Cvs No Longer Carries Soma


My Rite Aid closed so I had my medicine filled at CVS in Arizona. Found out they haven't sold Soma in a few years. Safeway told me a year. Yet Kroger & Walmart sell it. I've just lost 6 months worth. I'm sure my Doctor will help me when I return in a few weeks. I miss Rite Aid already, they were very nice, and sold Soma!

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Hey Eddy! Sorry to hear that! I get mine from CVS here in Texas?

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Thank you Sandra, I called and asked CVS how I could transfer my prescription to WalMart. The answer was you can't

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A big thank you to Walmart, a store that I have hardly used. They had to order my amount, 270 for a 3 month supply, I can't believe the price, $2.27. I was paying over $20 at Rite Aid, the retail price is $137 without any discounts. I knew Rite Aid was overcharging me as I used to pay $3. Oh well all is good, mostly good as I got Sci Gen SG 109, one of the crappy current brands available

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*UPDATE* After filling out a survey it seems CVS now wants to talk with me? This is the same company that illegally changed my name after a Gift Card dispute in Miami. I'll follow up with what they said!

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