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My first dose was given four days ago and I am still feeling nauseous, muscle pain and cold sweats. Realizing that we're all different, I'm hoping someone's experience with Injectafer is better than mine and can offer some hope that things get better. Compared to my Infed and Venofer infusions this is the worst I've felt afterwards. This is my first try at a forum. Thank you for any advice. ## Those can be normal side effects of such infusions and, unfortunately, they don't always improve or go away. Some people end up with such symptoms for life. You may also experience dizziness, flushing and darkening of the skin at the administration site. Has it improve any, yet? Why were you switched off of the others, were they no longer working? ## I had mine on Friday (it...

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My first ferinject last year made me feel amazing. But 11 days after the last one and I’m very dizzy, shortness of breath, and pounding heart (even though my pulse is normal). There was nausea but luckily that has subsided. I’m pretty much bed ridden. When will this end ?? ## It is hard to say, some people may experience side effects from iron infusions for a long period of time, and there have been cases where the side effects never went away. The typical side effects may include the symptoms you've experienced, along with headache, joint/muscle aches, skin discoloration, and taste changes. Ref: Iron Infusion Information Are you on any other medications? Why are you receiving the Ferinject?

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My wife was in a hospital for a stomach surgery. Recovery was slow and the staff decided to give her a Venofer IV infusion. She had a IV in each hand. The first hand IV blew earlier that day. So they used the other one, which my wife had complained it burned in previous uses and staff had quit using it. As the nurse injected the Venofer my wife experienced and complained of immediate burning but nurse finished injection.; There was immediate major discoloration and swelling. The staff did nothing to address this other than monitoring with the exception of an ice pack. It was over a month before the hospital had her see a hand specialist. Her hand continues another month later to be swollen and very Walking Dead Grey discolored. It has now been 2.5 months and very minor improvement. Thou...

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i would like to ask about my friend's situation. she has an anemia. she always complain about the pain she encounter in her stomach. She also take medicine which i dont know the specific description about it. earlier this week, she told me that her friend told her about this mosegor vita, and said that this medicine is good for her. i just want to know about this medicine, and the relation of it to her ailment. had also this complain from her that she always cannot sleep. ## Is mosegor vita good for a person with kidney decease ## Is mosegeor vita good for the person who has kidney stones? ## No. It is not good for people who have kidney problems/disease. Switch to melatonin with no herbal supplements inside. Be very careful what you put in your body.

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Is propan w/ iron really effective? I'm 23 years old and im so thin... ## Pwede po ba ako ominom ng propan with iron..kasi po lge po aqu na hihilo anemic po kac ako. I'm 30 years old... ## Nutritional supplements can help with weight gain, but only if your weight loss is due to a lack in one of the vital nutrients it contains. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, due to its potency. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi po, pwede po bah ako maka take nang propan kahit umiinum ako nang B complex sa gabi ## Effective po siya. Basta sabayan mo ng exercise ;) ## Magkano ang profan uminom ako ng ttlong beses pero parang sala pong ipikto. ## Haii po. Ko po kasi tumaba hindi ko po kasi alam kung effective po ba tong propan? Llang capsule ang eh t...

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who are the most possible patient to take this hanizyn capsule ## I have to pass my drug study tomorrow. If I can't submit by tomorrow, I can't duty in hospital. I'm still a student, i don't have a drug handbook. So, I'm searching here in computer about the medication that assigned in me. Please help me ## Can I take hanizyn capsule without consulting a doctor? I felt dizziness and I think I'm anemic because I felt tired without doing something so I asked a vitamins so she gave me hanizyn capsule is it not harmful?

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I was received a dose of Injectafer over a year ago. The evening after I got it, my lips and tongue felt tingly. That night I went to a friend's house for dinner with my husband. Everyone noticed I seemed a little drunk though we had no alcohol. We thought it was odd but nothing alarming. Since then, my lips and tongue always feel numb/tingle. The more active I am, the more they tingle and it spreads to my entire head. But the biggest problem is everyday physical activities, such as going up stairs can make my brain 'drunk?' I get easily confused, can forget something I just did minutes ago and feel like I'm in a dream state. If I lay around on the couch for a few days, I can get my head back to normal, but that's not doable when you have kids. Has anyone else had sy...

