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I am 23 and suffer from migrain headaches..I was put on three medicines for it..One to take everyday to stop it from coming called propanolol 20mg and on top of this im supposed to take frova 2 of them 2.5 mg each and then i take 1 naprosyn 500mg.I just started these last week.The first one is ro stop them from coming and the other 2 are if they come anyway to stop the pain and to stop them from progressing.I took the first one like i usually do before bed.I then took 1 of the last pill.That didnt work so then i took 2 of the frova which i hadnt taken before.After i took the frova i now am sweating but i feel cold and i have tightening and pain right under my chin like in my jaw and i looked it up and this is a serious side effect.Im wondering if i should go to the hospital and when it ...

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