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Hi, I am taking a course of Diane 35 for PCOS. Since Diane 35 also has a contraceptive effect so do I need to use any other contraceptive while taking the course of Diane 35 or is it suitable for that also?

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Hello, Abc! How are you?

How long will you be taking it? It takes a week to reach its full level of efficacy in your body to protect you from pregnancy and it must be taken continuously. If you miss any tablets, or stop taking it, you will no longer be protected.

But yes, if you're taking it for a few months, then it should be the only protection you need, unless your doctor thinks otherwise.

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I need help. I was intimate with my partner on May 8th. I started diane for the 1st time on May 14th because my menstrual cycle is delayed. I took a pregnancy test on May 15th, which was negative. On May 19th it was also negative. Till now May 23rd i still dont have my period. Please help.

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