Doctors In San Francisco California That Prescribe Xanax For Panic Attacks


I am having a really hard time finding a doctor that will give me a script for xanax. I use to be able to get them from my old physician, but not anymore. This makes my life a living hell. So I figured that since I actually have a legitimate reason to be prescribed xanax that I could go see my doctor and just be honest with her and I'd get my xanax legally instead of having to go on a scavanger hunt to find real alprazolam. But I was wrong. She treated me like s*** and pretty much made me feel like I was a joke, or some addict trying to get a fix. ( which I am not ) All of this just made my life worse. I feel so discouraged and hopeless. It is not fair that all these doctors seem to be nowadays is these people, these self ritgeous smug people who get to determine whether or not I get to be able function like a normal human and not have to be a shaky, scared and nervous mess all the f*****g time.

Please if anyone knows of any doctors in San Francisco California that understand that there are some people who genuinely need xanax to help them, please list them. All I have insurance wise is medi- cal, I'm currently trying my best to find employment but my panic attacks, GAD AND PTSD are making it almost impossible for me. Any help or info from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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I am very sorry about the problem you had with your doctor.

However, if you go in asking for a specific medication, especially one like this that can be habit forming and is frequently abused, doctors are taught to view that as being drug seeking behavior. Additionally, due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, your PCP won't be able to prescribe it on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a specialist for that.

This medication could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area?

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I need a doctor that will treat me for anxiety in Fresno area

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Does anyone know a Dr. in Houston or West Houston, who prescribes Norco, Hyrocodone..etc...I have extreme pain in my feet and lower legs...due to new guidelines, my current Dr. just stopped...not even giving me a new Dr. to see for help? Please, let me know if you do...much thanks..

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I've been taking Xanax for 22 years to treat the burning pins and needles in the right side of my body that are one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and as an adjunct medication to help me sleep. I continue to be prescribed this med by my PCP, just as I have been for all these years. Just FYI - I have been on exactly the same dose for the entire 22 years (no increases!) and, while I am allowed to take the entire 4 mg per day that I'm prescribed, I often take only .5 mg or 1 mg. On bad days, when the burning and prickling are especially bad or during periods when I have gone days without sleeping, I'll take the full dose. When I'm sleeping better or not dealing wit the burning and prickling, I take .5 a day with no adverse symptoms. It's dangerous and unfair to generalize. Thank God my doctor isn't an arrogant, self-serving, know-it-all but a compassionate human being who has figured out which patients he can trust.

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I would start with a good psychologist who will refer you to a good phychiatrist or just start with a phychiatrist & your medical chart of having had them & where & why. My pain management Dr. Made me see my psychologist for a visit because Dr's consider Xanax a psycho drug area & they have to protect themselves . My panic attacks are extreme along with my spinal nerve pain from many injuries & way over use. It is very difficult to just not get out of the bed. On 1 drug - take my word for it. Never take neurontin or generic name gabapentin & lyrica is the basic same . All kinds of Dr.s give them for everything . They were invented originally for epilepsy! The side effects from gabapentin nearly killed me . I hope Dr.'s have quit giving those out randomly because they aren't controlled .

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Getting back to the O/P, they should try another Doctor, especially if one laughs at you? Of course when you're on MediCal you don't get the coverage you would receive as if you had good health plan.

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I live in fresno and am looking for a Dr. To prescribe zanax also. Did u find anyone?

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Forget about xanax get Buspar for panic attacks has worked much better for me then xanax at preventing the attacks in the first place. And it is not addictive. If that does not work you could try Klonopin which may be hard to get too but is addictive.

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all benzos are addictive. klonopin is pretty much just a longer lasting version of xanax. to me klonopin just makes me feel lazy and sleep too long. xanax makes me feel good then sleepy.

