Buspar (busiprone) & False Positives - Yes, They Can Happen


I've noticed a-lot of poeple out there are asking about buspar, & false postives.. as well as it's relation to xanax (alprazalam). Let me start off by saying that my husband is prescribed 15mg. buspar (I believe 1 3x a day) along w/some other drugs from his pyschologist such as ambien, and depacote. I can state that I took his buspar during a horrible anxiety/panic attack (also known as busiprone) and I also need to mention I go to a methadone clinic. After taking the buspar, I went to clinic to take my usual drug-screen (also let me mention I was receiving takehomes, only going once every 2 weeks as I'd never failed a drug test), thinking nothing of it as I'd read they don't show up as anything. Well, WRONG for me.. my drug test came back 100% positive for benzo's.. I had no xanax, valium, clonpazen(sorry about the spelling there) in my system, etc. My husband also had the same problem with one of his urine drug screen's at the methadone clinic we both attend for a postive on benzo's when all he had taken was buspar & ambien, which he both has valid prescriptions for. They broke both our tests down and they came back showing up as Nordiazepam, and Oxeazepam on both -- Unfortunately our clinic is under debate about them showing up because of the way the break-down showed up. All I can say is if anyone has ever had a false-positive for buspar, please let me know. I'm trying to prove to my clinic that in come cases they can show up, maybe it has to do with certain people. I dunno? But, it happened to me and my husband both.

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It shouldn't show up as anything else, however, we have had a lot of posts recently about people getting false positives and it has made me wonder if there is a group of bad tests out on the market.

In your case, however, when they broke down the test, they still found Benzodiazepine derivatives, which shouldn't happen. Did they do this breakdown with the same test or did they run new tests?

Have you tried requesting a different test, such as blood, rather than urine?


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YES - Buspar DOES show up as a benzo....it happened to me in rehab. I detoxed off Xanax and they gave me Buspar in its place and 3 weeks later I tested positive for benzo's. At first they thought I was sneaking in Xanax (which I wasnt!) - then the pharmasist confirmed this medication DOES show as a benzo!!!

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I had a false positive drug screen happen to me at my recovery center today. I could NOT believe it. I adamently stated that I did not in any way shape or form take benzodiazepines!! ( Xanax, Clonazepam, etc.) However I do take antibiotics: Sulfameth/tmp, was taking Phentermine, now taking BUSPAR, Neurontin, and I believe that Buspar resulted in a false positive for benzos. Can anyone help me out,if you think its somthing else? I also take flonase. Thank you..

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I recently failed a test at the methadone clinic I attend. The test was positive for benzodiazepines. I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY BENZOS IN YEARS!!! I do suffer from panic disorder and my mother gave me a buspar. I first looked it up online to make sure it was not a narcotic or a benzodiazepine. IT IS NOT! So, why am I now testing positive when that is all I've taken?? Please help. I dont understand!! ;(

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I can't find any information from the medical or scientific community showing that it gives a false positive for Benzodiazepines, however, it has registered as false positives for so many other substances, that I can't really say that this is a surprise.

If you do a Google search, you will see various reports from users that it has caused false positives for everything from Morphine to Amphetamines and several of them have even been recorded and documented by the FDA.


I also think that there are some very bad tests out on the market. It used to be that we rarely got posts about false positives, but in the past few months we have probably gotten 4 to 5 times the amount of posts on this issue, as we used to.

In some of them, rather than having a false positive, they have had nothing show up on their tests and it has caused some serious problems for people in pain management who can be cut off of their medications and treatments, if their doctor thinks they are selling their medications and not using them as prescribed.


I really hope everyone is able to get these problems straightened out, no one deserves these hassles.

Has anyone had any luck?

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i am ONLY taking buspar and i showed up positive for benzo's on my drug test!! how and why?

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My wife has panic attacks, and with some financial stress she is really having a breakdown. I've heard horror stories about benzo's and methadone so I want to hear from someone that takes them with methadone to know how safe it is. She takes 65 mil methadone daily, liquid. Anyone?

