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I have multiple gallstones and suffered from a gall bladder attack almost 3 years ago. I have been avoiding getting my gall bladder out. I have been taking Ursodiol for almost 3 years and have not had a gall bladder attack. I just had a scan done on my gall bladder and it is unchanged from 3 years ago and my Dr. reccommends taking it out. While the scan was being done on my gallbladder they also scanned my liver which showed fatty infiltration. My good cholestral was high, but my blood work was normal. My Dr. told me not to drink for 3 months and we will check the liver again. My question is, Could the use of the Ursodiol be causing the fatty infiltration to my liver? ## I had fatty tissue in my liver way before I started using Urso. If the doctor's are telling you to take out your ...

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What type of diet should I eat to prevent gallbladder attacks? ## Hello, Miss C! How are you? What type of gallbladder problem are you having? Do you have gall stones or just attacks of pain? Has it been checked out to see what the problem is? ## What medications are good for treating gallbladder inflammation?

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After blood test, doctor said me, I have minor Jaundice. They have prescribed me Udiliv-300 twice a day daily. But i am not finding it is remedy for jaundice, is it the case ? what should i do for minor jaundice then ? ## Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, which is a bile acid, and yes, it is normally used to dissolve or prevent the reformation of gallstones. Your doctor may be hoping that it will improve liver function and thus resolve the problem that is causing jaundice. Have you tried asking them for more information? As to more information on Jaundice and its treatments you can check this link: ## I am 19 years old I checked my s.billurubin 7 days ago it was 3.6 and I checked today it is 8.6 and I am taking actimarin fort and polibion syrup and I am also not taking spi...

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I have confirmed that i have gallstones and have been advised by a friend to use StoneCLR. Can someone out there confirm to me that he/she has ever used the medicine and if it helped in flushing out the stones? ## I am suffering from gallstones and my ultrasound report shows that I had 12mm of large calculi. I just want 2 know what I should do? ## I have gallstone and want to use Stone CLR. Is it helpful for you? ## Where can I get this drug by the name of "STONECLR" in Nigeria? It is a perfect drug for removing gall bladder stones. ## My girl has gallstones and I need a place to buy this product (stoneCLR) in Nigeria Abuja. Please let me know if you find out any more information.

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recently i was diagnoised with fatty liver and gall stones. The doctor prescribed Udiviliv 300 (1 in morning and one at night, after meals) and Cremadiet (2 spoons at bedtime). i am not sure whether its because of the medicines but i have started experiencing chest pain and pain in my throat and nose. Please advise? ## Have you contacted your doctor, yet? Chest pain is not something you should ignore, you should report it to your doctor immediately, so they can check and determine if it is indeed caused by a medication or if it is something more serious. Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, it is a bile acid that is frequently used to help dissolve gall stones. Learn more: Cremadiet contains Sodium and Ispaghula Husks, it is used to increase fiber in your body and make sure y...

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My SGPT is 90.0 U/L. I was wondering if URSOCOL 300 is prescribed to reduce my SGPT level or not. How does URSOCOL 300 help? ## From what I was able to gather Ursocol is a product of India. I did however locate the active ingredient which is Ursodeoxycholic Acid. Ursodeoxycholic Acid is listed to be in the US product Ursodiol. Ursodiol helps regulate cholesterol by reducing the rate at which the intestine absorbs cholesterol molecules while breaking up micelles containing cholesterol. Because of this property, ursodeoxycholic acid is used to treat (cholesterol) gallstones non-surgically. For more information about Ursodiol, please follow the link below... Hope this helps! ## for what purpose ursocol 300 used for? ## My wife was diagonised with enlarge fatty liver .She is having blood pr...

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ursetor tablets ## I am suffering fro fattay liver,Doctor suggeted me to take Udiliv tablets.I want to know the function of Udiliv ## Udiliv contains Ursodiol, which helps your intestines metabolize fats. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Thankyou very much for your valuble informatioon.My parents r plannning for my marraige,My SGOT level is 60,SGPT level is 50,I am suffering from Fattyliver,pls tell me do I able to marry ## i want to buy tab. udilive 150 mg in saudi arabia how i can get. please replie us ## i Am suffering from ulcerativecolitis my ESR has been increased tell me how to reduce it ## liver disorder,please guide us how to recover from this ## Am a diabetic with Dubin Johnson Syndrome and E trait Serum Bilurbin now ...

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I have 4.8 cm stone 4 pcs on my gallbladder. I suffer pain in my back and in my hips. ## Depending on what your doctor has stated, you may or may not decide to proceed with having your gallbladder surgically removed. The good news is that there are a number of traditional folk remedies which may help your condition. "An alternative to surgery and gallstone removal by chemical dissolution is gallbladder flush. Traditional European folk remedy recommends the use of olive oil and lemon juice to flush the gallstones. A major concern is that if the stones are too big, they may not easily come out or may even get stuck on the way out. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the use of Gold Coin Grass (GCG) (botanical name: Herba Lysimachiae, Chinese sound translation: Chin-chien Tsao) to ...

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Have been hospitalizid 4 times in one year. The diagnosis is gallstones. Had my gallbladder removed years ago, drs say stones r formed by the byle in liver and carried to byle duct. The problem being my system keeps forming stones made from chloresherol. Now on chlor. Free low fat diet. My question is, im now on ursodiol for 2 months but lately getting very naus. And bloated and pain. So, if its not stones again, can it be side effects from the ursodiol? T.y. donna ## Hello, Donna! How are you? Yes, those can be side effects of this medication, according to the FDA. You may also experience back pain, runny nose, headache, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications?

