Clonazepam 0.5 Mg Teva Vs Accord


I recently received Teva clonazepam and it worked great. Two weeks ago, I received clonazepam from Accord Pharmaceuticals and it was like a placebo pill. Has anyone taken this medicine By Accord and have you noticed a serious difference with it not helping? I've never had a generic never work before. I don't know what to do. All pharmacies in my area are now going with Accord Pharmaceuticals because it's cheaper. Help with an answer please.

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Hello Stirfry,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Unfortunately not all brands of medication work the same for each person. If the Accord brand does not work for you please let your doctor know and see if there is a way that you can get a different brand ordered for you. I would suggest that you give this medication a few days to see if just one pill was bad or if the entire brand does not work for you.

Best of luck.

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Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kevin. Thank you for your response. I've given Accord clonazepam a few days now and still nothing. Pharmacies in my area are only carrying Accord. My doc upped the dosage and still nothing. I hate to keep bothering him because of the pharmacies only carry Accord around me. Pharmacist said It is cheaper for them to carry this manufacturer and they have to take what they get. Two pharmacies told me this. My doc will not change me and in am using more than directed so when I run out it will be too soon to refill. Accord needs to go back to China. I guess I am stuck with this manufacturer. Any other suggestions?

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Re: Stirfry (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

First and foremost, never feel like you are "bothering" your doctor. It is their job to ensure that you are getting the medical attention that you need.

If you do not feel that your concerns are being met, it may be time to consider a different primary care physician. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your health is being taken care of.

Going back to the task at hand. Unfortunately, there is no way to force a pharmacy to carry your brand, however, it has always been my experience that shopping around to different pharmacies helps. Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's etc. they all have different capabilities and flexibility in what they can order. My suggestion is to not give up. If this had been my personal experience I would continue to call or go into different pharmacies until I found one willing to accommodate me.

If this brand is not working for you, it should be addressed. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

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Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Kevin. I will give it a couple of more days. I made some calls to CVS, Wal-Mart, and a couple of other pharmacies and unfortunately their warehouse only has Accord. I'll keep trying though. Thank you for your help. Will keep you informed.

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Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It's seems to be the entdrives. Walgreens said they can't order any others as that's all their warehouse has.
I really don't care who the manufacturer is, I just want it to help. I live in Houston Tx and not any pharmacy has another in stock.

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I agree I’ve been taken the accord brand for for a month and a half now, I’ve had over 60 seizures this medication doesn’t work at all!!

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Same Here. Feels like I’m totally off my medication w/d and all. I usually got my yellow 0.5 mg from Sandoz Pharma and it’s always been just fine and it works so well some days I don’t even need it! But these new orange ones from Accord suck and I feel awful. Taking mine back to Pharmacy TOMORROW! There should be a notification when your generic changes. I’ve felt like a crazy person all week. Haven’t felt that way in years. It was through chats like this that Helped me identify the changes we’re infact my medication. I’ve spent an entire week not knowing if I was coming or going with a headache and the urge to vomit every single time I’ve taken it since I picked it up a week ago.

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I contacted my pharmacy (Rite Aid/Walgreens) and they specially ordered the gree 1 mg Teva for me as the blue made me not feel well. The pharmacist told me that they had received some complaints about the blue ones that they actually let me trade in.

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Re: Stirfry (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kevin. This is crazy, but got my clonazepam refill this past Thursday and believe it or not, it is much better than the others I had. All are Accord. I think I must have gotten a bad match previously. I have no other explanation as to the difference I've seen. Maybe Accord had so many complaints they decided to add more active ingredients and less fillers. Any feedback?

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Re: Kevin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I called the Walgreen's corporate office. I was having a lot of problems with the RiteAid (turning to a Walgreens for a year now?). I have called them 2 times and now they bend over backward to assist me.

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Re: Stirfry (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

That's wonderful news to hear! It may help you and others to think of your medication in a way that helps me. A lot of people think of their medications manufacturer as this laboratory that scientists are sitting in making the batches of pills when in reality it's more like a factory you would see making beers or candies. While it is a much larger issue to get a bad batch of medicine than it is to get a bad bag of candies it's not unheard of right? We've all seen the bag of chips where the bag has too much dust or that all the chips are stuck together. Realistically medicine manufacturers suffer from the same problems as any other product in a similar industry and this leads to one batch of medicine being stronger/weaker than others.

I'm really glad that this batch worked for you and I hope that from this point forward you don't have any more unpleasant experiences.

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Sadly TEVA is no longer even making their clonazepam, they bought out Actavis and are using Actavis' formulation. I suggest you all call TEVA and complain if Actavis doesn't work for you, I've heard mixed reviews but mostly negative.
I'm currently trying the name brand because I'm all out of ideas. Its still not as good as TEVA...

