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I need to find a doctor in MN who will prescribe me 5mg Percocet. I'm currently on a narcotic contract with my primary physician. I have recently seen an Ear Nose and Throat specialist and said I have a severe chemical burn located in my throat by my vocal cords. He said it was the worst chemical burn he has ever seen. It is due to many years of severe acid reflux and smoking cigarettes. He said there is no way to repair it, and it will most likely get worse because of my acid reflux. My primary doctor refuses to give me anymore medication than 15 pills a month. I am struggling to eat and swallow on a daily basis. I need help finding a new doctor. One who cares.

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Alina medical Northfield mn go see Bridget McLaren. She is a great P/A n truely cares about helping people live pain free

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i have been shot in nam in my backThis no reason to suffer every day

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Go to a gastrologist for your acid reflux’s. They have a new procedure they put a band where your esophagus meets your stomach to keep the gas from backing up into your throat. They should have done some gas tests this is the newest thing that they’re doing and it supposed to be wonderful. Drugs is not the answer to everybody’s problems but seems to be what everybody wants

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