Dewitt Pills For Kidney And Bladder


I was told by a doctor that i have a kidney or bladder problem which seems to be giving me back aches when i try to sit or stand for long periods. I have heard of Dewitts kidney pills and would like to give that a try before things get worse. Can you help me to locate this product?

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I am sorry, but DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder pills are not longer being manufactured. I can't even find a listing that states exactly what they contained, but many of these old remedies had to be removed from the market, due to the fact that they often contained medications that are now considered prescription only drugs.

What has your doctor suggested trying?

If you are looking for some natural options that may help, there are several that many people swear by, that are known to clean out the kidneys and bladder.

One of them is Cranberry, you can drink the straight juice or purchase concentrated capsules in most health stores. It is believed to work by preventing bacteria from being able to stick to the walls of the bladder. I've used it myself at anytime I start to think I have the signs of a urinary tract infection possibly starting and have never required antibiotics or a doctor's intervention for one.


Another option is Garlic, and you can even take it along with the Cranberry, it is known to have some natural antibiotic properties.


However, I will freely say that neither of these options have been scientifically proven to work and if an infection or kidney/bladder stones, or other medical condition has already set in, then you will require proper treatment from your doctor. Otherwise, such conditions could become dangerous, possibly even life threatening.

These measures only work for some people and they generally work best as a prevention, rather than a cure.

Does anyone else have any advice to add?

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I have found a box of De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills and I like to tell you the Active ingredients according to the box. Grammes per pill: Pot. Nitras 0.05: Aqueous Extract of Uva Ursi (2.7) 0.02: Ext Casc Sagr. Sicc. 0.015 (60%) Alcoholic of Buchu (1.4) 0.01 Methylene Blue 0.01: Oil of Juniper 0 002. I have found this pills in Mexico, I went to visit family and when I got off the plain my feet were so swollen that I went to the Doc. and she said that it was fluid retention, she give DeWitt's K & B pills and they work. I just have to make sure that I drink lots and lots of water. I don't know if they still making these pills and who knows probably they still making them in Mexico.

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Hi, I'm not sure where in the world you are. You can get the pills in South Africa at Clicks pharmacies.

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i live in Indonesia anyone can tell me where can i buy Dewitt's K&b pill ?

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hi a'm also trying to get these tablets i've just found them at
i've just e mailed them and hoping for a reply, hope this helps and that you are not suffering too much

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Julie...What is the proper e mail address......I am having difficulty in e mailing for the pills.

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DeWitt pills are avalible at Monticello drug co in Jacksonville, Florida 32204 tele:904-384-3666

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en Mexico las consigues, y son tan economicas que no pasan de los 100 pesos, en el estado de Chiapas la veden mucho en la capital Tuxtla Gutierrez y tambien las he visto en Cintalapa, municipios del estado de Chiapas, Chiapas estado de la Republica Mexicana!!! saludos

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i found the dewitts pills but in guyana got my granny a box today it really works well

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ebay...from america

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I have some Dewitts Bladder pills and they really, really work for urinary tract infection which is what I personally use them for. No more anti-biotics-Yippeeee!!
They contain Bucchu and Bearberry.
For photo and detailed ingredients have a look at this site:
I hope you have found some now, if not post a comment and I can try and assist.

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I am a guyanese and knew about this pill.It really works.

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Yes, I had a job getting Dewits Pills in Cape Town RSA, not everyone has them. I have found them very good (you pee a blue colour for a few days :-)
I got them at Clicks last week (April 2012)
I think they are good, I take 2 at a time.

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if you have a kiddney infection or problems try theese pills or powder its brill the lady who runs the site is anna she is lovley ,antibiotics are rubbish and only take it of dont cure it,iv lots of problems with water and below,these the only tablets that have helped hope this helps lynda

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I SUFFER FROM LOWERBACK PAIN i used to take dewits back and kidney pills they used to make your urine blue but they was good i am 82 years old

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try waterfall d mnnose its brill can get it on a site called sweet cures does the trick

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I would like to buy De witt pills.

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Live in Fiji and my aunt told me she used Dewitt's kidney n bladder tabs, they worked. Can anyone point me closer than clicks pharmacies in S,Africa? Need to buy a bottle

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That pill was great . There is a pill call urelle as ur Dr for it. Natural remedy buy dandelion fresh or the tea bags and make the tea it's very good for your bladder drink fresh cranberry wt no sugar n lots of water.

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Hi I am a Guyanese and I usually get DeWitts pills from there whenever I need it. My friend had a bad urinal infection and she call me, I gave her a pack and she was OK starting from the very next day until now. DeWitts pill are the top key to your kidney and bladder pains. My husband was crying out for back pains and I give him 2 and he was fine. I've just drank 2 tonight.

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Re: Stoenkie (# 114) Expand Referenced Message

Does it work for joint pains also?

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Re: Millie (# 88) Expand Referenced Message

Try pyridium tabs instead. Worked for my UTI

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Re: Bob (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

i hope so. i plan to go check if they still have them. my local pharmacy no longer stocks it(wynberg).

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Re: Gab (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know if the dewitts kidney and bladder pills are still.available , I have tried them once years ago they work. Brilliantly

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If you suspect that you have a UTI, GO TO THE DOCTOR. I had never had one and missed the symptoms. It became a kidney infection which turned septic. I almost died. When I went to the ER my kidneys were working at 2%. and I now Ihave chronic kidney disease. I always get tested when I have any symptoms. Sometimes I do have a UTI and sometimes I don't but I don't take any chances.

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I managed to find a couple of resources but do not in any way vouch for whether the product is safe / authentic, or whether the website listing it is reputable. The price does seem expensive. It's listed as De Witt's K & B pills and the writing on the box is in Spanish.


And with regards to the ingredients, according to they are considered a diuretic with mild antiseptic action and contain:

Dry Buchu Extract 27.5 mg
Bearberry Extract 55 mg

DE WITT’S K & B is a herbal remedy, traditionally used to increase the formation of urine.

Perhaps another option could be to find a different product with similar ingredients?

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Re: Holymonk (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

It's available in South Africa.

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Re: Pat (# 105) Expand Referenced Message

What is the name and address of the West Indian store?

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Pls where in the world can one get Dewitts pills now? Help, my cousin is suffering so much. It would be nice to have a proper address to contact please. I am in Nigeria. Thank you

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Re: Pat (# 105) Expand Referenced Message

Awesome! What's the name of the store and the address?

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