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Is the round pink 30 mg Adderall generic name Sandoz/Eon with the markings of CDR 136 on one side more or less effective than the oval orange 30 mg Adderall generic name Barr/Teva with the markings of b974 on one side and 30 on the other side? What is the most effective/potent Adderall that is generic and 30 mg?

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Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each of these brands, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's quite possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug & same dosage); mostly due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves.

Have you taken either one of them yet? I'd probably suggest giving them each a trial run for a week or so to see how you like it.

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Sandoz is much better than teva...I've taken both and there is no comparison as to value or effect..Sandoz is MUCH more effective

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Does anyone know where I can get the Adderal generic 30mg that's manufacturer is Sandoz/Eon rather than Barr/Teva. The Sandoz/Eon have always been round and the Barr/Teva have been oval. I can't find a pharmacy in Birmingham, Al. that carries the Sandoz generic brand any more. They all carry the Barr/Teva (even Walgreens). I have taken both and the 30mg Sandoz/Eon seems to be much more effective for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have had the good fortune to have my local CVS order a different generic than they normally carry at my request. It took 2 days, but they took care of me!

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I was a pharmacy tech for 8 years and we could order different brands if needed. Each chain usually keeps the generic of one brand to be able to buy in bulk which is cheaper and to keep the stock rotated to prevent having them expire. There is also some difference in cost to the pharmacy's and they may choose to buy which is cheaper for them. Again, most pharmacies have the ability to order from other companies if you ask them to. Plus this is an ongoing medication you will be taking so they know they will not be dispensing a few pills and the others will sit on the self forever and expire. Just speak with your pharmacist. I have now been a nurse for 12 yrs, have had untreated ADD for a very long time, and above all things was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 yrs ago. Thanks to a great Rheumatologist he was able to get most of my symptoms under control. I was still having difficulties with being tired all the time and many days slept in my car before making my 1hr trip home. I did work night shift so my primary care doctor tried me on Provigil, which is for shift work disorder, it worked about a week and then it was like I was taking nothing so I stopped after a month. A year or so later they revised the Provigil to improve it and produced Nuvigil so we tried it. It seemed to work much better and continued to work better than provigil, but it made me very shaky for the first few hours and I would get heart palpitations. I started to have a harder time waking up to go to work and then concentrating, and focusing, which is a part of ADD as well as symptoms of fibromyalgia and I was dragging all the time (I hid it well at work as a nurse manager, my staff was always saying I had roller skates on). I did go to day shift, but still had the same problems. My rheumatologist spoke of trying adderall or something similar, so my primary doctor decided to do a trial of adderall 10mg upon waking for the narcolepsy and ADD. It takes me putting the pill and water next to the bed, when my alarm sounds I turn it off, take the pill, and go back to sleep. Within an hour or so I wake up like a "normal person" and I feel more "normal" where as before I had gotten to the point of jumping out of bed at the last moment, racing to get ready and to work. It seemed to be working great, except for it only last 4 hours and then I was ready to fall out and sleep. That of course was expected since it wasn't time released. Doctor increased it to 3 times a day and it was wonderful. Some prefer XL so they can take once, but this allows me to not take the 3rd one if I don't need it. A trauma 4 hours before getting off is enough adrenaline to keep me awake til the end if the shift and I don't want to be kept awake by the 3rd pill after a 12 hr shift, 2 hour round trip commute to work, and then I have to go back the next day. It took several months to get my insurance to pay for it so I was purchasing generic adderall 10mg by Barr from Walmart for $120 for 90 tablets which was the cheapest place I could find. It was working so well and finally my insurance approved to pay for it, but our insurance requires us to fill prescription's at the hospital pharmacy or it cost us a considerable amount more. I went to paying $20 for 90 generic Adderall 10mg, but they were manufactured by Sando. Experienced working in pharmacy and as a nurse I knew most generics don't have noticeable differences and just went with it. Well....I noticed a huge difference immediately. I could take the pill upon waking and sleep for 7 more hours. I also noticed that my ADD is not being controlled. This "book" I just wrote is an example of how the Sando version doesn't work for me. Today I took the first pill at 6am, went back to sleep until 8am, started trying to force myself up because I had plans for the day, but since it hadn't been 4 hours I didn't want to take the 2nd pill yet, but I did take a half of one. At 10am, four hours from the first pill and two hours from the additional half pill, I took my normal 2nd whole pill and it is now after 1pm and I'm still fighting to stay awake and have not put my feet on the floor yet. So....I started researching the generics the last hour and I found most have done better on the Barr manufacturers tablet. There are others who say the opposite so obviously whatever component is different works different with our body's. While I have spoken of so many things my advice on the generic adderall is stick with what manufacture works best for you and if you are having a hard time locating it, simply call your pharmacist rather than driving every where, tell them this was the advice you have been given and see if they can order what works for you. For those asking about the doctor writing for brand name, they can write for the prescription to be "dispensed as written" and some insurance companies charge a higher co-pay or amount and others still charge the same co-pay if the doctor signs the prescription "dispense as written" versus "substitute permitted", but you request brand name. Good Luck! I think I'll take a nap and call my pharmacist as soon as I wake up!!!!

