Has Anyone Lost Their Appetite From Welbutrin?


I am finding that food is pretty disgusting but I can still eat, I just really don't want to... I started taking welbutrin 10 days ago and ever since then I haven't been able to eat. I didn't take it today to see what would happen and I'm still not hungry. I'm underweight as it is and REALLY scared.

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once again, i've been on Wellbutrin for about 2 years and yes, there are days when i just don't feel like eating. For me this is good as i have had problems in my teens with bulimia. i still try to eat three to five small meals a day because i know i need the nutrition. but i am not tempted to binge and purge because i rarely over eat. maybe you should consult with your doctor to find another medication that will work better for you. be sure to let him know all of your syptoms and problems. good luck!

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Yes, I have experienced wieght loss. I have been on wellbutrin XL (WB) for ~16 months. I tried it a couple of years ago after another RX for my depression stopped working. Then was off the WB for a while as Drs. were working out a way to treat my Bipolar II mode disorder (on it again as it is a good combination with 2 other meds.) The wellbutrin has helped tremendously; however, my dosage has steadily increased as my concentration and coping abilities have not remained stable - I have had no problems in these areas in the past 4 months, which is great. But I have been experiencing progressive weight loss (from 138 last summer, currently down to 123 and probably dropping due to the severly depressed appetite). Like you, food has little to no taste - this symptom was usually an early indication that I was entering into another depressive cycle. I am also very physically active - weight training for the past 4 years, recently adding a run program (started last summer). I've found that my physical activity also plays an important role in keeping my mood stable. With so many factors involved in my treatment, I cannot say that Wellbutrin is the cause. I'm not willing to drop it for fear of losing my ability to complete tasks and have some of my creativity back. But then I do not want to end up with some other serious problems.
Wow, I really rambled in responding to youor question - sorry about that... I 'll look for other responses about decreased appetite and weight loss.
I'm glad I found this site,

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Yes again my daughter is has also lost weight. I lost weight when i first started to take effexor,but then it balanced out .But it cause me to crave red wine and to smoke which I haven't done either in twenty years .Now I want to smoke and drink every night .So as of Friday I am starting on wellbutrin xl .I will let you know abut weight.

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I have been on Welbutrin for about 4 months, and I have noticed a change in my appetite. I dont eat as much as I used to, and I have lost my taste for red meats. The thought of it sickens me. However, I am feeling better mentally since starting the meds. I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway, so I'm not that concerned about my appetite suppression.

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Since you are underweight to begin with, and don't need to lose even more, I would recommend talking to your doctor. It could be some depression itself causing your appetite problems, the med, or a combo of both. By talking to your doctor, you can narrow down which it is, and look into other alternatives.

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I am on Lexamil and wellbutrin XL, is it possible to take only the wellbutrin and not the lexamil?

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Tell your doctor! Some people are sensitive to some manufacturer's coatings on the pills. How long does the symptom last after swallowing? If no relief... there are lots of antidepressants out there.

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The nasy side effects should be short-lived as your body adjusts to the chemical. Try the XR/XL type. The extended release is absorbed through the intestine and misses the stomach acid...something like that.

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You shouldn't be taking Wellbutrin. It is contraindicated for people with a history of anorexia or other eating disorders.

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