Betadine Maximum Strength Ointment


I know that the Betadine ointment is available with Moisturizer OR with a pain reliever and these 2 products contain Aquaphor which contains Lanolin Alcohol and I'm highly allergic to Lanolin in any form. BUT does the maximum strength ointment also contain
Aquaphor? If it does, I wouldn't be able to use it.
Betadine ointment was taken off the market several years ago and now it's back - but the formula has been changed. I used it for years without any problems and now I don't know if I can use it again if it also contains

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I suffer from a blood vessel disorder called Vasculitis. It affects the small blood vessels in both of my feet and legs. I've had this bout for 17 years now. Over a period of years the prescription anti-biotic ointment I'd been using, was no longer working and there was no other RX available for my use. A neighbor told me about the Betadine Ointment had helped her mother when she had infections and/or open sores on her legs. So in 2005 I started using Betadine Ointment for any infections I had on my feet/legs. It worked better than the RX anti-biotics I had been using. Then for some reason or other, Betadine was pulled off the market and all that was available was the Betadine liquid - which burned the sores on my feet/legs, so I couldn't use it. I tried many other anti-bacteria products and finally went back to the RX product which once again started working. I live in So. California and the only time the Vasculitis gets worse is during the summer's heat and high humidity, so I have to stay indoors with the A/C running as much as possible. In the cooler months, like we've had this winter, the Vasculitis goes into remission. Has anyone else used the Betadine Ointment for a similar condition? If so, please reply.

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Hi Lori. Have you tried using the Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey? It is a sterile tube of 100% medical grade Manuka Honey. It is antibacterial and is safe for long term use. I use it for my family's sores and it works really well. You can get it online from Comvita. Best of luck.

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Thanks Heidi for the info on the Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey. I've heard of the product but never tried it as no one that I knew with Vasculitis had tried it. But I'm at the age that now I'll try just about anything, if it helps.

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