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Both my clonazepam and adderrall is manufactured by TEVA. The clonazepam description states it may cause anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It's a benzodiazepine? Tampered with? Why?

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I have been taking either Adderall XR 30mg, two or it's generic for three years. I have MS and this extreme tiredness began over three years ago. It's beyond "tiredness". It has about whipped me so much that I sometimes wish it would "finish me off", so to speak. For the first two years it worked great, had energy, felt normal. Then, it suddenly stopped working. During the two years I lost 100 lbs without trying. But, I've tried everything I've read to do to improve the Adderall: extra water, no vitamin c, taking calcium antacids, avoiding chocolate, everything). However, it came to my attention that Teva had somehow seized control of Shire and have been making Adderall and the generic together. I have sworn that they changed the formula. I called the company three times to pin them down on this but all they said was that the generic and Adderall are exactly the same and come through the same line. I still find it a little suspicious that it quit working when Teva took over. I also discovered that this company has a shady past. From what I can tell, they took over Shire through a legal maneuver. I also believe that the more expensive ingredient , L-amphetamine has been eliminated. That is the one substance that I have always believed has helped me most. My neurologist tried just straight dextro amphetamine but it made me so irritable and nervous that I quit after three days. Adderall is supposed to be 25% l-amphetamine, but dextro obviously has none. I also tried nuvigil and it did nothing. I originally had concerta, but it makes me depressed after two days, always does. Provigil is also worthless to me. I suppose I'm out of options, and I might as well say "out of hope" too. This is the one symptom that is going to kill me. It's a monster and I'm in the fight of my life. I'm not winning. Depressing statement but I'm really sick and feel very bad.

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The orange ones , are by far the best. My pharmacist gave me the pink ones one month I thought I'd die they were totaly useless for me..

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Could you help me out ? Is it so that the pharmacy can lose money selling certain pills.. even tho I have good insurance he said they only pay for the cheapest generic he has available that true? Do you know how that works? And if dispense as written is on prescription can I get any generic I want or do I have to take brand? I have been jerked around with different generics every month..and they are not all equal.. Please get back if possible I would appreciate it very much.

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UPDATE: I was given Adderall 30mg, 3 times a day, 2 on waking, then another 3 hours later. It is the orange ones, not XR. This stuff works. There must have been something to this Adderall XR being altered. I'm back on track, finally.

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i am a second or third cousin of fred flinstone...meaning im as old as dirt..there was no such thing as ADHD when i was a kid ...i was my fathers 'odd duck'and put on lithium when i was in grade school..and taken off because the lack of hoped for results..i went on to use street drugs and oddly never had the same reaction as so called normal people..ive read since my use could've been in search of a more normal way of thinking..who knows..long stort short..(lol)(ADD) I FINALLY HOCKED UP WITH THE CORRECT DR.AND DIAGNOSES.MY 2 CENTS ON THE SUBJECT IS THAT THE PINK GENERIC S U C K ...i might as well be taking a certs...only they at least taste good...i have tryed them all many time and for me TEVA IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST....but its all in the individual...cuz i know others that take 30 adderall and they actually prefer the crappy pink pills...proving theres just no accounting for some peoples taste...AND JUST BE THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE IN A TIME AND SPACE THAT YOU are able to be complaining or comparing which generic does what ...that you dont have to walk a mile in the ice and snow to get a quart of milk....and...YOU ARE NOT ALL JUST SOMEBODIES ...'ODD DUCK!!XXXOOO

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Rite-Aid is the most likely Pharmacy to carry the pink round Core pharma adderall 30mg than any other. Walgreens carries almost exclusively Barr (made in Shire's Lab, but less effective than the Core). You can often request a different brand, but rarely will you be able to get it, unless your Dr. Specifies the preference.

