Invega Sustenna: Risk Vs Benefits


Can it be dangerous to take Invega Sustenna? Are the risks worth the benefits of this medication?

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as far as I know, 4.5% in comparison to 2.6 % on placebo died, but not sure if those were only elderly patients or not.

when I asked about weight gain, lots of medicines said taht weight gain is 10 %, unfortunately I have always been in those 10%.

So now the risk is 5%, according to my experience the risk to die would be 50/50 then, that is in fact a high risk and I would prefer 5% 5/100, but I have a hard time believing in the statistics given my experiences.

I would in any case check all the safety measures before: take risperdal max. dosage and invega max. dosage (not together, one after the other or just the one that you yet didn't have) and see how you react to this before you take invega sustenna.

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has anyone made bad experiences with invega (didn't work for long) and then good ones with invega sustenna (it worked, clearer head, no weight gain?)?

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There are always risks and dangers associated with the use of any medication.

Invega contains the active ingredient Paliperidone, it is an atypical antipsychotic.

Side effects can include: nausea, sexual dysfunction, tremors and restlessness.

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It's not safe, no matter what anybody tells you. You wont be the same. You'll be walking around like a zombie, depressed, losing weight, can't remember people, you may even start hearing voices. Please please do not put this medicine in your system. It's a killer for real. I found out the hard way. Now my daughter (19 yrs old) has schizophrenia and walks around talking to voices in her head all day, so please take my advice.

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My 19 year old daughter's on invega sustenna and has been going through hell because of this medicine. Don't do it, it's poison to your body.

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Ruth (# 7) --

Can we talk? I've taken invega and i'm not the same. {edited for privacy}

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