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Hi, My daughter 3 years old is been advised to give udiliv 150mg twice a day. She is diagonised with biliary atresia at her birth. I want to know what are the sideeffects of giving this medicine for a long time. ## Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, it's a secondary bile acid and, unfortunately, there really isn't a lot of information on it under such circumstances as your daughter requires. You can read the information on it here: And her condition: Have you discussed her using it with her doctor? What other treatment options did they suggest? ## Thanks for the reply. Doctor has not suggested for how many years but it is required for her till Liver Transplantation. If she is stable with it, he has told to continue without any time period. ## My LFT have shown sligh...

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Omg it sounds exactly like my condition. Lethal night sweats and belly bloat not to mention scalp sores. Go to a good gastrointestinal guy. You may have gallstones or gallbladder problems. Believe me it's a gastro thing. I'm going for my endoscopy tomorrow. Don't let it get worse!!


Does Ursoflor require a prescription, and is there an over the counter medicine that is equal in effectiveness? What is the cost of the drug? ## Hello, Mary! How are you? That name brand is not available here, but the the same medication is available under other names and yes, it requires a prescription. It contains the active ingredient Ursodeoxycholic Acid and is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol and to treat bilary cirrhosis. Its typical side effects include nausea and dizziness, as reported by the FDA. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, where can I buy something similar to ursoflor 300mg?

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i would like to know the side effects of udiliv tab my SGOT is 385U/L and SGPT is1240U/L and serum bilirubin is 13.96 ## kindly tell me why my alkaline phosphate isincreasing ?Isit iam on udiliv 300mg bd .which was started after my RFA.LFT is getting deranged after this procedure,also iam on tasb denorm 40mg (glcalzide)especially alp,and alt.KINDLY SUGEST ME,thankyou. ## Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, which is a bile acid, it is most commonly used to treat some liver problems and gall stones. Common side effects may include: nausea, body aches, chills and back pain. Learn more: Wilma, have you discussed he problem with your doctor to determine a possible cause? They would be the best person to advise you in this situation, since they are familiar with everything you...

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my sgpt was 210 5 month ago. my doctor suggested me to take ursocol 300 mg two times daily. and he also suggested me to test two month later after taking medicine. i tested and the result was found 47. i also taken medicine 1 month. but now i am not taking medicine. doctor suggested me to continue medicine . now will i take ursocol 300mg or not. i am not taking since 1 month. please reply me urgent. ## Hello, Tuhin! How are you? It would be best to follow your doctor's advice to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The FDA lists the possible side effects of this medication as including nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, headache and indigestion. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Doctor my sgpt is 128 and sgot is 66. Dr prescribed me ursocol 300 1+0+1 n evion 400 0+1+0...

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I had 5 gall stones about 3 years ago and 4 removed and they could not find the one. Now I often have a terrible back pain possibly caused by the other gall stone that was not found. The Doctor prescribed Tramacet and said it is the best one to treat pains caused by gall stone. Will this work for me? Is Tramacet a pain killer? ## Hello, Tinyiko! How are you? Yes, it is a analgesic. It contains Acetaminophen and Tramadol. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Gold coin grass ,when I saw the pictures of the herb it resembles to the herb in our backyard garden known as Bramhi .... Wanted to know the exact name in Hindi...

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Hi, I am a 35 year old female, taking follihair to stop hair fall. I am having gallstones as well. I am taking homeopathy medicine as its asymptomatic so i am not having any pain... my question is can follihair affect my gall condition in any way...? Pls suggest... Nowadays i am feeling a little pain in my liver side.


my son 4 yrs old eat ursocol 300 at a time any side effect in future in our life ? ## What is he taking it for? This contains Ursodiol, it's usually used to help dissolve gallstones. However, I don't have a lot of information on the side effects it causes in adults and the details state that is has not been approved, nor tested for use in children. ## I have eat URSOCOL300MG Tab every day 3tabs my age 31year old I have fatty liver and also Trigliserid193 and LDL 110 ,HDL 29,VLDL 38,also I have pain in my stomoc but in ultrasound no strone.please suggest me is it good for me or not? ## i am suffering from mild fatty liver and Dr. prescribe ursocol 300 twice daily after meal. & Normaxin tab before diner i have been completed 1 month of the course but right side abdomen pain is...

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I have removed my gall blader 8 years ago. Now having grade 2 fatty liver problem. Dr suggest me to take ursocol 300 for 15 days morning & nite after meal. Will it really works? ## Hello, Dominic! How are you doing? Ursocol contains the active ingredient Ursodiol and yes, it can be used to treat bilary cirrhosis, so it may help. Learn more Ursocol details here. Side effects may include nausea and dizziness. Is there anything else I can help with?

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MY SGPT AND SGOT LEVELS ARE VERY HIGH IN FIRST TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY.I AM PRESCRIBED URSOCOL SR 450 .IS IT SAFE DURING PREGNANCY.WILL IT REDUCE MY SGOT AND SGPT LEVELS AND HOW SOON.PLEASE REPLY.THANKS. ## Hi, Garima! It has been shown to help with some liver issues, but there is really no way to say if it will help you and how fast it will help, if it does. Does your doctor have any idea what has caused the problem? Have you been on any other medications? Learn more Ursodiol details here.

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I had been for my medical test an the doctor there told me that i have blood sugar and fatty liver he gave me medicine for liver is udiliv 300g and stimuliv syrup 200ml pls advice what are the side effect and what type of diet has to be done, will this above medicine help to reduce fatty liver as after 1 week i have to go back and do the test to pass my medicals.. ## Stimuliv is just an ayurvedic remedy that is claimed to help support liver function, but it isn't actually proven to do so. Learn more herbalism details here. And the Udiliv contains Ursodiol, which is a type of bile acid and it's usually used to treat gall stones. Learn more Ursodiol details here. So neither may be very helpful. How did your return test turn out?

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