Im Trying To Find A Doctor Prescribe Methadone For My Son In Ohio


I'm trying to find a doctor to prescribe methadone for my son in Ohio

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i have been tring to find aplace foor my son to go also he wants to got a place to get detoxed and put on methadones but there is no where i can find in ohio then if he does where would there be a doctor for him to go to for his prescripts i understand how that mother feels

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What part of Ohio are you in? Has he looked into going to a methadone clinic? I am a patient of a methadone clinic and it has changed my life drastically for the better. I would definitely recommend it to anyone whom is suffering through opiate addiction. I know how your son feels and I sympathize with him and you because the family goes through just as much pain and suffering as the addict does.

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yes he has but there is no methadone clinics where we live he wants help but there is no where to go

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Dr.'s are not allowed to prescribe methadone for addiction, only pain. It is against the law...I am prescribed for pain, and I have to drive two and a half hours one way to go to a pain clinic every three months to get my scripts..There has got to be a clinic somewhere even if you have to make a long will be worth it if he really wants to get help

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Also, if he gets detoxed there wont be a need for methadone...I have a son who went to detox and to rehab, now to meetings..there has to be more of a plan than just getting on methadone if you really want to help your son..Start looking into rehabs in your area, it will be worth it as a mother to not have to worry if you are going to get a phone call that something terrible has happened...believe me, I know

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Yes Dr.'s can prescribe Methadone for addiction but it has got to be administered in a clinical setting.

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Yes, no kidding. I think I said that when I said that they should look for a clinic in their area..and obviously it is from a Dr. You cannot just make an appt. to see a doctor, and go in like you are going in to be treated for a sore throat, and tell him you are addicted to drugs and would like to be put on methadone. Dr.'s are not allowed to write scripts for it unless you are taking it for pain, which is what methadone was originally made for. You have to go to a clinic and they will help you from there.

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Yes, we are saying the same thing. But to get back to the task at hand which is to help this mother find some help for son.

@candi Have you ever heard of Suboxone? It can be even helpful for patients than Methadone can be (depending sever the addiction is.) Here is a link for everything you need to know about it.
Good Luck!

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thank all of you for tring to help me out he goes wed to a place i hope they can help him and yes we have been looking at rehab places he said it might take him a year at one he is prepared for how ever long it takes i will let you all know what happens wed

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Good luck and look forward to the update.

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The information reported here by our site users is correct, there are federal laws governing the use of Methadone and under those, a doctor can only prescribe for addiction if they are certified to do so and it is done in a clinical setting.

These laws require regular drug testing for other substances and they limit the amount of take home medication that can be given to anyone. It can take almost a year, before someone is allowed to have a full month worth of take home doses.


Are there any comments or questions?

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Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Lastly, here is one other link to Ohio pain management clinics. They have a number of locations in the state of Ohio, that may be worth checking out:

I hope this helps! It's always good to have back up in case you need to find another pain management doctor or clinic in the near future.

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Cindy, I live in Ohio too. I go to a clinic in Toledo, which is 60 miles from where I live. Recently I lost my medicaid insurance and besides paying the clinic, they werealso paying for my transportation. Now I am facing a dilemma. I have been taking taking methadone for almost 20 years and along WITH COUNSELING, has worked for me! Of course not everyone wants or needs maintennace like I do and I do NOT recommend taking it for that long to anyone..that was my choice and now I am petrified of not being able to get it anymore and am facing a possible horrible withdrawal sickness which I know I will not be able to handle. I am not trying to scare you or your son from going this route for treatment, but please be aware of the consequences and all that comes with this treatment. Ohio doesn't make it any easy either..I am also trying to find a doctor that may possibly prescribe it to me. I have one thing going for me...there may be loop-holes that may allow a doctor to do this being I have been taking methadone for all those years. But anyway....I wish you good luck and IF you find a doctor that does, let me know too!

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where can I find the doctor you go to that will prescribe methadone for chronic back pain

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Dude you sent her links for pain management clinics. She's in search of Methadone clinics

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I Am From Ohio. Where Do You Drive Two And Half Hours For Your Script For Pain ? I Also Am On Methadone For Pain, But My Pain Doctor Discharged Me Saying He Can"T Do Any Else ForE As Far As Help Anymore. So He Told Me To Go Some Where Else And Just Stop Writing My Scripts. So I Am Trying To Find Some Where To go.

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If in the Cleveland area or close area i can give him a ride, and anybody else

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I'm in a similar situation to the post made by Richard. I feel that the clinic that I am currently in has become too invasive in their treatment towards the patients. This has occurred within the last few years. To Richard: If you like, contact me thru my email and I'll give you my phone number. I'm in the Columbus clinic presently but feel that I may have to leave soon and I don't know where I would go. I'd like to compare clinics and talk to other patients that go to them, not just call up and get my information from the various nurses that work at them.

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Hello i am goin on like 15 years of using H. i am trying an wanting to stop.. the only thing tht helps me at all is methadome but i want to go to the methadone clinc asap i have medicade or cash to go i am by portsmouth ohio an am close to ky an wv i do drive.. how fast can i get in and or is thr a wait list.. an how long wen i do get in to get my md.. an how long will i have to go for take home.. plz hlp me i use every day an I'm getting tired I'm at the end its no joke to go thru it for anybdy. ..thxxxx. mark

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I am in columbus and have been on h for over 10 yrs I am 32 and have lost everything even my 7 children due to my addiction to h. I am ready to get clean and am having trouble finding a cheap doctor to prescribe suboxone or even a way to get methadone I use h daily and waste all my money on it and im sick of it I just need help does anyone have some info to help me out once again I am in columbus ohio

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did you find a Dr that can perscribe methadone in looking also

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Re: kerry (# 26) Expand Referenced Message
Are you or they in the canton ohio area

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Have you found a Dr I am in the same boat right now

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I am in constant pain. I had 3 neck surgeries and 5 arm surgeries. I need to find a doctor who will prescribe methadone in Youngstown, Ohio. My family doctor says I have to live with it. If i were a dog he would have put me down already.

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Can someone please help Me find a methadone clinic that takes the medical card near Portsmouth ohio?

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I'm trying to find a methadone clinic close to Portsmouth Ohio that takes themedical card. I'm on suboxyne and itis not helping me. I was on methadone for 10 years and,went to suboxyne when I lost my job. I'm taking other drugs along with suboxyne because it isn't working. I can't work or fuction hardly. Can someone please help me.

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Is this Dr. In Ohio?? I go to clinic in Toledo and I don't have a car right now and i used to have a dr. In Mich that would write me a script a month and he was pain management but he did the same to me!! I want to know his name cause I'm going go in there for pain management

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Need help. My daughter has a degenerated back and herniated disc and needs a doctor for pain management. Been in methadone clinic for ten years. Desperate in cincinnati ohio. Will travel to doctor. Our methadone is $450.00 per month from the methadone clinic. {edited for privacy}

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Sassi in Toledo OH is the only methadone clinic. Good luck

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Is this in Ohio? I'm a hour away from Toledo and Columbus and I am trying to find a doctor I can go to once a month. Coming from a small town I can't drive a hour every day to find a clinic

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