Doctors Who Are Willing To Prescribe Naltrexone


Im an alcoholic. I can't seem to get a prescription for naltrexone (I've been finding it on the internet, very expensive but worth the money, it has saved my life). My MD will not prescribe and I can't find anyone who will. Is there some way of finding someone who will prescribe that I haven't tried yet? Thanks

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Where do you live?

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I live in Cheviot Ohio. My md just refuses. The only thing I can find is the vivitrol shot, but I want the pills so I can keep doing the Sinclair method. It's worked very well for me but I can't afford to buy it without having a valid script from a doctor. :(. Any help appreciated thanks :)

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HPR Clinic on Sawbury Road in Columbus Ohio (off of Sawmill road). They will give shot and write Naltrexone prescriptions.

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On the cthreefoundation web site, they have several documents which you can download and bring to your doctor to educate them on how and why it works, etc. One is written by an M.D. who prescribes it regularly. In his letter he tells why it is so effective and gives advice and info to other doctors. Another is written by the same M.D. and co-authored by Dr. David Sinclair, the "inventor" of The Sinclair Method (TSM) and is written for the doctor. Maybe these might help you in your discussions with your doctor. On their web page, it is listed under "FAQ/Resources" which will then show three documents "for your doctor". Good luck with using these. Have you considered changing doctors, if your insurance allows?

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Naltrexone is vicious. I was so damn SICK!!!.....the place i was at they didn't take a urine or blood. I still had methadone in my system. Blood pressure went up to like 249...started hearing s***...and the CRAMPS WAS LIKE THE ALIEN MOVIE WHEN THE CREATURE WAS COMING OUT OF THE DUDES STOMACH.....OFF THE CHARTS..they could use that s*** in a war or something. NALTREXONE HURT ME F***ING EXTREMELY BAD....OMG....THE PAIN....I'M THINKING BOUT SUING..

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6 sees patients by video online if you are a resident of colorado, nevada, washington, or oregon.

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I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a alcoholic and I just watched the movie, "One Little Pill" Dr. David Sinclair .Did you fined a doctor that will subscribe Naltrexone in Columbus please let me know!

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