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66 yr old male, 5'11", 191 lbs. Exercise daily. Prescribed 5MG Eliquis x 2 day. Since starting approximately 3 weeks ago I have become extremely depressed to the verge of crying. Never been like this before and I contribute this depression to the drug. Also very lethargic which I contribute to Eliquis. Anyone with similar reaction? Was on a aspirin and I think I should return.

I suspect this depression to be directly linked to the drug.

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Hello Abel! How are you? I'm very sorry about the way you're feeling.

Yes, depression can be a side effect of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising.

If it is that severe, then yes, you should most likely consult your doctor about stopping it and trying something else.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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To add more pain to my situation I have been prescribed the following meds for elevated HBP: •Amlodipine- Benazepril 5-20MG (1 tablet, once a day) Bystolic 5MG (1 tablet, once a day). The Bystolic is a beta blocker and is resulting in ED. Is there a different drug I can take to replace Bystolic IOT reduce the ED effect? Life sucks......Appreciate your reply. Thx.

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Have been busy and just saw my e-mails and this one about ELIQUIS. While I show no signs of depression I am indeed very worried about this drug. Started it for Atrial Fibrillation which I now know was caused by Omeprazole. New doc was asked by Hospital to take me off it and try Zantac 300mgs at bedtime and one 10MG OF omeprazole in morning and since doing this no more A.F. however I am still on ELIQUIS and wish that I was not. Terrible pains in stomach/abdomen 3-4 hours after taking this and then it settles down a cramp like pain and as I have I.b.s used to have it once in a blue moon I am now having this 3-4 days a week. This drug also makes psoriasis worse.

Therefore I think more research should be given into such a powerful drug and I appreciate that what is one persons medicine is an others poison just feel that they don't know enough about it. My doc will not put me on warfarin as she said its an out of date drug but at least it has been tried and evaluated. If you are taking say Co-codamol or something like that for pain then this and the other could be very bad for you. As I always say its your body and you will know what is causing your problem just deal with it before its too late. GOOD LUCK

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I am taking Eliquis and recently experienced the "depression". I too thought it was Eliquis. Did some research and discovered it's a common feeling amongst ppl who've been diagnosed with PE (pulmonary embolism), and DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Thank God there are blogs and a social media pages dedicated to this issue.

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I am a 68 year old female just put on Eliquis for over a week 5mg twice a day. Extremely depressed, loss of appetite. Callled a local psychiatrist yesterday it is so disturbing to feel this way. She immediately confirmed Eloquis causes anxiety and depression.

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My elderly mother is feeling depressed from it, but a pharmacist w/ squibbs denies that this is a side effect. Hmmm...
Hope you find relief, and I will continue to do the research for my mom.

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I have been on eliquis for one year. My symptoms are feeling tired all the time! I haven't had a lot of the side effects that i have read on this site, but i would not like to take this the rest of my life. My doctor told me that once you start you will be on it the rest of your life or you will have a stroke and die! What a nightmare! I don't know of any other drugs that are for life! Could be wrong. I do know that the doctors get compensated from the mfg. Big Pharma at its best. I also have muscle pain and cant do what i used to do. I am at a crossroad. Don't know whether to stop and take a chance or keep taking it. I am scared to death at this point in my life. Wish i had an expert to tell me what to do. No doctor seems to care.

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Hi Stephen. I'm a 47 yr old female who recently started Eliquis for a DVT and I'm experiencing symptoms of depression more now. When I started looking into this med before I started I told my doctor that I prefer to stay on Coumadin because I feel more comfortable knowing where my inr was at even if i had to go in twice a week for blood work. He literally told me that I can choose to stay on Coumadin but that if i did i can go find another pc because that's what he thinks will work better for me. He also told me before i started this med that he doesn't get compensated for prescribing this med. Hmm i wonder if i had my rights to refuse without having to change pc physician. Thanx..

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I think they are getting componsated! Why would they say things like that? Its almost like they have you on life support. Have appointment this afternoon. Going to insist that i get taken off this rat poison! Am tired of feeling this way the rest of my life!!!

