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My father-in-law has been taking aranesp shots now for about 7 years for severe anemia. In the last year or so he is continually getting weaker and weaker in the muscle. We have had all kinds of test on his heart, and every test comes back normal. But, he certainly is not normal. I know he is elderly, but at this point has very difficult time walking. We had a physical therapist come to the house for about 6 to 7 weeks, he actually got worse. They told us he has severe muscle attrify? Has anyone else experience this with someone they are caring for and is using Aranesp. Thank You ## My husband has been getting an aranesp injection for some time. His walking has become very limited as he is weak in his leg muscles & uses a walker. Went to new cancer doc & he said he needs p.t. so...

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Cresp (Vials) is a low-cost version of long-acting anemia drug darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp). Crep Vials Cost USD 175$ for 100 mcg. Darbepoetin is a much longer-acting version of epoetin alfa which is used in the treatment of severe anaemia in chronic kidney conditions and cancer. Cresp is the world’s first generic version of darbepoetin alpha in the world and the only darbepoetin alfa in India (manufactured by Dr Reddy’s) Drug Controller general of India has given approval for Cresp for the treatment of anaemia due to chronic kidney disease and anaemia due to chemotherapy. Darbepoetin alfa is a modified version of epoetin alfa (rHuEPO), which is engineered to have a longer half life, increasing (up to 3 times) the time it remains in the blood. This re...

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Our English Cocker Spaniel requires a weekly dose of .05ml Aranesp Alpha (25 mcg/ml). I looking to purchase the drug in 1 ml vials on-line. Does anyone have a source for the drug in this form and at a good price? ## Have you tried the pet medication sites? There are quite a few and the price varies from one to the other, as well as any possible shipping charges. Learn more Aranesp details here. Does anyone else have any suggestions? ## Thanks. A call to a local Rite Aid and it was available for $170 (close at thriving but shipping adds $55). Thanks for your help

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for low hemaglobin ## I think you mean Aranesp - manufactured by Amgen. Mostly used to treat anemia which set on as a result of cancer treatment, etc. ## I have auto-immune hepitius. The drug IMURAN has improved the liver numbers, but have left me with very low hemoglobon. Aranesp is being pushed by my doctor, fighting my HMO to approve it. Any other drug therapy to consider? ## Your doctor would be the best judge of the best drug for you to use, no one here is a medical professional and none of us can even guess at your medical history.

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Does anyone know if Aranesp injections could cause or worsen cellulitis? My husband has had cellulitis in his leg for over 4 months, which seems to get some better then worse again. Because of Stage 4 renal failure, his doctors are cautious about the antibiotics they give him. He also takes Aranesp injections usually every 2 weeks. We're now wondering if Aranesp could be worsening this condition. The manufacturer's product information says that it can cause infections, but doesn't specify what kind. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ## If you look on this website under Product Information, then look at Side will see that swelling in the legs or cellulitis is a common side effect.

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