

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