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Betadine ointment-- can it be bought over the counter ? ## Hi Musharuka, Betadine ointment appears to be readily available over the counter and online on amazon for only a couple bucks here in the US. Does your local pharmacy just not carry it? If not, I'm pretty sure amazon and various other retailers ship overseas. I hope this helps!

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does the colour of urine changes with the dose of Mahacef 200 tab. if yes after what time urine clears after stopping drug dose. ## intense itching around the area and on the tip of the genitals. rashes on either sides of the part ## My leg injured due to motor cycle silencer , doctor prescribed mahacef xl 200 and betadine ointment . I just want to know is mahacef xl 200 will give good results . ## sir doctor prescribed me to take mahacef plus tablets from the pharmacy. but he gave me the tablet named "cifi-200".kindly tell me is both medicine is for same usage..

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I know that the Betadine ointment is available with Moisturizer OR with a pain reliever and these 2 products contain Aquaphor which contains Lanolin Alcohol and I'm highly allergic to Lanolin in any form. BUT does the maximum strength ointment also contain Aquaphor? If it does, I wouldn't be able to use it. Betadine ointment was taken off the market several years ago and now it's back - but the formula has been changed. I used it for years without any problems and now I don't know if I can use it again if it also contains Aquaphor. ## I suffer from a blood vessel disorder called Vasculitis. It affects the small blood vessels in both of my feet and legs. I've had this bout for 17 years now. Over a period of years the prescription anti-biotic ointment I'd been usin...

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