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Ya know I been trew the same thing just with different problems but never got off street, they always blamed my testosterone problem on my pills I take, to later find out my pituitary gland is not working properly, my advise to you is go see a cike dockter and don't ask for a pasific benzodiazepine clozapam is just as good and last 12hours instead of 6,if they look down on you don't pay them and they will learn after awhile they won't have a good reputation, don't go to a well know dockter,go to one that needs buis and y recommend something y used to take in anoighter state so y can't get your records, but if your young there always going to ? It but don't give up.go to cike docks not pain or family.good luck

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If someone goes to a doctor and tells them that they've been taking Xanax illegally for years, getting them from presumably not a doctor and taking them as they wish without medical supervision, they shouldn't be surprised when the doctor isn't enthusiastic about prescribing for them. I stated earlier that I've been taking Xanax legitimately for years for the burning pins and needles of fibromyalgia. I'm also prescribed them to help me sleep when my usual medication for sleep is ineffective (which doesn't happen that often.) If I have the pain or can't sleep, I take the Xanax. If I'm not experiencing these symptoms, I don't take it--and I NEVER take it just for "fun" since that's not the purpose for which I have the prescription. I've been on the same dose for 20+ years and can take them or not take them as needed with no ill effects (no withdrawal symptoms)--and I'm allowed a pretty high dose when necessary. It's unfortunate if someone does really need it for anxiety and panic attacks but obtaining it illegally for years and taking it without medical supervision would send up red flags for ANY doctor. It's not surprising, when this is the case, that a physician would hesitate to prescribe it to such an individual. My daughter also has severe anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD and isn't prescribed nearly the amount that would help her but she doesn't buy it from "someone" and take "whatever." She talks to her doctor who continues to work with her to address the anxiety. There are plenty of doctors who understand the need for medication to help those with severe anxiety. They just don't feel confident handing out prescriptions to someone who walks in and tells them they've been illegally obtaining Xanax, but now they'd like the doctor to hand out prescriptions to them for it. They would be concerned--and rightly so--that such a person would be a huge risk for abusing it, selling it, taking more than they're prescribed, etc. Plus most doctors are pretty skeptical of a patient who walks in and asks for a specific controlled substance rather than telling the doc the medical problem with which they're struggling (anxiety, panic, PTSD) and asking the doctor to work with them to control it. There are a lot of other medications for these problems besides Xanax. There are some problems that just happen to us. Some things we do to ourselves.

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I have to agree with what the other posters are saying. If you are experiencing such terrible symptoms from GAD and PTSD, in which you need Xanax to function, then you should be seeking out a Psychiatrist, not a random GP. GPs generally do not treat long term psychiatric illnesses anymore, especially where a benzodiazepine (such as Xanax) is indicated - unless; of course, it is a Dr that has treated you for many years and knows your history well. Anyway, I if you a documented history of GAD and PTSD, as well as a documented history of being treated with Xanax, then a good pyshiatrist should have no problem prescribing it. If you are asking for any sort of benzodiazepine without a well documented history of being treated with it, then you have to expect a doctor to be hesitant to prescribe it to you. Generally, a good Dr will try prescribe you the safest medication at the lowest dose possible to treat your symptoms. Psychiatry is an inexadt science, where finding the right combo of meds takes time and careful observation. If you are certain that Xanax is the only medication that will work for you, then you should be able to tell the prescribing psychiatrist what meds have or haven't worked and why. If you haven't tried everything, then keep an open mind. Xanax is almost impossible to stop taking after one has been on it for many years Trust me, I know. If you think the shakes are bad now,.. Let's just say, they get worse... and Xanax fails to treat them, since you have developed such a huge tolerance to it (there is a good reason as to why it's contraindicated for long term use). Not mention, it turns your brain turns to jello with zero recall ability. It's also linked to dementia. Anyway, who I am to tell anyone that to do.... Best of luck!

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I have to agree. It pains me to see people who don't legitimately suffer from GAD, panic attacks, etc., ruin things for those of us who do. Now, it will take a person, who is truly suffering from life limiting panic attacks, a lot longer to find the relief they need. All the info out there, in regard to scamming Drs, only makes a compassionate Dr more suspicious of a sincere patient. I would hope that being refered to specialist (i.e; a psychiatrist) would deter the scammers, since such a relationship requires time and observation. This way, those who actually do benefit from benzodiazepine therapy, will be able to find the relief they need. Although, I do recommend not becoming dependent on it and only taking it when absolutely necessary. I also agree that most people don't have to take it "every 6 hrs" (even though the label says you can) and should take it "as needed".

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Where in the bay r u? My doctor pcp gives me 90 1 mg.

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Get off the xanax and face the life you've been given. People years ago didn't have these meds and they survived. Human frailty is sad.

