would like to know the side effects from Byetta and how effective this drug is

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How will this drug effect my menstrual cycle?

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concerning Byetta shots- I have taken them since end of Oct of 05 and so far have lost 30 lbs. The side effects in the beginning are kinda rough with the nausea but you have to remember to eat within the hour of the shot and that will go away in time.

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as far as the effects on your menstrual cycle- I cant advise- I am a cancer survivor who is 40 yoa and had a total removal of organs at the age of 24.

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I have been on Byetta for 7 mos and have lost 50 lbs. My blood sugar has been so low that I went off the Metformin after the first month. My high sugar was only 249 though. My blood test last week showed my sugar is holding at 105 and I am cutting back on my Byetta to once a day (dinner only) but I still want to loose another 30 lbs. I am keeping a close eye on my sugar by testing several times a day. My doctor told me when I had lost 25lbs that I probably wouldn't be diabetic anymore if I lost another 25. Don't think I am. By the way, if you are afraid of a shot in the stomach, I figured it out. It doesen't hurt if you stay within 2 inches of the belly button because that is fat and fat doesen't have any nerves in it. Also the needle is super tiny.

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Here's the monograph listing with side effect and usage information:

Byetta Info Click Here

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Since being on Byetta my BG did go way down. I use Byetta & Glucophage, both 2X/day. The bad side: My triglycerides are in the 800s now. Also, I no longer have a menstrual period. Has this affected anyone else?

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hello i heard of law suits using byetta for getting pancratic cancer is that a 1 in thousands case also why did that persons triglycerides increase to 800?

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