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Originally used for weight reduction--it is available for treatment of ADD. I was originally prescribed it for the former, but found it more effective for treatment of ADD than other drugs such as ADDERALL. If not currently available through your company, can you provide sufficient information for pharmacists to formulate this. ## I believe that this drug is related directly to Adderrall, right? In fact it contains the exact same chemical ingredients (Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine). A listing is available at Biphetamine.asp. Hope this helps... ## I have recently been started on Adderall after a period of several years. About 30 years ago, before ADD for adults was even considered, I was prescribed Biphetamine for weight control. I successfully went through graduate school on this (I...

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Does anyone have information on this high grade Rx, prescribed as a metabolic/psychological enhancer? ## Biphetamine - Was manufactured right here in Rochester, NY (circa 1968-1973). It was frankly, hard to believe that this drug was actually legal! This was without a doubt the best legal "speed" EVER available, bar none. 18hrs of tooth gritting, high energy, nothing-can-stop-me-now, balls to the wall, can you handle it speed - AWESOME! Oh lord, please let someone manufacture these again (and let the DEA approve). Oh how much more I could do with my life if Black Beauties were plentiful again.

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