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Hi, I've just had my 5th booster shot for COVID-19. I was told that I may get very few side effects. It's been 4 days since I had my booster and I've noticed that both of my feet were puffy the next day. My right foot looks worse and also has pitting when I press it. Also my asthma cough was a lot worse. It's the weekend here, so there are no doctors available. Any information would be appreciated. Has anyone else had ill effects after their booster shot? Thanks.

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Do you know which company manufactured the booster you received?

This additional information will help me research it for you to check its side effects.

The FDA lists them all as possibly causing administration site redness, headache, fatigue, and chills.

Ref: COVID-19 Vaccine General Information

Are you on any other medications?

Have you had these symptoms checked by your doctor? Given the edema, it would be best to have this checked out.

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Hi thanks for your reply the brand booster was physo vaccine ,my feet swelling has gone down I just seem to be clearing more phlem when coughing at nite which is exhausting ,I spoke to a nurse at my clinic she thought that the booster cam make symptoms a bit worse as jt effects immune system for about a week. My Dr is on holiday so can't talk to him,I hope nurse is right.thank you VerFree.

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I have rheumatoid arthritis and my 5th shot put me into an RA flair. Not sure if it was from the vaccine as it was like 5 days later. My joints hurt so bad and I was very swollen. My doctor put me on a course of prednisone which helped immensely. I am sorry that you had those symptoms! I really have not heard of pitting edema so hopefully you're doing well now!

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You took 5 boosters and wonder about side effects. Really? Following the rules for not catching the viruses work wonders with no side effects. Good luck supporting the corrupt pharmaceutical companies!

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I'm in Australia and had 5 shots hoping I wouldn't catch corona, as I'm 71 yrs old asthmatic w/ copd. Unfortunately I did catch it.It's been 2 months since I was in the hospital and I seem really forgetful w/ brain fog. I still get nausea, I feel so lazy, and get breathless more then l usually do. My wife has her hip in. It's hard trying to look after her as well. My Dr doesn't seem to know much about covid. If anyone thinks maybe I don't have long covid, message me, as it's doing my head in. Thanks.

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It's been nearly 3 mths since I was positive ,I'm still getting anxiety breathless nil energy very title sleep,also been getting body jerks or tremors have trouble holding a cup of tea without dropping it ,when I told my Dr that I wad worried about long covid as I'm 71 yrs old diagnosed with asthma few yrs ago all he could say was maybe it's nerves or maybe just in my head and to wait for 3 mths then see me again meanwhile I'm suppose to take otc panadol that doesnt help with any of my symptoms, any advice or info really appreciated as I'm getting stressed thanks

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Thank Mona I'm still waiting to see if iv got long covid ,take care.

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