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I wanted to know if I could break a 40 mg opana in half? Not for any reason other than I have never taken them and I was just prescribed and dont want to get sick to my stomach.

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Don"t ever break opana in half I did and heres what happened.I took the first half in the morning 8am and at 5pm I took the other half and my wife left to work she was do back at 10pm I was feeling sick all day so after the second half I decided to go to bed.She got home at 10pm and I was asleep so she stayed up watching on the tonight show and some other night time shows.when she finally went to bed at 1:30am she was worried that I wasn"t awake and tryied to wake me she could not wake me after serveral attemps splashing water on my face.She decided to call 911 well they came my eyes were dilated and detemined that I od at the hospital I arrived at 2:15am they worked on me and found out not only did I OD.They found out I had a mild heart attack what you call a mitral valve regergation yes the opana damaged my heart and liver and kidneys and yes it was only a half a pill that caused me to od because the opana are extended release tablet and whats stranger is the fact that my doctor who urged me to take half because I wanted to wing off of opana.I almost died that night.And yes my attorney who is my best friend is suing for medical malpractice for his ill advice.The doctor was a dick I asked him to put me om methadone to help me get off of pain killer he told me to take the god dam pills the way he prescribed them and if I wanted off to start cutting my dose down and when I thought I was ready to cut the pills in half and that he was'nt a detoxe clinic

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There are 2 formulations of Opana, there is a regular release and there is a time released, which are called Opana ER.

If you have the regular release, they are safe to cut in half, unless your doctor or pharmacist instructs you otherwise.

The time release cannot be cut or broken, because it can result in your getting too much of the medication at once, which may result in overdose.


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