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I The iron infusion is causing me a lot of side effects. The docs say I am very anemic. and must have iron put back in my body as quickly as possible.I have flu like symptoms, am naseas, very weak

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I am not an MD by any means, however after gathering information on Iv Iron Infusion I found it to be a mildly dangerous approach to reaching your iron equilibrium; due to all the possible side effects associated with it.

Have you tried asking your doctor about any natural alternatives that carry less side effects? Such as: Foods high in iron, or some other way to help your body absorb iron at a more efficient rate.

Please post back if you have any questions or information to add, and I will help you.

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I had oral iron for 7 months. Upon checking my iron levels (for the first time) the doctor found that I had an iron satuation of 3. Oral iron wasn't being absorbed by my body even though I took it with vitamine c. Now I have been having iron infusions for three weeks twice a week. We haven't checked my iron blood levels yet. Is it normal for the body to not absorb iron orally as in my case?

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Hi, I am having similar issues. I have just had an iron infusion (due to low ferritin, Shortness of breath and dizziness symptoms), then 3 days later I get flu symptoms- my whole body is aching, muscles are sore, sore neck, nausea and have a bad fever. I was wondering if your symptoms went away after 3-4 days?? Are you feeling better now?

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