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This is EXACTLY what happened to me! ACCORD Clonazepam is exactly like a placebo. Probably is! It does NOT, does NOT work! I've been on Clonazepam for over 30 years due to TBI, brain damage that permanently took away my sleep. I DO know the difference between each of these generic drug companies. ACCORD IS A FRAUD, MADE IN CHINA. IT DOES NOT WORK. I AM NOT GETTING BACK MY ACTAVIS WHICH IS A TEVA COMPANY NOW. THOSE 'YELLOW' CLONAZEPAMS DO WORK. DO NOT EVER USE ACCORD. WHY CAN'T THE FDA DO SOMETHING??? SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT BAD ACCORD.

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I finally spoke with the pharmacist and she said many people have been complaining about Accord clonazepam. She special ordered Actavis for me. My question is why is Accord Healthcare still being allowed to be sold? This is not good and they should not be allowed to be in business. They are playing with people's health. The FDA should look into the fillers that are in these meds.

p.s. the Actavis works wonders. No complaints.

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Re: Stirfry (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Funny its the opposite for me. Accord 1mg. works better than Actavis for "me". Teva cant get in PDX arrea

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Re: Stirfry (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Accord fr Walmart 0.5mg is all that works on me. Its in my profile at Walmart an my Psychiatrist knows to. Before Walmart kept switching back n forth fr Accord orange to yellow Teva crap. I finally said something. That it was litterally making me ill an I might go to ER. DONT EVER JUST STOP YOUR BENZO! You could a siezure an severe withdrawls where u r n the hospital. I take for breakthrough anxiety. Just last month I ho get my refill an it's Pur Pack pink ones! I through fit. Couldnt do anything since I already picked up. I agree with earlier post that ALL pharms should TELL YOU BEFORE you leave its a diff company. I called my Dr an she called them for next refill that it better be Accord. I dont know why its better on me an not everyone. Guess we r all diff. Yellow Teva are TERRIBLE! Body aches. Insomnia. On an on. Hope you figure it out!

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Re: Zio (# 16) Expand Referenced Message
check the bag and the. Meds mfg. before you leave the pharmacy because they wont take back after they have been taken out of the store. Been thru this crap with multiple medications.

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Re: J (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Accord Pharmaceuticals is not based in China. They are a UK company with plants in now in several other countries. North Carolina is where my clonezapam is mfg. according to my pharmacist and their website. I think all these new generic companies are subpar...theyre not teva watson roxanne rhodes qualitest etc . It sucks!

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Re: Jen (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Please call Teva Corp and file a complaint it makes a difference takes a few minutes but they need to hear from the people. I can say after trying : accord, Actavis, brand k, now on Teva ODT wafers. I was on Teva Clonazepam for 7 years .5 twice a day never made a dose change nor wanted too. The Teva wafers are not as good as the old pills but better than all the brands I named. I am off work trying to stableize so I can resume my life.
my Doc told me she can’t continue treating me after I pill switched wow. Guys I fell everyone’s pain to the core I finally caved in to meds 7 years ago I can say the Teva .5 pills gave me 7years of anxiety, panic , relief it was a miracle now I have no idea where we go and get the attention of big pharma it’s all about the profit to them. Teva pharmaceuticals is receptive to hear complaints I hope the do the right thing and bring back the original formula

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Re: Patrick (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I am ok with 1mg.. Accord brand. It's the Abbvie & Actavis brands that seemed less effective for me. Finally my pharmacy has ordered it for me. Though they were not ineffective. No Teva in Portland. A lot of bad generics in many meds these days.

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Re: kathy (# 266) Expand Referenced Message

I do appreciate your tips and suggestions.

You might have missed a couple replies I made but in one of them I thanked you for your suggestion about finding a small compounding pharmacy, after I long ago gave up on all the big pharmacies. In fact I'd even tried some other local small pharmacies as well, here in the San Francisco Bay Area ,many months ago and nobody had accord brand.

Then finally just about a week ago I called a local small compounding pharmacy and they said they could order bottles of it in the exact dose I need, .5 mg, so I transferred my prescription with two refills left from Walgreens to them. And now I just have to wait till it's closer to my refill date and then call them to order at least a couple 100 pill bottles from the wholesaler, and they even said they would set them aside for me.

The only caveat as it may cost me some out-of-pocket money, possibly up to $50 for a refill of 60, but that's fine considering how hard it's been to get this stuff. The Teva brand does not seem as effective to me. Like you and a lot of other people posting on this forum it's very difficult for me being forced to switch to a different brand then we are used to because of the difference of binders and fillers, etc. Despite what the "experts" say, even though the active ingredient is the same from one brand to the next we know there is a difference in effectiveness.

