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I need a doctor in the pgh area. I have had 11 back surgeries, chronic pain and anxiety. My pcp gave me a month to find one... Please help.

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What dr.? I live in pa can't find none

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I don't live near Pittsburg but found a doctor in Watsontown and also a Dr. in Milford that both have no problem writing prescriptions. Let me know if you want either one of their names.

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What is the information? Milfords not far

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I live in the monroevill. Area I have a Bradley broken leg and carpartemend syndrome my doctor killed him self DR carter. He wrot me 120 perk 30 and 40 mg opanas I need a new PCP CAN SOME ONE HELP ME PLEASE I DONT WANT TO GO TO PAIN CLINI

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Hey i read what you said and im looking for a doctor asweel have rotater cuff impingment sendrem and my doctors office closed down can you please email me the info thanks my email is {edited for privacy}

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I've been to 2 dr.'s so far & no luck! I moved to WVA to be closer to my daughter & grandchildren & can't keep paying out $ for dr.'s to prescribe me non working meds! I have failed back surgery & a hospital dr put me on fentanyl plus morphine for breakthrough but can't find a doc to write me real meds! Help!!

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i am seeking a pain doctor in pittsburgh area was receiving oxycodone 30 doctor relacted what is the name address and phone number of your doctor, i have records where prior doctor gave me this medication, please help me, reply to {edited for privacy}

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Have yall found any pain drs in PA yet? I want to help!I know what it is to suffer with pain.

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My doctor died I got serious pain nerve damage muscle damage I go to therapy and the gym but with out my pain meds can't do it. I AM Sick of this opiate problems Googal why we'd ident bomb the poppy fields in afganistan they got British forces all around them Ther getting 300 million a barrel 4 opium it's all a scam doctors presibe you then find some way to kick u off by the way the export of H has gon up 60% seance we went into afganistan they want the doctors to kick people off so u go selfe medicate there are people suffering of pain and can't get the help they need I asked 4 a doc in pittsburgh pa but they edit your email.

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I live in the READING area n my doctor has recently moved was getting 180 oxycodone every 20 days trying to find a doctor to help me with keeping the same prescription

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Hey if u could please email me ther names n numbers I have referral n records to prove everything my doctor turned into an a**hole

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Hey i need a doctor I broke my tailbone , and shattered my ankle in a autobile accident I've been on this medication since. I live in Staten Island but I am moving to Georgia in a week . I need to make sure I have a doctor ! I have MRI please help me ,sg

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Can u email me?

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i could use the dr name and number that you have found. i have ms, i'm in terrible pain. i live in pittsburgh

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I have very serious injury and I was getting oxycodone 30 and I missed an apt due to school now im without medicaion

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Karen if I can please have the doctors name I will give u my email for privacy I have major back damage.

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Sam, if you were able to get the name of that doctor & it's good, I'd like it too. I've been searching since September this year. Saw a neurologist here & was told I'm to get used to taking medicine for rest of my life! He's the 6th one!! I'll give you my email address. Thanks!

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Any way u still have the name of the doctor u use? I am suffering from Pain from a broken femur can't find a dr to prescribe anything

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Hey I'm trying to find a pain doctor in pa for my mom. She has been prescribed 180 30 mg roxys for years and now her doctor is retiring. I know all about how she would feel without her meds and shes in so much pain.if u could help me 2 help her, it would be so helpful and greatly appreciated! Thank u.

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I could really use the dr names and phone numbers please

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