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I just moved to Houston and have suffered from severe anxiety for the past ten plus years and really need to find a psychiatrist or doctor that is willing to prescribe Xanax. I'm up ALL night fighting constant anxiety attacks and it's an impossible daily struggle to get through my work day without having to stop whatever I might be doing to fend off an attack. I can't afford to lose my job and I just don't know what else to do. I refuse to buy the stuff off the sheet because I can't afford to get in trouble..... Please, any help with a doctor in Houston that will prescribe Xanax would very gratefully appreciated.

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Due to the new regulations that went into effect at the beginning of the year, if you require it for long-term treatment, you will most likely need to see a Psychiatrist.

In most cases, general practitioners will only be able to prescribe these types of medications for short-term use.

Learn more Xanax details here.

Do you have a doctor there yet that could refer you to someone?

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Verwon can you tell us more about these new Federal regulations is it just a Houston thing. A General MD can most certainly prescribe a Xanax in the U.S.

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I think you have to see a. Psychiatrist for the xanax now, I just moved from California back. I have severe genral social anxiety but also crippling panic attacks, anyone know of agood psychiatrist or doctors office. I take 4mg fail

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Brain, it is hard to tell if you are back in California but there are no special State rules for Xanax use here. You don't have to see a Psychiatrist as you might in a handful of other States. You can obtain up to a 6 month supply from any licensed medical doctor. I am tired reading about these special rules that don't apply in most States. California is special enough!

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I wonder how many people will break the law due to these State regulations and spend time behind bars. Until I joined this forum I was not aware of these new State laws in Texas, Kentucky, Florida, New York, and possibly elsewhere? One of the reasons I moved back to my current State was to medicate legally with a Doctor recommendation when it came to Weed. Now I am seeing the lowest Pot prices in 30 years!

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Did you find a doctor, I am in the same boat and am looking for a Houston Doctor

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Doctors that perscribe xanax in houston tx.

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Me too. Where do I find a doctor in Houston? This use to be so easy back in the Doc shop days. Help!!!

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People are being forced to seek illegal meds cause the Goverments new laws ...sad times for America

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I need a Xanax friendly doc in houston also

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Did you find a dr? I need one TODAY!

Can you forward any info to help?


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Did you ever find one? I need a prescription for Klonopin and just moved down here

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There is a Dr. on Westheimer - you must have legitimate medical records. I have been seeing him for three years. I needed him when my mom was dying from cancer. I have 4 kids and very stressful things in my life. He understand you but will not deal with you abusing the system. You will NOT get a refill, so you can only take your dosage. Hope this helps!

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A doctor on Westheimer... Lol. That narrows it down.

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Do you know the address to the doctor who gives xanax

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As I get older. My attacks get worse. Its getting is I can't functing as work. My doctors. Told e yo meditate. Don't work. Pix HELP

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I am a disabled combat soldier, the VA stopped giving xanax which never has had any side effect, and now they wont prescribe it anymore. They give me things that are much more harmful.

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I am also looking for a doctor that will prescribe xanax.Have you gotten any responses?

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Can you please tell me the doctors nsme or a cross street or landmark that are by their offices

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You'll never get it. No one gives a s***. My eyes hemorrhage without it & the docs here are just gonna let me go blind. I could just go on disability and wait to die - no one cares.

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Re: EDDY (# 58) Expand Referenced Message

You didn't know you had to use the secret password? ??

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Re: Toon (# 57) Expand Referenced Message

I've been a member here for over 10 years, and this has to be the most ridiculous message ever posted. Toon, you are a tool~

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First of all, if you call any doctor in Houston and asked for “Xanax” you will automatically be denied. Use the proper term of “Alprazolam”. Most general practitioners will prescribe it with proof of proper use. There is not “a lot” of extra paper work, other than documenting your info for the government.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have a Dr. For suboxone only. But i suffer from extreme anxiety.

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Re: Lisa (# 37) Expand Referenced Message

Lisa, did you ever find a doctor that will prescribe Xanax or alprazalom. I am in the same situation.i have been on it for 40 years thank you

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Re: Arsynne (# 53) Expand Referenced Message

I've never used telemedicine yet, but the field is growing and the problem with getting the order filled will work itself out in time, Getting to know one pharmacy is always your best bet. I've got to tell you, I became deathly ill during a benzo withdrawal and had little problem getting service from a mostly drug seeking E.R. in my mostly drug seeking little town. You see they hook you up to tubes and monitors and EKG's, and when you fail each and every reading, it is in the hospital's best interest to keep you, heck I stayed a week. Medvidi is pretty high rated, and you could always bring a complaint against any pharmacy that isn't following the law. I had something similar happen to me when a pharmacist who I had used before gave me a hard time as I had moved out of State and was just visiting CA and obtained a new prescription. Hopefully he went out of business or is no longer with us? Hey keep in mind 4 mg is a large dose, I take 3 mg, still too much of this Poison. Xanax can drop you where you stand when you stop them, lovely feeling knowing this. Good luck in this!

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Re: Eddy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I’m having the exact same problem! I’ve been bounced around to telemedicine drs, who are more than happy to give me the script but good luck finding a pharmacy to fill it! I’m using MEDvidi right now the first time I had to have my script sent to 3 different pharmacies, finally Kroger filled it. This month for some reason the pharmacist tried to tell me that “it was out of stock”, but came back a few minutes later and ended up filling it. As you can imagine now each time I have a script sent in for a refill I am terrified that they won’t fill it. I have never in my life have ever had a pharmacy refuse to fill my prescriptions!!! I’m desperate for a reliable steady Dr or psychiatrist because I have been on 2mg twice a day since 2007. If God forbid I get cut off, I am no doubt going to have serious health problems if not death. And you can forget the Ers here they automatically assume that you are a drug seeker. So if anyone can please suggest a dr, I will even resort to a pill mill at this point. I seriously shouldn’t have to fly home to Ca once a month to get the medication that I need for serious mental health issues.

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Re: Candice (# 51) Expand Referenced Message

I wish... I keep calling doctors from my insurance plan but they won't say over the phone. My pain management doctor was able to give me some to get me by until I find another doctor. If you see a pain doc.. ask them if they can help while you look.

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Re: Jay (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

Hey! I'm in the same boat looking to find a psychiatrist who will continue to fill my alprazolam prescriptions. I end up having to fly back home to Georgia every 3 months. Is anyone having any luck in or near Houston?

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Re: Rochelle (# 47) Expand Referenced Message

I quoted the wrong poster in my comment, it was meant for #47 who comments on decade old replies

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