Fake Xanax Gg249?


I received my xanax prescription from india with GG 249, blank on back. small and rectangular. Came wrapped in plastic wrap, no bubble packs or name. bitter taste. seem to make me a little sleepy but causing mild headaches. are these real?

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Hi Sarah,

Based on my research, if it's real, the pill imprint "GG 249" on a white rectangle-shaped tablet should include a few score marks that EITHER look like this: G|G24|9 (but also with a partial score above/below the "2"); and on the backside of the tablet there should be three full score lines that would divide the pill into 4 pieces (if separated).

OR this: GG|2|4|9 (with no score marks on the back side)

Another factor you can use for verification is the size of the tablet. Legitimate one's are reported to have a size of approx. 15.00 mm.

Have you also looked up any images for a closer comparison?

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Thank you David. The imprint is GG 249 with no scoring on the back. It is also exactly 15 mm. This puts me at ease.

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Hello, I just received the same thing but these aren't exactly 15mm. Could they be slightly longer than 15mm? Mine look to be about 16mm. They are marked GG I 2 I 4 I 9 from top to bottom. Scored between the letters and #'s on one side 3 times. No scoring on the back. The 4 is also a closed 4 like your keyboard and not an open topped #4. I've read that the open topped #4's are no good.

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Sounds like what I have. They don't work like local scripts of 2mg, don't think they are as strong, these 2mg work about as well as 0.5mg.

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That's too bad. I was hoping I could just 1/4 these up and have 120 pills. Or 240 if taking .25mg. :-(

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I have xanax that say GG|2|4|9 but are shorter than 15mm. They are blank on the back, and bitter like xanax but i don't feel the same effects.

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I have the same ones that are scored on the front and blank and flat on the back GG|2|4|9. I noticed the taste from a little nibble is slightly different than that strong alprazolam flavor I'm sure we all know. I used a test kit and there's nothing dangerous other than a fake pill vibe. I'm putting them to the real test on an empty stomach, I'll let y'all know.

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I received the exact same thing from an Indian pharmacy. I took a whole bar which usually knocks me on my ass and I don't feel a thing. It sucks, I ordered 30 bars. Hope you have better luck with yours but mine are fake, fake, fake. Big disappointment.

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How do you have your script filled from these places?

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Google is your friend. Just search and you shall find.

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I've been waiting an hr for 1 1/2 mg to provide relief.

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I am seeing that they are
Just like that - are they real or fake?

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Are they 15mm long?
GG|2|4|9 from top to bottom.

Scored where the lines are.

Was there chalk like dust in the packaging?

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They will be .25. Each little box...They are alprazolam 2mg, just a generic form of Xanax. So yes you can break them up and have the pill amount you wanted. And yes they do taste bitter. But they are real, it's just the cheaper generic. It will effect everyone differently, so try different doses of it to find what works best for you.

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Not if they are fake. I still have a few bars and they don't even compare to the purple footballs. They are GG|2|4|9 from India. Perfectly pressed but when you break them, they crumble and don't break like a real pill. Now I just have one of our employees grab them in Mexico when he visits family. Alzam .5mg, round, white and puts these bars to shame. Plus only $35 for 30ct blister pack.
The only thing good about a porous border. :-)

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They are rubbish u get a better relief from a 5mg diazepam. They aren't even 0.25 xanax!! I've had 10 and not even got any feeling at all off them! I would not recommend this brand.

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If you're wanting an inexpensive Indian brand of xanax get ONAX 2mg bars

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These are GG249 Xanax that came from Rite aide today...So these are absolutely 100 percent real.


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I just want to thank you for your comment! Probably the one person with any sense of the subject. This is the exact same thing as people complaining about what letter is printed on a perc 30, so basically all in your head! Do as she says and try a different dosage.

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Can I ask how y'all are getting these from there or anywhere... I would love to be able to get some of its as simple as it sounds if you could give any help or info I'd appreciate it thanks

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Git my script today for Xanax 2mg. Can't tell if real. Got the bitter taste but the pills white with gg 2 4 9 with three under scores and nothing on back. Got them from CVS pharmacy. Help please.

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Fentanyl being pressed as Xanax. Use at your own risk!

A team of agencies last month seized nearly 100,000 counterfeit pills, a powder believed to be fentanyl, three presses and $1.2 million in cash from a Cottonwood Heights home and South Jordan "stash house" linked to 26-year-old Aaron Shamo.

In June, officers said they arrived at a Sandy motel to find 21-year-old Nathan Jetter with a pill press, die molds, a grinder, funnel and other tools needed to combine fentanyl with other substances to create knockoff oxycodone and Xanax.


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I agree..no one takes the time to press a 1mg football. I've decided to stick with those. No more over seas crap. Lately my boyfriend got some yellow ones in his refill.. No letters, just scores and chalky and thick. I've learned and now it only pharmacy Benzos for me. Before one of these mysteriously kills me. And if it's just chalky.....what is in that? Real chalk? Too many untrustworthy sources other than your local pharmacy nowadays.

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When I took one it did not have a bitter taste at all and I don't feel anything. So an hour later I took a larger dose, no bitter taste at all. I live in Huntsville AL. I posted this so maybe nobody will make the same mistake like I did.

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Yes they're real, they all taste bitter. I've been getting them for years straight from CVS pharmacy in the USA

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You can do that Nana. I do it all the time, it's actually better for your tolerance level. You never get addicted that bad cause your body is only taking .25mgs not the 2mgs. Believe it or not it makes a huge difference. I've been on the for 7yrs to present.God bless.

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The best and only xanax you want to be taking are the proper Pfizer purple rugby or football shaped xanax, but unless you are being prescribed by your doctor then you will be encountering fake ones, and anyone who says yes but they come in boxes with the paperwork - well in this day and age almost anything can be faked, from money to clothes. So I doubt the dodgy tablet is out of bounds given the demand for them. I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD and can't hardly get a paracetamol from the doctor so what do they expect people to do? I have had real ones 1mg from the doctor in another country and 1 should put a normal person on their ass. If you are having to take ten you have problems. Doctors are scared to give them out. Yes they are a benzo. Diazepam has 2 of the five main active ingredients, tamazepam has another 2-3 active ingredients, xanax are the only benzo to have all 5 active ingredients, that is why they will calm you down and will get you to sleep. They are a short acting benzodiazepine with a short half life. No disrespect to India but if it's gonna be fake that's where it's going to come from. Hope this helps and good luck. Be safe as it's a big bad world out there ;-)

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The fake GG249 are also a bit fatter than the real ones. I got burnt twice with these. I don't think there's any REAL way to tell these days. Best bet is to get them from your pharmacy.

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Please write me back and fill me in on what the best options are...a.s.a.p...so I will know what to do with the ones I have already received. THANKS.

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I get 2 milligram Xanax every month and it's not that they're fake. I hope you're using a Reputable Doctor in the US and a licensed pharmacologist. There's no reason to get "fake" medicine. If you settle for generic then you'll have to go with it. Have your doctor write in the corner of Rx initialed no generic. If you're getting them out of the country then that's on you.

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