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I just recently started Eliquis and already changing over to Warfarin tomorrow. My Dr told me due to the PE in my lung 6mo would be it.. Unless when they did another scan and rechecked everything I still had a PE or was still at risk. I go back Wednesday and I'm just going to ask why isn't Aspirin good enough..Ughhh hate medication!!

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Hi I was put on amlodopine a couple of years ago, started to get visual disturbances,like seeing a quick mouse darting off in the corner of my vision, thought I was going mad, then a terrible pain in the kidneys, went to the emergency docs, thought it was a stone, of all people my oesteopath came up with the cause, stopped taking the amlodopine and pain and visuals went, googled it and found dozens of similar stories. Good luck.

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I am a 56-year-old male prior to this experience with a pulmonary embolism (PE) and the medication Eliquis I was very active mountain bike riding 3 days a week exercising all the time in really good health. I started Eliquis for a PE in October 2017, Originally was scheduled to be on it for six months of therapy. Also according to my doctor it was a unprovoked PE, however I was on Androgel therapy for nine years and that is one of the side effects, risk of having blood clots from that medication. My hematologist would not commit to the Androgel as being the culprit of the PE. So I checked with another hematologist and he confirmed that could be the cause of the PE along with my pulmonologist which confirmed that as well. Oh yeah and coincidentally the day I went into the emergency room with the PE they immediately stop my Androgel therapy and I have not gone back on it since then. First couple months on Eliquis there was no so called side effects about three months into it I noticed some changes with my emotional well-being and towards the end I developed full-blown depression and anxiety. Anyway looking for someone who may have experienced the same thing and am wondering how long it will take for this depression to pass now that I have quit taking the Eliquis. Thank you!

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female 57 years old
In may 15 was diagnosed with dvt and pe,spend 4 days at hospital.I am on eliquis,feeling deperssed,anxious ,want to cry sometimes.I took appointment to see my pcp
Feeling worried

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Re: David (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

This drug neatly ruined my marriage caused depression in my husband. Doctors don’t tell all beware.

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Yes, I was profoundly depressed on the last 2 years I used eliquis, so depressed that I recklessly discontinued the drug - having a stroke would have been a happy end to my misery. It is 5 months since I quite. I substituted aspirin while gradually weaning myself off eliquis, then substituted hawthorn herbal extract for the aspirin. I feel so much better and my normal good spirits have returned.

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I also had depression on Eliquis 5 mg 2 x a day, so I managed to get changed to 2.5 mg twice a day. Works for me, far as I know. I think Drs. may give two high a dose of meds for older people. I have Afib.

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Please, please tell me more about your transition. I have been taking Eliquis for nearly 9 months. Used to be extremely active,motivated, happy. Now I’m tired, unmotivated, not finding joy, crying, not being present with my children. Still pushing through, but need a better alternative. Am more into natural remedies and have been diagnosed with genetic blood clots. Told that stroke and blood clots were probably if I chose to stop taking ELiquis. Help, please! Thank you!

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I too am now off of Eliquis and am seeking alternative and more natural measures. The anxiety, depression, strange eye twitch and changed heart rhythm after 9 months was finally enough! I would like to know more about your experience with Hawthorn, please.

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Ask your doc to take the lowest dose of Eliquis. I take 2.5 mg twice a day and felt better, but still feel protected enough for thinning the blood. I am 88 though.

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Re: Abel (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Beta-blockers are really well known for causing depression, maybe the two meds together are the issue. Time for a serious chat with your doctor.

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Are you ok now? Prayed for you ??

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I have been on Eliquis for over 6 months now. I quit for almost 2 weeks to have a biopsy done but developed another clot before biopsy could be done. Starting my first day on Eliquis I began for the first time in my life having panic or anxiety attacks. My primary care dr and hematologist both insist it has nothing to do with Eliquis but I went to a psychiatrist and she confirmed immediately that Eliquis causes anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I am on Xanax once at night for the insomnia Eliquis causes and a half pill as needed for the panic/anxiety attacks

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