Cymbalta Increased Heart Rate And Discomfort


My dr. Put me on cymbalta for severe stress and anxiety. I took 1 pill last night and was fine till this morning. I woke up all shaky and a little nausea. Im fine mostly when im laying down but when i sit up i get hot, nauseated, shaky, and increased heartbeat. Anyone else experienced this? Should i stop taking it or wait and see?

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Those can be serious reactions to a medication, the one that is most concerning is the increased hear rate, which can cause serious risks to your health. Since you have just started it, I would suggest not taking anymore of them, until you talk to your doctor.

Have you contacted them yet?

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I take 90mg of cymbalta and lorazepam and i be feeling trouble like nausea and sometime actually thow up lose of wanting to eat food or it dosn't taste good at all.

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I took my first one last night and thus morning, I was shaking, very very fast heartbeat, hot and cold flashes, my pupils completley covered the color of my eyes and I felt as if I were dying. It has now been 13 or so hours since I came down with those symptoms and I am still feeling the effects though to a lesser degree. Can this medicine kill me. I am not taking another ever in my life. I was soo scared!! Is there anything I can do to counter the effects?

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It took me about a week when taking 30mg to adjust to the wierd feelings while taking cymbalta, I have been on them for three years and feel ok especially in the anxiety department.

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