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My eGFR shows a level of 50; my Creatinine, Serum is 1.46 and my BUN/Cr raion is 14. I take Tricor, Lovaza, Pravastatin for lipids and Lisinopril for blood pressure. What does my eGFR indicate?

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My trigylcerides are held in check by Tricor. A year ago, my lab numbers showed Creatinine at 1.22 and last week was 1.46; eGFR listed as >59 last year and only 50 last week. Carbon Dioxide down to 19 last week from 22 a year ago. So, on Monday 2/7 Dr had these specific issues retested. Oddly, Creatinine now back to 1.23; eGFR above 60; not sure yet about Carbon Dioxide. Still using Tricor, thru all these tests. Why did numbers go to bad levels and return?

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I'm a diabetic, my bun level is 19, my creatinine level is 1.22, should I be worried.

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