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The city clinics in San Francisco are phasing out benzos. I've been taking Xanax, Ativan, and occasionally Temazepam for a few years. They keep me alive. I'd be dead and suffering in excruciating ways without them. I've tried many, many other meds over the years, but they haven't helped at all. I have Medicare and Medi-Cal. It seems impossible to find a doctor or clinic that will prescribe benzos with my insurance. Does anyone know of any? Is medical marijuana a good substitute for benzos?

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A City does not have the ability to "phase out" a certain medicine

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It does. The city-run clinics (Dept of Public Health) do not want their patients taking benzos. Of the ones who are taking benzos, the doctors are told to reduce their dosage until they're not taking any at all. That's what my psychiatrist has been doing. I've been put on a schedule to reduce my Ativan every month until I'm not taking it at all. I've explained multiple times to her that I've tried many meds over the years, and they haven't helped at all. Only benzos have provided the relief that I desperately need. But she won't budge, even in an extreme case like mine. Doctors, clinics, and the medical community are too afraid of benzos due to all the buzz about their bad effects. They don't give a **** about the people who have only been helped by benzos after trying many different meds, and who would be dead or in excruciating pain without them. Someone said that he had a friend who committed suicide because they wouldn't give him benzos. Benzos truly keep some people alive and give much-needed relief in an otherwise agonizing life. There are many other meds that are just as potentially dangerous as benzos, but they haven't gotten much buzz and haven't gone viral. I've landed in the ER with a few different non-benzo meds, so others meds can be very dangerous, though you don't hear about the dangers. It just goes to show how influenced we are by blogs, vlogs, things that go viral, and media buzz. Doctors, clinics, and the medical community need to open up their minds more and prescribe benzos on a case-by-case basis. By denying benzos to good, non-addict people who really need it, they are committing malpractice; they are not it delivering the proper care and compassion that they're supposed to do as doctors.

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Wow good 4 you that you've been on the same dosage for over 2 decades!! FOUR MG a day!? I don't believe the crookedest of the crooked Drs in this county would increase a patient's dose to more than that, so yea I'm sure you have been on the same dose for 20+yrs! Seems like you oughta have an entire medicine cabinet full of em since u normally have 3 1/2 per day left over and u "don't sell them" and def dont give ur daughter any. PSSH! PUHLEEZ!! stop tryna sound like ur all holier than thou bc u sound just like all the pill heads I've met in my life! Oh I don't take them for "fun", they're 4 my pins and needles..BS! Just like u told the OP, there's plenty of other meds for that condition besides Xanax!! And in your case meds that are actually prescribed for neuropathy and sleep! It's funny how u honestly seem to think ppl would believe that you're anything less than a drug seeker! And u say uve never had any type of withdrawal symptoms from Xanax, well of course not bc you haven't gone any length of time without popping em! You said it yourself that your Dr (who I'm sure u started going to bc u heard he was a crooked pill pusher) has prescribed them 2 you for almost a quarter century!!

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Which doctor? I'm in the the peninsula and am in need of a doctor that can help me out. My original doctor is a FTP and she said I needed to see a psychiatrist to get those types of prescriptions. Would be great if you could help me out. Thank you.

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Did you find someone?

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Hello, I am in California, specifically Oakland/the bay area. Does anyone know of a doctor or someone else that will prescribe me Klonopin or Xanax? I have extreme anxiety attacks and these are the only things that work. The only issue is that all the doctors I’ve talked to have told me they won’t give me benzos because I am also prescribed Suboxone. Please help me!!! If you need more info lmk.

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Xanax is not a good treatment for anxiety/panic disorder. It only takes care of symptoms rather than treat the disorder. You should see a psychologist/psychiatrist for a more appropriate medication.

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Re: Mo (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

What dr in the bay area? I'm in Tenderloin.

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Re: Vinny (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

You have no clue because you don’t suffer from what the rest of us on here do. Lol, we also didn’t used to have Tylenol but it sure helps many peoples everyday lives now ??

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Re: Mo (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

What is your doctors name I’m In real need

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Re: Charles (# 39) Expand Referenced Message

Please help out if you can..thank

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Re: K (# 38) Expand Referenced Message

No I haven't yet. Can you help?

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Hey bro did you find a doctor?

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Re: Mo (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Hey I'm in San Francisco plz help get back to me plz

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