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I have had abnormaly large red blood cells for some time, with no good medical reason - So say my Docs. Please comment if you pertenant info ! ## red blood cells are very large ## Extra large red blood cells ## I'm sure it's from their shots never in my life have I has this ## If they are unable to find any medical reason, then there is likely nothing to worry about. Usually, Macrocytic Anemia is caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12, and Folate. Left untreated such an issue can cause medical problems, such as heart failure, and circulatory issues. However, there are always some people whose bodies are different, and something seen as unusual for others, is normal for them, which is why in medicine, we never swear that anything applies 100% to everyone. For example, I have a fri...

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My father-in-law has been taking aranesp shots now for about 7 years for severe anemia. In the last year or so he is continually getting weaker and weaker in the muscle. We have had all kinds of test on his heart, and every test comes back normal. But, he certainly is not normal. I know he is elderly, but at this point has very difficult time walking. We had a physical therapist come to the house for about 6 to 7 weeks, he actually got worse. They told us he has severe muscle attrify? Has anyone else experience this with someone they are caring for and is using Aranesp. Thank You ## My husband has been getting an aranesp injection for some time. His walking has become very limited as he is weak in his leg muscles & uses a walker. Went to new cancer doc & he said he needs p.t. so...

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indications, contraindications, mechanism of action, principles of care, treatment, side effects ## Sangobion is a supplement containing: Copper sulfate 200 mcg, Fe gluconate 250 mg, folic acid 1 mg, manganese sulfate 200 mcg, sorbitol 25 mg, vit B12 7.5 mcg, vit C 50 mg It is used primarily to treat iron deficiency anemia. I am afraid that since it is a supplement and not classified as a drug, I can't find the rest of the information you are seeking. Does anyone else know? ## What are the indications of sangobion tablet? ## My weight is 66kg and I want to lose weight. Can I use Singabion tablets for weight loss?

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1. Please i just want to know if there is any beneficial usage of Zincovit for a sickle cell anemia patients. 2. Can zincovit help in any way in the prevention of crisis or infection associated with the disease. ## What has your doctor recommended? ZIncovit is a nutritional supplement that contains vitamins and minerals, therefore, it is not tested to treat any medical conditions, nor prevent associated complications. ## I have sickle cell anemia, Is it fine to take zincovit tablet?

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5 days ago; I was bitten by a spider(s) that caused large liquid filled blisters and 1 of the bites turned a dark reddish purple color; which spread and became larger with swelling, intense itching and pain. I immediately went to a Urgent Care Clinic. The Dr. told me that it was blood poisoning, then cellulitis. He prescribed 20 AMOX/K CLAV 875-125MG TAB (SANDOZ ?) 1 TAB TWICE DAILY WITH FOOD UNTIL GONE. The next day the bites became worse; so I went to the ER and was told that the discolored bite was indeed infected and the other 2 liquid filled blisters were cultured. I was given another prescription 40 SULFA/TRIM DS 800-160MG TAB TAKE 2 TAB EVERY 12 HOURS FOR 10 DAYS. A splint for the discolored bite on my pinkie finger so that it could not bend and crack the skin. Today, I am going ...

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I had my first of 2 Injectafer infusions today. It’s only been about 12 hrs and so far the only problem I have is shortness of breath. Has anyone else experienced this? I also have bad anxiety, which can also cause shortness of breath. Don’t know if I should ride this out or go to the ER. My anti-anxiety drug (Loraxepam) doesn’t seem to be helping. Would appreciate any input. Thank you ## The typical side effects of Injectafer are listed a possibly including nausea, hypertension, flushing, and dizziness. However, it would be best to consult your doctor to be sure of what's going on, as a safety measure. Are you on any other medications, or just this and the Lorazepam? ## According to Medline Plus, it says that trouble breathing (shortness of breath) could be a more...