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Everyone if you test positive for something like a false positive for benzos ,and truthfully aren"t taking any,them by all means DEMAND a blood test,in which will prove your case and put you in the clear.There are bad tests out there and also other substances in which will show a false positive for many things.The blood test if shown positive,will then give you a clear definate reason for finding any such components.Or will put you in the clear.My labconcluded that the tests used on me from a rehab center wre clearly ineffective,defective and just plain wrong!Just demand a blood test,proves 100% legitimate,or legal clarity!

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This just happened to me with the buspar!! I only take methadone and was just prescribed buspar for anxiety. I did not take any benzos, and the drug test came back pos for benzos.

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I had a false positive 5 panel test after taking Buspirone.
Sertraline also. Proving this is a difficult battle as you are finding out. The Lord be with you.

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i take buspar and i go to methadone clinic in jersey and my urine came up amphetimines

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Well how long dose it take buspa to get out your system and not show up on a drug test?

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i take 30mg 3x a day of buspar and i get regularly drug tested for every drug known to man and i thought that buspar wasnt considered a benzo but when i took my drug screen i failed for benzo's. now i have to go to court.

people say you cant fail for benzo's with buspar but i beg to differ. i have remained "clean" from any type of opiate, benzo's, etc. and i thought i would pass with flying colors but i failed for benzo's and the only thing i take nerve related is buspar.

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I as well takw methadone andalot more than your wife, and i aswell take benzo's i am fine just dot OVER do it if you understand what i meen. like large amounts. i hope this helps

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I also attend a methadone clinic, but am prescribed alprazolam and buspar, but I came up for a false positive for barbiturates , called poison control and buspar as well as excedrine the migraine medication will show up as a false positive for barbiturates and/or xanax... Tell ur clinic to call poison control and they should clear it up for u right there with ur counselor!

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I am on 85 mg of liquid methadone and am perscribed 1 mg of Xanax 3 times a day, as well as buspar 10 mg twice a day. It does help a lot if she really does suffer from anxiety, otherwise if misused iTunes could possibly overdose!

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Have had many many friends due from this combination.

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I am a drug free living house and have been clean for 16 months and just tested poss for benzos I take tramadol, clonidine, and buspar have you called a lab to verify your story?

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I have to take drug test and they r wanting 180 days on a hair test. Does buspirone really have the same classes as Xanax on a drug test I really need to know before court...

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Hello i take 10 mg if buspar 3 times a day amd I'm also on a methadone matnience program I currently take 75 mg of methadone every morning at the clinic I do get a little sleepy but other than that I'm fine so she should be ok

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I just had a lab come back from October 25 today with a positive thc in it and I I started this med on the 25th so I’m woundering if it’s because of the meds

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I keep having a positive for Benzo with po and I only take Buspar and prozac

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I have been on probation for 3 years now I'm doing drug court and I am prescribed buspirone hcl 15 mg 2x a day and I fail for benzodiazepines every time so yes it does make you fail a drug test I could take one of .y home drug test 12 panel and it shows up benzodiazepines you are right

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You came up positive for Meth?!!??!? Really?

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I got popped positive yesterday and all I take is buspar and seroquel. they said I was positive for benzos but I do have a script for both and more.. they let me go because someone else was familiar with the false -positive effect from buspar. It was do to me walking funny. most people walk funny anyway. get my meaning!! now i'm subject to random drug test's which to my fault there is none.thanks for listening, rasta.

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Re: shelby schrecengost (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

The nurontin shows up as benzos for sure I've been doing it for 6 months now

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I quit taking Librium a 5 weeks ago and change to buspar and Zoloft.
I’m still positive for benzodiazepines

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Re: felicia (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Take how this was said as your answer.

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I was canceled by two pain management docs not thinking. I was taking buspirone and was positive for cocaine.

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I had to take a drug test for my probation officer and she failed me cause I failed for Benzo. I take buspar 5 mg for anxiety. I went to jail and all over it with me having a prescription

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