Impotence: Side Effect Of Taking Lyrica.


I have been taking 75mg of Lyrica twice a day for about a year. I have become impotent as a result. I try to stop taking it then the neurotic pain returns. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I have been taking 50mg four to six times a day and I have stopped taking the medication for about two days and my pain comes back. I had S1, L5, and L4 Vert. fused and then two months after my surgery a woman turned in front of me causing me to run into her. It totaled the company vehicle I was in. My back hurts worse now than it ever has. Your right, the pain does come back.

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Impotence is not listed in the side effects for this drug:

Lyrica Info Click Here

However, it is a potential side effect of many medications and since this one affects nerves and can be used to treat nerve pain, it is a definite possibility.

However, your problem could also be caused by other meds ou are taking, your pain and health problems themselves, and many other causes. I would recommend talking to your doctor, they will have a better idea of what might be causing your impotence problems and they can more than likely help you find a solution.

And yes, Debbie is correct, the pain will return if you stop taking it, this is a way to alleviate your nerve pain, not a cure for what is causing it.

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Impotence IS listed as one of the side effects of Lyrica. It is one of the worst drugs to hit the market, and patients should read the side effects very carefully before taking it. Doctors beware, this is going to be another Vioxx story. Wait and see. It is prescribed too liberally for all types of nerve pain for which it is not indicated.

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I've gone off Lyrica a couple of times and both times the nerve pain came back with a couple of days. So I'm staying on it.

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I was prescribed Lyrica for sciatica in my neck due to injury. According to the med sheet, impotence can be one of the side effects. Three days after starting Lyrica (75 mg's 3x/daily), I noticed that I had a markedly decreased sex drive. On the 6th day, my wife and I tried to engage in sex, however, I suffered a complete ED. Since this has not happened before (we had sex 4 days prior to my starting Lyrcica, which was 1 day before the accident and had no problems whatsoever) I have to conclude that the Lyrica must be the source of the problem.

The drug really has not done much for reducing the nerologic pain, it does make it easier to go to sleep at night. The only other side effect is a it effects my mental clarity.

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I take 600 mg a day, and have a difficult time getting erect, an impossible time getting as erect as I used to get, and have not been able to climax in a woman in almost ten years. I can via masturbation once every two months. But I cannot live without the Lyrica. I'm trapped.

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suffering from Neuralgia pain is always in back upper tooth,would extraction be worth doing or would painbe stiil in that area

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It confess it did not occur to me the direct timetable between when I began a course of Lyrica and the time I had developed symptoms of ED, now, about ten years. Having read others experience it has both convinced me of their relationship, and hopefully explained my beloveds disappointment that it was her, unsatisfying me. I've blamed other meds, health issues, but they've never before gotten inhoprful the way. It was a relief to us both to hope that Lyrica might be the culprit. I'm reducing my dosage and will hope things improve.

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As a female, I'm gonna try decreasing my 400mg/day dose too and see what happens. I have desire, but after that-nothing.

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I used liryca for two weeks , I decided to stop taking it 5 days ago because I experienced ED , I wonder how long will it take for the effect of liryca to diseapear , I hope the ED is temporary

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I feel trapped as well- when I do not take my dosage I can't sleep and I get lethargic and depressed. I take 300mg before bed and I sleep like a baby and everything is good all day.

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I have been taking 150mg Lyrica twice a day for years. During this period, my libido remained satisfactory but I had some difficulty maintaining an erection. However, I did manage to achieve a climax most of the time. I have recently increased the dose to 225mg twice a day and have become impotent .... no libido and no ability to have an erection. I am reducing the dose back to the earlier amount and hope that (i) I can manage the pain and (ii) my libido and ability to have an erection return. Later, I may try 150mg 3 times a day but I suspect I will have problems.

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I have been on Lyrica with capsules twice per day for about 6 months. I have diabetes and ed.i also thought it was the other meds. I have had hormone injections and my urologist said it is most likely the lyrica. I am weaning myself off gradually and the libido is returning. I am happy. the lyrica was for neuropathy. I am asking the neurologist to put me back on gabapentin which I think didn't cause me problems with my ed..

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Did your ED improve after reducing the Lyrica dosage?

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I began taken lyrica shortly after an auto accident I was in. I noticed that the sensitivity was not as strong as it was before taking lyrica. The lyrica help calm down the nerve pain. My medical insurance won't pay for cialis so I made a decision to stop taking lyrica for now. My wife is understanding but this side effect totally sucks. So thats my story for now.

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I have been on Lyrica for about 1 1/2 months. I am now at 600mg per day and I have noticed signs of ED. I use Viagra and need it more so just to pleasure myself because I am single and need a release. Frustrating yet my pain is gone to a tolerable level. Catch-22

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A follow up to my previous post. My doctor has decreased my Lyrica from 600mg a day to 450mg a day. Lots of bloating and I had gone from a 36 waist to a 38 and added 12 pounds in a little over a month, without changing my eating habits, maybe some extra sweets but seriously, it is water retention mostly. Not good and going off Lyrica is not the option. I have no problem with libido and as I have mentioned, I take Viagra as I do need it at 56 and have used it for years (why not??), I can climax, it just takes longer. Don't give up, I can be relatively pain free (my hands still hurt like hell) and until I meet someone, if I can pleasure myself, all is not lost.

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I have very bad Ed as a result of taking 100 milligrams three times daily.

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I am also taking 75 mg twice a day and my libido is non existent, have no desire whatsoever and hate that as my husband and i have always had a pleasurable intimate life.. I'm going to my dr. to see if there is anything to help get my libido going again. I'm only 63 years old, wasn't expecting this so early!! But getting off lyrica is not an option either...

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I couldn't agree more!! I feel the same way!!! My libido has always been great with my wife but not since I started taking Lyrica.

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Yes. Better ask for an antidepressant with no sexual side effects.

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Re: John (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hello John, I noticed your post from 2 years ago. My husband has the same issue of ED. Can you advise if your ED was temporary, if so how long after did it return?

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Unfortunately I do have the same problem I have been taking Lyrica for nearly three years

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You are right. Pregabalin definitely causes ED. When I was on Inderal, I had the same experience.

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I have been on Lyrica for about 10 days, the pain is gone but I lost my libido and am now suffering from ED. I am stopping it immediately!

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