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Re: Marcus (# 262) Expand Referenced Message

I don't know if you're interested but Costco has 2mg accord here in Bend Oregon. It can be broken into half or 1/4. It cost about $2.75 per pill but that is with the pharmacists profit on the meds. You can also order brand from Amazon. I don't think they have accord but maybe.

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Re: Kita (# 264) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks, yes I think you're correct. I checked back with one of Kathy's earlier messages and it was regarding the brand name. So I don't know who the wholesaler is that this small compounding pharmacy I found was able to order it from, but it proves that as you said that list we got from the Accord customer service person was not thorough and didn't include wholesalers and suppliers.

The part of all this I don't understand is if all of this product was manufactured in 2022 before the Intas manufacturing plant stopped producing the clonazepam, and if it's only been gradually tested and released since then how long can it still remain potent if it's being sold so long after it was manufactured ? The only guess I have would be benzodiazepines must have an incredibly long shelf life- because after we pick up a prescription it will have an expiration date of a year after, which means we're looking at a shelf life of a minimum of 3 years ! Hard to believe but must be true or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it.

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Re: Marcus (# 261) Expand Referenced Message

I am glad it worked out for you. I don’t think H2 pharmacy sells accord. They sell the brand name. I have spoken with them, I might be wrong though.

Take care !

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Re: kathy (# 260) Expand Referenced Message

I did buy the brand name from a compounding pharmacy, because they were the only ones who would order it for me.

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Re: kathy (# 260) Expand Referenced Message

That's interesting, how much does it cost per pill? I want to thank you for your post a while back about ordering from a independent or compounding pharmacy. I had about given up on trying to find Accord brand which I've been using for years and become so used to it. I've had difficulty switching to the Teva ever since the Accord health Intas manufacturing plant in India stopped producing the clonazepam.

Over the time I tried calling many different pharmacies including large chains and some smaller ones. Finally I decided to call a local compounding pharmacy as you suggested and it seems they can order it - apparently they have the ability to order from different wholesalers. So I put in an order and waiting to see if it really happens, they did say it was available only 100 pill bottles, I asked for them to order two and set them aside for me.

Before that I had pretty much given up because I was looking at a list of pharmacies that the customer service person from Accord health sent me but I thought was an exhaustive list of pharmacies in California that had Accord clonazepam yet none of these pharmacies were anywhere near where I lived. She didn't also give out a list of wholesalers which might have helped me realize that other pharmacies might have it as well that aren't on the list.

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Re: Kita (# 259) Expand Referenced Message

I was about to give up because I realized I couldn't get my doctor to do as you suggested, he's not my primary care physician. So finally desperately I decided to look up local independent pharmacies to try find one that I had not called before (there are not many, mostly just the huge corporate pharmacies that only have one supplier).. And lo and behold there is a relatively new small pharmacy right here where I live only 10 minute drive away. And it's a compounding pharmacy and they said they could order it ! They order from different various wholesalers and one of them has it, I even had her look at the picture to verify it was the Accord 5 mg pill. The only slightly unfortunate thing is I have to wait till my next refill because I already just filled it a week ago for Teva , at Walgreens.

And then out of curiosity I decided to go back through this thread a little bit and found a reply from Kathy that I somehow missed mentioning going to a small compounding pharmacy and she mentioned a supplier called H2 pharmacy and I bet that's the one !

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Re: Kita (# 257) Expand Referenced Message

I gave up and am buying brand name. Yes it's expensive but it works great.

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Re: Marcus (# 258) Expand Referenced Message

He doesn’t need to call a bunch of pharmacies, a big pharmacy like CVS chain for instance has access to the other pharmacies inventory - what they have in stock. If he calls one pharmacy, explain the situation, this pharmacy can check whether there are still pharmacies out there close to you that has this specific brand. It is not about their suppliers, it is about whether or not some pharmacies might still have Accord in stock.

You can also try CVS caremark for instance and ask them to find this brand for you. When I wanted to try Klonopin the brand to see if that would work for me instead of Accord, my pharmacist simply said she couldn’t order for me that I had to take the generic. I called my insurance, explained to them the situation and they directed me to CVS caremark. They placed an order of Klonopin the brand (it was only 10 pills though) with the doctor’s prescription obviously and I received this medication in my mailbox.

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Re: Kita (# 257) Expand Referenced Message

It seems too complicated, the pharmacies only know what their supplier has. Well even then they don't know until they order it and it either comes in or it doesn't, or whether it's on the suppliers list of medications they carry..

Even the smaller pharmacies can't order from drug companies, they have to order from their supplier. The doctors don't even know what brands of medications the suppliers have. The doctor who orders my Klonopin is a specialist, not my primary care physician. And there's no way I could get him to call a bunch of pharmacies and have those pharmacies find the supplier for Accord. In fact that's what I would want to find out but I don't know if I can find it out.

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