Blue And White Capsule With No Markings From Mexico


I found a blue and white empty capsule in my mom's room. We have caregivers from Mexico. No numbers nor markings on it. I'm afraid someone emptied it in my mom's food. Please help!

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Hello Carol,

First thing is first, if you feel that someone has put any kind of medication in your mothers food you should report this to to her medical provider and monitor her behavior closely. Second I unfortunately can't identify this pill for you as there are no markings and any kind of medication could be put inside of a blank capsule. In fact it is common for people to purchase capsules in bulk and package their own vitamins. It is also possible that these pills could simply be vitamins, there are many blank pills that you can purchase from vitamin/supplement stores that come in capsules similar to what you're describing.

In the U.S all controlled medication needs to be marked according to the FDA. If you feel that your caregivers are giving your mother prescription medication that is not prescribed to her you should alert the authorities and your doctor to ensure that no damage has been done.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that this turns out to be nothing serious.

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Sorry it's so late, those are amoxicillin 500mg from Mexico, my husband gets them for me all the time....

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Seriously racist much your immediate reaction to caregivers who are Mexican having capsules on them is to think they’re poisoning your mother? Wow this is crazy I cannot believe I even stumbled upon this. You should be ashamed.

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Do they work ? My friend gave me some for a spider bite

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