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Nag tatake po kase ako ng medifortan as ngayon. Kaso po anemic po ako kaya gusto ko po sana mag take ngg propan with iron since kailangan ko ng iron. Okay lang po ba yun? At okay lang din po bang nagtake ako ng propan as kahit di ako nag pa consult sa doctor? ## Aq din mababa platelet q anu kya maganda vitamins.

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is sangobion capsule safe for my 8 year old daugther? i want her to take sangobion becuase shes anemic ## What has her doctor advised? Have there been tests performed to confirm she's anemic? Sangobion contains Copper, Iron, Folic Acid, Manganese, Sorbitol, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. However, I do not know if the amounts are appropriate for children and there are no dosing instructions or usage instructions included on the medication page. ## hi,my name is tania i am 15+ i want to gain my weight,my friend told me about sangobion capsules,i am worried that it will give any side effect?please tell me fst ## my son taking a sangobion syrup as prescibe our pedia coz hes red blood cells is low...its ok that i will give him also a enervon multivitamins at the same time.... ## pang ilang b...

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I have chronic anemia from Crohn's disease and we decided to do Venofer this year to address my anemia. I did like 10, 200mg infusions and my HGB was declining the whole time. Long story short, I had to go on Prednisone, switch GI docs, go on Remicade and Cellcept to get disease under control. Then we started with the Injectafer. The first two infusions went fine. I started feeling much better. After a couple of months my iron had dipped again below range and we decided to do another 2 Injectafer infusions. The infusions themselves went fine. It was around then that my body started hurting all over. My neck, back, elbows, knees, feet, etc. My GI doc thought I had developed antibodies to the Remicade so we tested for that and I have no antibodies. Now I suspect the Injectafer is the ...

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For the last 2 1/2 years, I've been receiving venofer infusions (series of 10 every other day) approximately every 3 months due to extreme iron deficiency anemia with no cause identified. I finished a round of 11 infusions 12 days ago, when my ferritin counts weren't that low at 25, nor was my hemoglobin at 10.0. I'm a teacher and my hemotologist said she wanted to build me up over the summer. Three days ago, I started having very black stools, nausea, weakness and fatigue, and total loss of appetite. Is this iron overload or is there something else going on? Has anyone experienced this? I can't find any information about the long term effects of using venofer. ## I was severley anemic too and was hospitalized, Instead of giving me infusions, they gave me blood transfusi...

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I completed two sessions of injectafer infusion about a month ago. A few days ago out of the blue, my face and throat broke out in a rash which lasted about 3 days. I never develop rashes so this was very unusual and can't be attributed to different soap, lotion, etc. I notice on the handout they gave me at the time of infusion that it's a possible side effect, but wondering if it could occur a month later. Anyone else experience this? ## It is possible, according to NIH studies, some people experience joint and muscle pain from these infusions that can linger for the rest of their lives. While it may seem that you just need an iron supplement to brings your back up to normal levels, doing so is not always as simple as it seems. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?...

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I have been taking minastrin foe 6 months now. I always have a normal period while on the brown pills. This month I haven't had anything. I was intimate on the last day of what would of been a brown, I don't take brown since I was told that are inactive. I am on day 3 of white pills on a new pack and still no period. Could I be pregnant? ## The brown tablets contain a small amount of iron, but yes, you are correct, otherwise they are just placebo tablets. Some women tend to bleed heavily and risk becoming anemic, taking them can help prevent that, though the NIH warns that they do not contain enough iron to treat existing anemia. And it can be normal to skip your period, sometimes, while taking oral contraceptives, according to the FDA. Some women have even stopped menstruating ...

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I had my first Ferinject IV iron infusion a month ago. Had an allergic reaction prior to flushing and had to have antihistamines. It also brought on a hemorrhagic period the next day which lasted heavy for three days. I'm one month on and just started another heavy clotting period. Is this a side effect? ## I have just had a super heavy period, 1 week after a ferinject. The period was on time, but so heavy! ## Many medications can affect your menstrual period, according to NIH studies. This infusion may also cause nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and joint/muscle aches. Are you on any other medications?

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