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Hi everyone and thanks for taking your time to read my post. I'll try and make it as short as possible for everyone’s sake. I have a shoulder injury stemming from over a year now and have been on Tramadol ever since. As time progressed, so did the dosage which sequentially started causing me to have seizures. I have to stop taking these pills, not only for myself but for what I am putting my family through every time I have a seizure. I have a 12 year old that cries relentlessly, afraid I’m not going to wake up after one of the seizures. Last Friday I went cold turkey. Yes it’s been hard, but not near as difficult as seeing your Childs heart broken over something that I can prevent. I’ll deal with the pain from my shoulder somehow, that’s the least of my worries as this time. Now, the reason I am writing. I called the only doctor in my area that came up under the Suboxones web site to see about getting treatment only to discover they don’t except any insurance and I must pay $750 up front just to be seen. I think she also stated $150 weekly there after, but I was too in shock to comprehend what she had said by this point. Is this normal?? Is there any help at all for individuals in our situation?? I have a full time job but three kids as well. One just entered college this year and we all know how expensive that can be. No, I’m not asking for something that’s free, just something more reasonable for your “Average day people” Does anyone have any knowledge of other means to acquire help with this in the Raleigh NC area?

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was this an on the job injury? try and find a pain management dr. also called a phydyatrist I spelled it like it sounds because its similar to a foot dr. but a pain dr. the foot dr. sounds like pha

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Try this website to find a doc in your area. In my area, there were all different plans and all different prices.

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No, this is not normal. I live in Charlotte, NC and have been on Suboxone for 3 years. I had difficulty finding a doctor initlally because they have to be certified to prescribe the drug and they can only treat a certain number of suboxone patients at one time (I believe 15 per certified physician in the practice). I did find that several clinic type places that make you call every morning at 8:00 a.m. to see if there's an opening wanted full payment, but keep searching, even if you have to drive a bit because there are plenty of doctors that accept insurance for the entire treatment and you'll only have to pay the copay as a usual visit. It is a truly miracle drug as it takes away all withdrawl and gives you your life back, but remember it's only PART of the treatment process and you do have to change the mental process that is causing the addiction along with the physical.

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I don`t live in NC but I am going through the exact same thing.Abou2 years ago I was on Suboxone 4 six months. In the end I paid over thousands 2 this doctor.I ended up having 2 get on methadone. Which is twenty rime worse than pain pils or heroin. I live in Detroit and went on the web site here and the cheapest doctor was 60 dollars 4 the office call but the script is over 100 dollars and I have Medicaid and they do not cover it. Which kills me because they pay for methadone which is just legal heroin but they will not pay for a drug that will totally change your life if you do everything you have to, to be clean. That pill is a wonder drug..When I was on it, my whole life changed but right now i can`t get back on it from a doctor because no-one takes my insurance.I totally no what ur going through.Hang in there

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Try your local Methadone clinic, many of them also offer Suboxone. Maybe around $14 per day, something like that. P.S. jenna06, Methadone is an synthetic opiate, yes, like oxycodone or suboxone are opiates, however people on Methadone can reach a stable dose which allows them to get back to real life and not worry about finding a fix. Many people find that Suboxone is easier to decrease than Methadone. They all have different properties, do your research.

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i pay 170.00 for an office visit and around 65.00 for the med monthly. i live in ga.

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I live in Lovonia Georgia just off of I 85. I drive to dawsonville once a month to check in with my doctor and get sub 2mg 2 tabs 3X aday #180 thru my ins. I pay 35$ Per Script. My DR. also files insurance. I never have to pay up front. Because ins. takes care of everything... I also take 5 othere medications for HTN, Depression, and SJ Syndrome. They are doing you really wrong If you would like my Doctors name just contact me.

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Look for a homeopath who can find the holistic approach from the etiology of the injury to the present day situation so you can be off any medications altogether. homeopage dot com

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