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Dear all Medical Practioners in this Forum. I am having a mild Hypertension with 130/90 at the most. I had been prescribed by the Doctor with Atenolol 50mg/day and Nifidepine 3x daily. I did read before that Atenolol tend to give you a Psoarasis and this had appeared on me somewhere at my right leg. Can I change this prescription later? Please advise me as to what are the best remedial actions to be taken before things get out of control. Thank You. ## Sorry, there are no medical practitioners on this site. However, if the drug is causing unwanted and unpleasant side effects, you should discuss it with your doctor. There are other options available that you can use. ## I stopped taking Atenolol on my own 2-3 weeks ago when I read about possible problems resulting in my decision. Can I s...

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I started on this drug about 3 months ago for mild high blood pressure and after about a month and half I noticed I was loosing a lot of my hair when I washed it and then noticed much more in my brush. Then others started noticing hair on my clothes all the time. I've read all I can find about this drug and do not find that to be one of the side effects. Has anyone else heard of this problem with this drug? ## Atenolol is not that of a problem, I had been using that for the last 13 years, so far I did not had any major side effect other than a humming sound in the ear, but Chlortalidone is not known to me yet. Any comment out there. ## I take the 100/25, and have been noticing the same problems. Have not really gave it a lot of thought, until now. Would like to know for sure if this...

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