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Hi. I have been searching pharmacy's around my area that carry the orange colored oval ones. Is this what you have? Where did you find it? Thanks for the help!

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where did you find the orange oval 30MG? I can't find them anywhere.. walmart carried them, then switched to a round orange generic.

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I have been taking Adderall since I was in first grade .. I am now 24 years old. I am super sensitive and aware of how my body is on specific generic brands and have tired nearly all of them at almost every level Only the IR though XR made me very ill. For the past 6 years I have stuck with the Orange Amphetamine Salts which mine currently say are manufactured by BARR. My usual pharmacy is CVS in northern NJ and I have never had a problem getting the orange brand. Now I am away in Upstate New York in the Adirondacks at a very tiny school, the rural area limits me to only using RITE AID or Kinney Drugs... I have used Rite AID for other med in NJ but never Kinneys. After Describing the Generic to the PHARMACIST three times they agreed to fill my script with the ORANGE not Pink (pink have made me feel extremely strange almost lethargic) Upon my pick up They said there was an issue with my script since apparently they didn't believe that my doctor would prescribe me 30mg in the Quantity of 45 a month. Needless to say they treated me like I was trying to get more then I was allowed and asked me what planned to do with that many!?!?!. I refused the Pink ones they tried to give me and asked for my physical prescription back which they said no to!! Can They even do that?. I had to get a new one, it a good thing I keep a stock pile back up pills from the summer when I don't need to take. I had to wait a whole month and I tried Kinney Drugs this time my prescription this time was for 30 mgs with a Qty of 60 a month or 30mg twice a day IR.... the pharmacist still needed my doctors approval of the quantity, the pharmacist was actually kind about it and told me that it is not their usual generic however they must have gotten it as a replacement of another that they couldn't get enough of... He also told me to call him about two week before I fill my script so he can special order it for me every time. THANK GOD!!! You have to try different pharmacist some are willing to go out of their way for you while others just treat you like a criminal for asking to SEE their generic brands. YOU HAVE TO BE PERSISTENT ask them to look up which of their other locations have it in stock and can either send over the script to fill there for pick up or have it brought in a day or two later.

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I have noticed that Corepharma, which at one time (between 2008-now)
thought was very weak, has improved, in my opinion.

I think this is because CORE has been under duress from the FDA.

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The oval round orange 30mg IR generic adderall you can get at walgreens. They used to carry the round pink ones but switched over to the orange footballs (at least in California)

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Try taking then with B-complex vitamins
Worked wonders for me.

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I live in northern california; costco here carries Sandoz.

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I have been taking Adderral for over ten years now. At first I was on the brand name Adderrall 30mg XR, and those worked great. I never had a complaint. They always made my body and mind feel the exact same way. Now, since I have been taking the generics, a 30mg XR and a 20mg ir, I never know what the hell is going to happen. I"m talking about the same damn generic!!! I mean one month, they will be speedy as hell and make me irritable, the next month I can barely feel them and I'm constantly thinking I need more. I mean who knows? This month there is something different about these. I am taking the exact same dosage that I have been taking for 10 years yet this is day three and I have not slept at all!!! I cant'! I am also prescribed Klonopin, thats not doing anything. I mean I don't know which is worse one that just will not stop working, or one you can barely feel. Seriously, every month they are slightly different from the last and they are supposed to be the exact same generic! The main thing that concerns me about these inactive ingredients or how the generics or almost like the brand name is the fact that a doctor and a pharmacist have prescribed me a drug that has to be approved by our government, and is so strictly regulated I have to go every month to get a script and the damn things are crap. It's like these pharmaceutical companies are nothing more than big fancy meth labs...and just pump out whatever mixture they come up with. I'm getting sick of the s***. Mainly, the being up for days...or it having hardly any effect at all. And, who are you gonna complain to? They are all working together to give us this crap!

