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I am looking for an MD or Pain clinic that will prescribe pain medication in Rhode Island. I have 4 herniated discs, nerve damage in my leg, severe migraines. My former Md said that he could not longer prescribe due to the regulations, I dont want to have to move, that would be crazy to have to go through that, but I also do not want to continue living night and day in Agony, with not one Md that has any compassion, it seems all they care about is to look out for themselves, I only take 2 pain medications that I believe are both in class 1, but when you talk to a doctor about pain, they tell you to take tylenol. I am tired of theses doctors just caring about themselves, if you have a patient like myself, that has the MRI's and Catscans to show what my pain level is, they should be a little more compassionate. I am not able to have surgery at this time, not until my daughter is driving and able to get out on her own, grocery store, ect. I would really appreciate any advise, I sleep with a heat pad every night on my back, but when I go to get up, the pain is unbearable.

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Hey I'm in RI and may be able to help... Email me at {edited for privacy} or get back to me on here.

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HI I have had lupus for 23 years i has affected every part of my body. i have 17 broken bones in my back (due to osteoporosis) btw thats ur whole spine, im not eligible for the remedies they have. there are three. back surgery, which no surgeon will perform on me bc of my high risk of dying on the table. the second remedy is like cementing the fractures together, for some reason im not a candidate for that. the third remedy is just live with it. live with the pain??? r they kidding..thats my whole spine. ur spine that holds u up. without ur spine ur basically crippled. plus i have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, raynauds syndrome, coronary artery disease btw ive NEVER been in remission. continuing, i also have poor circulation, a vascular necrosis in my right hip. i just had a full right hip replacement surgery in sept. the surgeon had to be begged by 2 drs (my pulmonologist and cardiologist who have been with me for a long time) to take me bc no one wanted to do it bc im so high risk. ive had 2 heart attacks (one w/ a stent), a seizure, a stroke, a severe pulmonary embolism, problems swallowing, chronic pain, lupus nephritis. the list goes on and on. i have been on pain meds for 16 years. what i need is a doctor that is caring, compassionate and understands that over that time i have acquired a very high tolerance. that does not judge and understands that bc of all my issues i need what may seem like very high dosages of pain meds when in fact, what they have me on now isnt even enough bc of my tolerance. i dont doctor or pharmacy hop, i dont ask for early refills, i dont drink or abuse these pills in any way. i just wanna live my life in not so much pain. i kno ill never be completely pain free but i believe i deserve a better quality of life than what i am living now. im on 2 80 mg oxycontin a day and 6/30 mg of oxycodone a day, i used to be on way more and as my lupus got worse they lowered the dose how nuts is that, anyway, if anyone can please help me let me kno

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Hello, Dennise! How are you feeling?

I can assure you that most doctors genuinely do care, but the government has tied their hands. They either abide by the new regulations, or they risk losing their license to practice medicine and they have quite a lot invested in that, along with their families.

If you require narcotic analgesics on a long term basis for the treatment of chronic pain, you'll have to see a pain management specialist. General practitioners and surgeons have been severely restricted in what they can prescribed, how much they can prescribe, how long they can prescribe it and why they can prescribe it.

Is there a chance that your current doctor could refer you to someone? That would most likely be the easiest way to get the help you need.

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Sorry I havn't been on here in month's, I lost the forum and did not save it to my favorites. I just received a reply in my email, so I was able to get back on again. I have been to a new PCP and Nerologist, they are giving me a very small amount of the 2 medications that I was taking, they each write out for 1 only. It turns out that you are correct, MD's are really under the microscope now in RI and it does effect the people that have a legitimate reason to take these medication's that can be reflected on catscans, MRI's ect. I think that as long as the patient is legitimatley in need of pain medication, to get a good night's sleep without pain, or something that can be taken during the day. I was hoping to go back to work part-time, but I realized that I would be in a lot of pain and would not have the medication that I needed to get me through it, or to count on when I got home for relief, so I decided not to work, and that is not good for me, I now have depression and cannot sleep, I don't think that this is fair to compare my situation, to someone that is getting pain medication, with nothing to back up the reason that the MD is writting it. It should be the other way around, the people that have the proof with their MD that they need this medication to manage their days and night's, MD's should not be punished for writing for them, with monthly or bi- monthly visit's and a must last 30 days on the script, that was what I was doing, but still, my MD said that he could no longer write and weened me off, which only pushed me into the world of Doctor shopping, which I would not have imagined that I would be doing in my 50's.

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Bitmore Medical in Pawtucket, RI and there is one on Jefferson Blvd. Warwick, RI, I know there is a couple more, but I don't know the names. You have to apply (fill out forms) then they contact your doctor for your records, it takes about a week to find out if they will accept you. They test you everytime you go in, ask a bunch of questions and then they give you your meds, Pretty strick the way they should be, but it keeps it a good place.

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I just want to say GOOD LUCK the docs in ri would rather c u suffer than give pain meds !!! they r looking out for themselves, I have tried several times over a yr to get pain meds & the doc tells me NO WAY !!! always saying that other docs have had their license in trouble & they don't want the same trouble !!! believe me I do FEEL for u, the real people don't get the help but the DRUGGIES get whatever they want, they have ruined it for the people who really need it !!!

