Doctors In Lincoln O Park Michigan That Prescribe Soxbone


I went to a doctor in lincoln park mi. on ft. st. for my suboxone, but forgot the name or phone number

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I found several listings for doctor's on Fort Street, here are the names and contact information, perhaps you'll recognize one of them.

Priti Bhardwaj M.D.
(313) 388-1666
2176 Fort Street

Vijaya Challa M.D.
(313) 388-1666
2176 Fort Street

Joseph George M.D.
(313) 386-3200
4006 Fort Street


Is there anything else I can help with?

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looking for a Dr. in Flint Michigan who will prescribe my pain meds, been on them for 12 years. can anyone help? Thank-you Diane

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Looking for a doctor in mi downriver to walled lake that prescribe adderall

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I am looking for a Dr that will prescribe pain meds in the downriver det mi area ,does anyone know one in that area ? please and thank you !

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Dear Dr Verwon,I've been trying to post someone with a name of a Dr. It won't go through. And, I need to speak to someone, privately. But it says they only do that in rare cases. Can you help me with that? Thank you! Much appreciated.

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I am trying to help one of my parents out.. they have had this problem for years now and they are trying to get put on Suboxone. I have spent much time and much effort researching doctors and financial aid for insurance if need be IF he find a doctor that is a decent doctor and will treat him but also treat his case and still be good doctor on all other levels and have a very good doctor and patient relationship. This is something that now a days has become rare and I find to be rather horrible. Every time I research a doctor and their experience section you'll see "below" or "Average" if your lucky. I want him to be able to start over and have a doctor that will be able to open mindedly treat him with respect and have faith in his recovery and know his case rather than only know what the doctor see's when he/she comes in and sits down for 5 min if were lucky. A doctor that will spend efficient time and effort in to his recovery just as he is expected to. If you could please tell me how to go about doing this I would greatly appreciate someone's help because I have not the first clue as to how to help on this but I won't give up for him. As it stands I am the only one still trying. We live in MI, in the downriver area. I saw the post above about some of the doctors on Fort Street that prescribe this however when looking at their reviews I was fearful that he would not get the care he needed or the intense personal attention that his case does in fact need as well. I would mean so very much to me if some one could give me some input that is knowledgeable in this area. A loved one never gives up on another loved one.. however I am in the need of some ones help that can steer my research in the correct direction. He just needs a Doctor that will treat his case and him as a person, not as another folder. Thank you so much and I truly hope to hear back from some one as soon as possible. Cera

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DR. Thomas pinson, southgate. However, no new patients

But check anyhow, hes a decent dr.

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NOT lin Lincoln Park but only about 20 min away AND WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF THE DRIVE
his name is Dr Randy Ayers on Plymouth Rd in Livonia and he is AWESOME!
he is VERY understanding - down to earth and DOES NOT treat you like you are a low life- he speaks to you very respectfully and not "down to you" like (in MY personal experience many docs do once they know you have had or still have a problem) hes EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE and doesnt take advantage of your situation by charging you upwards of three hundred bucks- he will even give you a 75% off coupon for your first script.
If you REALLY want help this man is the person to see! EXCELLENT "bedside manor".

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PINSON TREATS PPL LIKE CRAP- they are just dollar signs to him he is rude and condescending
if you want TRULY want a Suboxone dr who really does GIVE A CRAP weather or not you get and STAY clean go to DR RANDY AYERS on Plymouth Rd in Livonia!

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