Homatropine And Hydrocodone For Veterinary Use


The smell of Homatropine is so bad my dog coughs from it. Why would it be included in a Hydrocodone syrup for my dog's collapsing heart condition and heart mural valve problem?

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There is a cough syrup, called “Hycodan” that is prescribed for bronchitis, pneumonia and the like for severe coughing.. it’s only two ingredients or hydrocodone and homatropine. One teaspoon is equivalent to one 5mg Vicodin, or more known now as Norco. The difference being is that there’s no acetaminophen in the liquid versus the pill.. I know allot about this because I have C.O.P.D. from childhood asthma.. There’s even a pill form of the “Hycodan Syrup” (Well there was a pill form 25 years ago so I’m assuming that it’s still on the market however I doubt it’s being prescribed much because of the “Opiate Craziness” that’s currently happening across the entire USA.. My sisters doggy Max has a hurt tendon/muscle on his right rear leg and the veterinarian doctor prescribed gabapentin 100mg and a doggy form of Motrin for his pain.. I’m so sorry to hear about all of your troubles especially during this time when your beloved pet must be in really bad pain for a Vet to prescribe something that strong/potent for an animal.. Personally I actually preferred the syrup form versus the pill form because it was so much easier to take and it worked much faster than the pill form which has to get into our digestive system before we feel any effects from it.. I’m curious though if you don’t mind could you please tell me how much of the narcotic syrup that you’ve been told to give it to your doggy? For humans it’s usually prescribed for One Tablespoon every 4 to 6 hours..
I hope this helped you out some and I pray that your beloved pet recovers from his ailments!! ??????????????????????????

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Lori, thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear about your copd from asthma. My dog passed away now, but I think it was 1mg in syrup form. Did you not have the problem we had with the smell? I had to store it outside, in a smell proof bag, wrapped in a grocery bag, covered with chair cushions and in a garbage bin. It still smelled outside even with all the protections. My poor dog had such a hard time with the smell in the house and in higher mouth after taking it. But it did work. I wish for your health! I had lung cancer, but it was caught at stage 1 and I had surgery to take it out. Having respiratory issues I’m sure is hard, since I experienced it with my dog. My lung cancer hadn’t created symptoms yet so I didn’t have respiratory problems. Peace be with you.

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Oh, I am so sorry that your dog passed. I am an avid animal lover and know to your question I never smelled any repulsive smell. I’m so sorry that you guys did and your doggie has now crushed that rainbow bridge and is in heaven running and playing and waiting for you to join when you live with asthma and COPD for your whole life you just kind of get used to it I guess is the easiest way to describe it it just becomes a part of who you are and the problems that obviously come with it, and I deal with it as best I can thank you for your response and I’m praying for you as well. God bless you and keep you safe and warm.

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