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Re: Tiffany (# 728) Expand Referenced Message

First of all, I’m glad that people who couldn’t access treatment have been able to access treatment.
You are skateboarding a whole bunch of people who are the same position as we are not cool.

People need to understand we are in the fifth year of a mass disabling event. Last winter or the winter before Teva came right out and said that they can’t get medication packed in boxes and shipped to pharmacies because everyone keeps getting sick and they can’t come to work. Covid causes disability, there’s a whole bunch of people who will never go back to work because of Covid.

In addition to that, like you said there have been people who were able to get treatment who couldn’t before and our awful president decided not to give any extra active ingredients to the manufacturers even though we had a shortage the year before. And from what I understand they didn’t do any better for 2024 so we’re going to be screwed this year too.

The government has always been released stingy with the active ingredient I’ve been experiencing shortages since 2011, that was the first one I got hit with since starting this medication in 2003.

But I think it’s important that we understand that one of the symptoms of long Covid and post viral damage is fatigue and brain fog and there’s a whole bunch of people who don’t even have ADHD who are taking this medication just to try to keep going to work because they’ve had Covid too many times.

Wear a mask even if you’ve been vaccinated because those shots don’t stop the infection and with every infection you run the risk of permanent disability. You don’t want MECFS, trust me you don’t want it

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Re: Chrissyboi (# 731) Expand Referenced Message

Back in the 80s they decided that generic medication could vary up to 20% from the namebrand in strength and it’s fine. It doesn’t even have to be the same same batch to batch. So one month you may get the same exact generic medication that is up to 20% stronger or weaker than you got last month because they can

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Re: Chrissyboi (# 732) Expand Referenced Message

Oh I wish, no ma’am they don’t go and list every single rare side effect that everyone experiences by law. That’s not actually how it works I wish

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Re: Chrissyboi (# 733) Expand Referenced Message

This isn’t true at all, they use different fillers or inactive ingredients.

Furthermore they are legally Allowed to very up to 20% in strength from the namebrand either stronger or weaker

The only thing identical about generics and regular medication Is the actual active ingredient, but the amount of that ingredient isn’t even identical.

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Re: T (# 735) Expand Referenced Message

Not only that but generic medication is legally allowed to vary up to 20% from the namebrand, either stronger or weaker.

And they compare each generic to the namebrand, not to each other. So one may be 20% stronger than it is supposed to be, and another could be 20% weaker, which would be a huge difference in efficacy between the two.

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Re: Chrissyboi (# 733) Expand Referenced Message

They are not chemically identical. The generics have different inactive ingredients/fillers/binders. Some of those can cause allergic reactions and other issues depending on the person.
They are not the same at all

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All generics have different formulations of inactive ingredients. Here are two examples made from same pharmaceutical company Lannett.

Lannett Pharma makes Pill 30lci that taste bitter:

Lannett makes a different formulation of inactive ingredients and distributes it to Elite Pharma Pill E306 that taste sweet like name brand Adderall

The 1st bitter one works poorly with me.

The 2nd sweet one works perfect for me.

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Re: Jc (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

All generics are chemically identical. It’s not like they’re making a cake and put a few more almonds in! Your pharmacist will give you the make that is available at the time and makes him the most profit from your messed up insurance system

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Re: Arash (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

All drugs can have atypical side effects, not everyone reacts in the same way. Even rare side effects are required by law to be listed

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They are all exactly the same, unless counterfeit. Run them through a mass spectrometer. The graphs will fit perfectly on top of each other. The ingredients and manufacturing process are identical, you can’t change a chemical and give it the same name as another. I think it’s hilarious that Americans are happy to pay more for a brand name. Pfizer Valium is chemically identical to diazepam from Teva, Crescent, Upjohn, etc etc. Your FDA would not in a million years allow generic medicines to be any different other than in shape and colour to the brand. We don’t get brand meds in Scotland because the government pays for all prescriptions and healthcare (using my tax admittedly) not the patient so they obviously want to keep costs down. The only difference between brand and generic is the brand-holder charges more because numpties in the US think it “works better”!

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