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Hello Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if this is just in Rhode Island, becuase I am close to the border of Massachusett's. Perhaps I might be able to find a good Family Physician there? My regular Md, just told me to go to see a pain Specialist and that they have alternative ways of managing pain. I have been on 2 Doxepin and Gabapentin and neither one worked for me , they just made me feel like I was in a fog, I stuck with it, but it did not change. I don't understand why people have to suffer now, I mean the ones that have the MRI's and Catscans that were ordered to show that I am not taking these meds for recreation. I had been on them for 10 years, my physician would never give a refill, which is fine, and it stated that the amount had to last me 30 days, this was in the past 2 years, and I never had a problem, with running short, or abusing my medication, I think they should look at the patient's history with these medication's before pulling them and telling the patient they can no longer write for these medication's. I never once had an incident, where I could have taken more than prescribed. I take them only because I need to, they really should allow the Doctor's to look at the patient's history while they were on these medication's before telling the Doctor they can no longer write for these

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The druggies that ruined as you claim are not the reason why people are having a hard time getting treatment ... After the big oxy problem a few years back that was literally turning patients into hardcore opiate addicts and leading to a high number of ods our goverment started to get involved attacking pcp ers and even pain management facility's which is mostly due to the family's of the deceased and addicts...I myself have pain like many here I've also resorted to opiates because my pain was so bad ...pain killers are no joke I'm sure more then half of the ppl looking for pain killers are mentally in more pain the physically due to the effects of long term use of opiates... Anyone with common since knows that use of an opiate for longer then 2 weeks straight causes the brain to build more receptors which start the begining of addiction mentally an physically ...I am a addict because of my pain and because I had doctors who didn't give a s*** and loaded a 20 year old up with morphine and dilaudid ..I know struggle on a daily to function normal and am now not only addicted to opiates but to subutex "bupe" as well which is harder to get off then oxy and morphine before you ppl run around looking to get your pain fix or to blame junkies for the reason it's harder to get them maybe you should stop before you yourself are the junkie in pain struggling for normality due to the fact you had to have your poppy's so sad I feel for you all but at the same time your no different then a opiate addict who claims to not have a problem ..remember opiates are at an all time high in the US.. can't imagine why...

If you had serious pain problems you would receive pain med ...otherwise your just another "druggie" as you like to put it.

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Hi Diane! What kind of Dr would do that 2 someone in your situation? That's terrible! 1 pill a day wouldn't do anything, let alone 1 pill every other day. I hope things work out with the Dr I gave u.

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St Anne's pain clinic. Dr Guptil. They are great. They are understanding but they are strict too.

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How can you help? do you know a doc that will give out oxy 15s? i was on them 2 years and now off because of other people's problems

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Concerned Friend,
I called my PC and told him I wouldn't make it thru to make it to get into pain management. He had me come in and wrote me a Rx. for a months worth of my regular meds. I would try PC 1st. I would stay far away from Hospital unless in withdrawals, but they will treat the withdrawals and not give you a script.

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I don't understand how people who have medical documents, MRI, cat scan, six back surgeries, inj's. that last only a week, are getting denied pain medication due to addicts. The medical professionals are allowing them to live in agony. What quality of life is that? My x husband gets relief for a week after painful inj's... What are the long term effects from inj's.? If you have an answer please respond. Thank you.

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Re: Gail (# 223) Expand Referenced Message

Why is my doctor lying to me? That's a shame to let someone suffer. I've been without my pain meds for a month, waiting to be seen by a pain clinic. And there's a chance they won't give it to me. What do I have to do? This really sucks.

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For people suffering from chronic pain, Suboxone is an option. 1mg is the equivalent of 15mg morphine. It works best for people who have been on opiates for a long time. I am talking about taking it for chronic pain management, not addiction. It works for pain relief in 85%-95% of people. It has been used for pain management for years in other countries.

Definitely something to think about. Works for me after 80mg oxycontin x3, oxycontin 10mg x3, plus more, stopped helping my pain and my quality of life was nil.

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I would recommend edible medical marijuana. I have severe neuropathy and hated taking medications. I started with the brownies and cookies and feel better. All natural with zero negativity.

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Hi I saw the message about you knowing a Dr that prescribes Methadone in RI. I live in Woonsocket, and cant afford the clinic but can go to a Dr that accepts medicare. I have herniated dics, sciatica, spoddylosis etc.........If you can help point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. THANKS!

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I just went there.. They don't prescribe oxycontin..long acting pain meds and only give a total of 50mg/day..that's not even 2 oxycodone!!! RIDICULOUS

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I need help bad. I've been off for a while and cant leave my house in so much pain. Anyone in ri can help me. I tried everything and oxy seems to work. It's the only med that ever took away most of my pain.

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I have been dealing with searching for and seeing pain doctors for over 10 years now. I am in bad shape due to doctors screwing up. Or nurses opinions that doctors listen to. Anyways im in RI. New regulations are making pain management nearly impossible. I would like to chat with anyone at some point. Ive done lots of research. But still suffer so much i barely live. Barely survive. We can help each other. Ive been to st marys in Swansea. Perry in Smithfield. Barakat in woonsocket. Baltimore medical in north Smithfield. Which are not managing pain any longer. Looking for a new pain management center. I am applying for warwick and memoriaL pain centers. {edited for privacy}. also if us back pain sufferers can find a doc who can do radio frequency on the facet joints and knows how to do it right, it will help soooo very much. Which will help us need less pain meds. Or meds would work better on the other pains. Hope everyone has found doctors. I need a new one now too. And a new primary. I am so sick and tired of being treated like a junkie because im in agonizing debilitating pain every second of my life.

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