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can I drink coffee with my breakfast and then take the Atelvia with 4 or more ounces of coffee, immediately after the breakfast that I drank coffee with? How long after the Atelvia is taken with the 4 ounces of water can I drink more coffee.


If I need to have dental work done (eg: root canal or tooth pulled) do I have to stop taking Atelvia before the work is done? ## Atelvia contains the active ingredient Risedronate and is used to help with bone strengthening, in conditions such as Osteoporosis. As to that, you should check with your dentist. You should always inform them of any medications you are currently taking and they will let you know if there are any concerns regarding the procedures you need to have done. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Yes, you do have to stop taking altevia for an extraction. You have to stop taking it for as long as you were on it. I had to see an oral surgeon, a dentist who called an oral surgeon and two dentists to find the correct answer. I also wrote to five University dental...

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Can you take atelvia every other month; in other words, skip a month ## According to the medication prescribing label for Atelvia: "The optimal duration of use has not been determined. Patients should have the need for continued therapy re-evaluated on a periodic basis. The dosage and administration guidelines does not specify whether or not you can take it periodically: "Take Atelvia in the morning immediately following breakfast with at least 4 oz. of plain water. Do not lie down for 30 minutes after taking Atelvia." "Take one 35 mg delayed-release tablet once a week" I would consider contacting your doctor or local pharmacy regarding your question, since this answer may depend upon the severity of your condition. Also, as stated above, patients should have the nee...

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My doctor wants me to switch from generic Fosamax to Atelvia. I can find no prices online for it (yet). The drug rep told my Dr. it costs the same as Fosamax. He must mean the original Fosamax as generic is much less. It is NOT covered by MedicareRX program, while Fosamax and others are. ## The generic is much cheaper, however fracturing a bone will be much more expensive in the long run. The generic has a lousy absorption rate and is not consistently coated, resulting and many GI side effects. The new drug eliminates the time and compliance issues that this class of drug traditionally have. If a patient has so much as one drink of coffee within the fasting period this will eliminate 90% of the drug reducing it to an expensive placebo. You can have your Doc ask for a prior authorization...

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WHAT IS THE PRICE OF ATELVIA 35MG. ## I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications, so I do not have a price to quote you, this is an information only website. The price is going to vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and will also be affected by the dosage and amount you are buying at once. Atelvia contains the active ingredient Risedronic Acid, which is used to strengthen bone and treat or prevent Osteoporosis. More details: Are there any other questions?

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what is the cost of Atelvia, and do I need a prescription ## As to the price, I am not certain on that, because it will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and from area to area. Your best bet is to contact your local pharmacies for prices. And yes, it does require a prescription. Atelvia contains the active ingredient Risedronate, which is used to strengthen bone, to treat or prevent Osteoporosis. Common side effects may include: nausea, difficulty swallowing, indigestion and jaw pain. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments?

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My mom's doctor recently changed her to this drug. He said Bonvia wasn't any good, but her insurance will not over this drug as a cheaper tier 2 drug. The insurance copy is saying that they are "equal". Does anyone know if the active ingredients are the same? We are also wandering if the Dr. is getting "kickback" to get patients to use this drug? ## I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis & the Doctor gave me Atelvia 35mg. I have not taken it yet because I too want to know if he is pushing it because of Kickbacks. I read under the FDA that it has only been tested for a year. I am not inclined to take something that is not tried and true. ## Atelvia 35mg is a much better medication for treating osteopenia and osteoporosis than Boniva. Boniva is not very effect...

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Has Atelvia caused a rash around the eyes or swelling of the eyes on anyone? My mother has been taking it for six weeks and woke up one morning this week with a rash and with her eyes red and swollen. I took her to her internist (who was not the prescriber of the medicine) twice this week, and she thinks that it is a build up of Atelvia. I am to take her to the arthritis doctor next week. The problem is that I had given her the weekly pill again before I saw the internist so I could not take her off for another week. ## Actually, those are symptoms of a severe allergic reaction and she needs to see someone right away for it and stop using the medication. It is warned about in the allergic reactions section of the patient advisory monograph. Has she improved any? You should also make sur...

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