How Long Do I Wait To Take Suboxone After Taking Hydrocodone


I have been prescribed to suboxone for 3 years and I haven't taken it in 2 days. I don't regularly use opiates but I have taken 30 mg. of hydrocodone in the past 12 hours. When will it be safe for me to take my suboxone again?

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Hi Wade,

This estimate may be different for everyone, but I've read other comments here suggesting that one should wait a minimum of 12-24 hours after taking opiates before going back on suboxone. The time frame seems to vary though, whereas other individuals mentioned waiting only 8 hours and didn't denote any regrets from doing so. Having said that, I get the impression you'd be just fine waiting it out for a day. But if still in doubt, I would even encourage you ask your prescribing doctor or pharmacist for a second opinion since you can never be too cautious when it comes to your health and well-being.

Does anyone else have feedback to add from personal experience?

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Hi, so this is what i know from my own experience as well as others. The only time you have to worry about Subs causing withdrawls is either anywhere from before taking it to 90mins. after taking it. This is mainly due to the Naloxone. If you have any opiates in effect when you take a Sub the Naloxone seizes its effect within mins. which can cause pain and withdrawls. Naloxone wears off really quick though it can only last 45-90mins. so after taking a Sub for this long what happens is by this time the Buprenorphine has time to take effect. Buprenorphine will dominate the opiate receptors until it wears off anywhere from 12-24hrs. You won't experience withdrawls after the Naloxone has worn off but the Buprenorphine will block other opiates from having any effect. So if you're waiting to take a Sub, you'll be ok doing so as soon as the other opiates have worn off. If you are waiting to take something other then Sub then you definitely don't want to right after you've taken one then the Naloxone gets you sick but after 90mins or so you don't have to worry about withdrawls or anything, worst case is not feeling any effect from any other opiate. So in order to be sure the other opiate takes affect you want to wait at least 24 hrs so you don't waste it. Hope this helps

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Naloxone in SUBOXONE is not what puts you in presipitated withdrawals!! It's a blocker in subutex without the naloxone that can and will kick you a flip if taken to soon! if your on Methadone wait till your in full withdrawal and go by your pupil size if pinpointed WAIT till dilated to a 3-4. If your coming off opiates wait 24 - hrs from last use min. This comes straight from the treatment center docs where I went. Naloxone is only mixed into subutex as a blocker to prevent abuse, it has no other actual effect, some people say it makes them a little nauseous. It blocks the effect of the pills so wait about 24-36 after taking Suboxone or it may block the effect or at the least degrade it. FACTS ARE FACTS this is from experience subutex after 4 days of abstance from Methadone put me in a hell of a withdrawal but I was on 120mgs for 3-4 yrs there is no naloxone in subutex so ether one subutex or suboxone will flip you if taken too early...

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Did you feel the hydrocodone when you took it? Did you tolerance go down? Also you can take your Suboxone as soon as you start feeling withdrawls (12-24hrs)

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I normally take norco for pain anyways I ran out and had bad with drawls so I had a suboxone I took half the first day and one forth next two days so when can I take norco again

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lol that's absolutely incorrect. I've been on subutex and suboxone. And suboxone has naloxone in it. Not subutex. Trust me. Says it right on my film wrapper

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I have a pill with a half moon and I55 are there and I know it's a generic suboxone what I don't know is how long I have to wait to take it I've been taking Lortab all day and I was told that my tolerance is pretty high so I will not have to wait the whole 24 hours. Is this true? does anybody know?

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Rule of thumb is every milligram is 8 hours. I have been an addict for over 14 years and so long as you follow that rule of thumb you should be fine, however that is for taking opiates after you've taken suboxone. Now if you are to take a suboxone after opiates you need to wait at least 48 hours to be safe otherwise you will send yourself right into withdrawal.

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Well wade if you are worried bout the sab. And hydro. Being combined and worried bout odin. Then dnt worry hydro. Is not that strong just wait a few hours than take sab. If you were takin oxy or something strong and you took a lot than i would say wait 24 hrs. But you just took like 3 tens of hydro. If i read your post rite.

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yep....sorry to say been doing this for years....when i WAIT 12 hours after opiates b4 taking subs i am fine...wait for a runny nose or cold chills or use the COWS method if u want to be really sure of no prec withdrawals!

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U do not have to wait 12-24 hours to take a sub after a one time use while on sub maintenance. It's not that hard to get!!! The sub didn't leave your system from one dose of a full agonist so it will NOT precipitate withdrawals if taken before you start actual withdrawals.

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I have been on Zubsolv (like subs) for about a year. I recently hurt my back and a person I know had some hydrocodone 10mgs, took 5 bc I knew the zubsolv would block most of the affects. To my surprise, the hydros helped. I need to get back on my Zubsolv. How long should I wait? If it was once and not really a strong opiate.

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I ran out of suboxone 2 days ago, so I ended up taking 10 hydrocodone (in one day) to help with the withdrawals. How long should I wait to take a suboxone? Will 24 hours be long enough?

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Have taken 10mg hydro, 5mg 6 hrs ago, 5mg 30 min ago, how long til can take 4 mg suboxone without getting sick

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Re: Samson58 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Bull! Many people, myself included can take suboxone 6 to 8 hrs after taking something like 6 10mg Norco's. Not everyone is the same. So quit the scare tactics.

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Re: Dave (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

No not everyone will! Quit making untrue statements. Many people can take Suboxone safely after as little as 6 hours. Not everyone is the same. So quit stating absolutes (Everyone will go into withdrawals unless you wait 24 to 48 hours) That is completely untrue.

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