Contraceptive Pills And Myra E 400 Iu


Pwede bang uminom ng myra e habang umiinom ng contraceptive pills?

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Pwede po ba ako uminom ng myra 400 while taking meliane pills?

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Can I take meliane on the 3rd day? Is it safe?

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Hi im using diane pills before but after my last menstruation i switch to lady pills...its was seven days of my menstruation when.i started the pills..then i didn't yet finish the white pills but my menstruation i still have 4 white it safe if i cannot finish the last 4 it safe?coz i already have a!thanks and.hoping for.your.kind response

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Good evening its ok I take mera 400 together with diane pills?

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Hi, may tanong lng nagtatake ngaun ng cerazette pills oklng din isabay mag take ng myra e. Thanks.

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Can I take myra E and lady pills at the same time? Thank you

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Pwede po bang mag take ng Myra e khit umiinom ng contraceptive pills?

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Just finish the white pills even if you're having your period...because u will have a lesser chance of getting pregnant..u need to finish all the white pills...the 7 free day pills...yan ang pahinga ng pagtake ng pills...habang hinihintay mo ang period ng 7 days...then start ka uli after the 7th free day pill.

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can i take vit c and vit e while using birth control pills?

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Magandang araw poh ok lng ba isabay pag inum ang pills at clusivol vit.? Kasi kunti lng regla ko.

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Hi.... Can i take the Myra E and Diane pills at the same time? I've already taken the Diane pills for 1 week and now i want to start taking the Myra E. Thank you.

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Re: yam (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hi mam... Aq din umiinom ng diann pills & Myra E, but not the same time..lunch sa myra dinner sa pills, dba meron 7 days for free day sa menstruation. Pde ko pdin ba inumin ung myra E q habang waitting sa menstration q..o need q din stop ang pag inom ng myra? Thank you very much.

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I'm taking daphne pills...but I want to have a glowing skin. Can I take myra e at the same time?

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Hello. Is it ok to take Myra E 400 and contraceptive pills together, while breastfeeding?

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Pwede ba ako mag take ng myra e 400 kahit naka diane pills?

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Hi maam...i have question is ok im taking lady pill at the same time im taking myra 400..?

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I’m taking Myra e 400 IU and Althea Pills as well. Is it safe? Hindi ba tayo pregnant or something? Thank you!

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Re: Leslee (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Gud pm po pwede ba uninom nag mayra e 400 khit nag iinom nang cotracptive pills

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Can i take myra e and althea at the same time? Thank you.

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Can i take a thrust pills while im taking also the 400 iu myra e?

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Pwde po ba uminom nang myra e 400 iu with daphne pill?

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Re: my (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

Okay lang ba pagsabayin ang myra e at trust pills?

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Can i take myra e 400 while im taking trust pills?

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Pwd bang pagsabayin ang marvelon pills and myra e capsules? Is it safe?

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Can I take Mayra e 400 while I'm taking contrasiptive pills

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Hi, can I take myra e while having consumption of marvelon pills

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Pwede po nq mag myra e kapag nag pills.

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Can I take Femme pills and Myra-E together or do they have to be taken separately?

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hello po! tanong lang po kung ok lang ba uminon ng myra e 400 kahit gumagamit ng injectable birth control?

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Ok lng ba iminum ng myra e 400 habang umiinum ng contraceptive?

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